Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Tyrell Brown, college is not cheap. There are not many people who are willing to help pay for your school. So make sure you stay in your books. Study more then you do anything else. Save every penny you get and do not spend it.Never give up on your dreams and always work hard.


I would tell myself to sign up for as many scholarships and grants as I could. Finacial aid is hard to handle when in school. Have everything organized. Papers need to be filed and copied. I would tell myself to sign up for more clubs and take the oppurtunies to help other freshmen make the transition with me. I would make sure I had a car so I would not be late for classes. I would tell mysellf how important being on time for my classes are. The lecture starts that first second. I did not get that at first and it held me back on some test. So I would make sure to set that into my mind. I would tell myself to be positive everyday. Some days will be harder than others with more work to do, but staying positive helps the work fly by.


I would tell myself to take all your classes seriously. It helps to know what your professors are lecturing about if you have a better understanding of the subject. Also study hard for the SAT and ACT so you can get score higher and get more scholarships. Another thing I would tell myself is to be outgoing. Many of your friends may go to college, but possibly not the one you are going to attend so you need to be a social butterfly and learn to make new friends.




After one year in college, I have been through the highs and the lows. From classes to housing, college takes a lot out on your physical, mental, and financial well-being. So if I can go back in time to myself when I was a high school senior, getting ready to head to college, my advice would be very crucial to his collegiate success. My advice would be to just be yourself. In college, people will act like celebrities and it is the standard for most students. DO NOT be like those students. If you were a nerd in high school, there is no reason to still be a nerd in college. Another word of advice that I would give my high school self is don't worry if you don't make friends from the start. Use this time to familarize yourself with the campus and join the organizations and clubs that would help you make new friends. One more word of advice: If you have a crush on a girl or girls, please don't break their hearts.


Go to a small college that has small individualized classes, with instructors that have the time to spend with you in your educational endeavors; in doing so, you will feel more at ease and able to focus and flourish in your given field of study. In the future you will know that your given field of study is, Graphic Design, because from then to now, you have accumulated the interest of art while utilizing the computer in your office as a tool.


There are many pieces of advice that I would give to myself as a senior in high school if I were to go back in time. I have learned so much about life since I have begun my college career and there are many ways in which I have grown and changed as a student and a woman. One thing I would tell myself is that there are many possibilities that open up to you when you begin college and that a person should start college as soon as they can. I would tell myself this because it took me a long time to start college and I know now that I could have been done and on my way to a promising career if I had started sooner. Another piece of advice that I would give to myself would be to work as hard as possible in high school because everything teachers are trying to teach you such as dedication, discipline, hard work and patience will help you greatly in college. Focus on your studies and push forward to the future; opportunities are out there.


I often wonder what it would be like to relive my senior year of high school. Sometimes life gets so hectic that I wish to escape back to the easy going way of twelfth grade. If I could go back and shed some light on a younger version of myself, I would jump at the chance. The first thing I would strongly suggest is to do what makes YOU happy. Don’t live your life and make decisions based on what you think you should do or what someone else wants. The only thing that will accomplish is satisfying someone other than yourself temporarily and most likely cause you misery in the process. I would also advise myself to never sweat the small stuff, but pay attention to the things that are important in the long run. As I’ve learned from my experiences, reaching for your dreams and never giving up is all one can really hope to do in life. Finally, I would tell myself to relax and don’t let life pass you by; that everyone makes mistakes and life goes on so you should enjoy it.


If I could talk to myself I would tell myself to study hard, and stay determined.


I would tell myself that I need to focus on my school work and I should push myself to make good grades. I would also tell myself that I need to not only learned what I am being taught, but I need to use that information and comprehend it as best as possible. I would tell myself that college is a lot different from high school and I need to be ready to make that transition by realzing it will be harder. I would tell myself that once I get to college, it won't be fun and games. It will be a lot of hard work and that I will need to focus on my studies so that I can get my degree and prepare myself for the future.


Knowing what I know today about myself as a college student, I would advise a younger me to “do better.” This statement without knowing who I am might read as dry and overly used. However, I have always worked hard at school. In high school I made decent grades, A's and B's, but I was always just outside of my desired GPA. Seeing how hard I work now and how successful I have been tells me that I could have done better in school. Had I worked that much more, perhaps I would have qualified for more scholarships or even a full ride. So to simply say I should have done better and I could have done better, is much more meaningful than what it sounds like. Had I applied myself the way I currently do in school, it could have changed my entire fiscal future. The mindset that I have now is that a B might as well be a failure. I currently have a 3.85 GPA, and that is still not good enough. I wish that I had learned this when I was in school, so that now, I would be able to afford college.


College teaches you a lot about yourself, but if could go back and make a few changes I would. The advice I give to students is to come into college with an open mind about things. If you are open minded this could open alot of doors for you. You could find more things that you actually like to do. Also, another piece of advice that I give students is to manage your time well. The worst thing a person can do is over load themselves with things to do. If you manage your time well, this could save you from a lot of trouble in the near future. Finally, the last thing I want to let students know is to never ever procrastinate on anything. Trust me, you will regret it. Always put the most important things first on your list, like homework and studying. Other than that, enjoy your college experience because once it is over, it's over.


Cory, keep doing what you are doing. Taking Honors and AP classes isn't a waste of time. You are learning how to study and balance classes properly. Doing all the harder classes will help you in the long run. All your maths will be used in Computer Science, and will help everything make much better sense. Looking at colleges, don't try and listen to where all your friends are going, just make sure you pick where you want to go. Coastal Carolina has smaller classes that will help you dramatically. You don't have to go to a huge university to have a good time while getting a good education.


Do not assume that you can do the same things in college that you did in High School, and be successful. Be very open-minded, and do not judge people before you really get to know them. Go for a degree you are truly interested in---not just for the money.


Wait a semester and find out what you really want to do. For me going straight to college was the worst mistake. I wasnt ready for the flexible schedule and not having someone tell you to go class. It was difficult for actually follow through and also I was unsure of what I actually wanted to do. I suggest you take a semester off and find yourself and what you actually want to do. Those four years in college are a lot of money and you dont want to waste time nor money to not like what you go for. And if you do go straight to college, take all your general educations requirements first because then you have at least another year to make sure of the major you want. The worst is changing majors while already taking classes.


The advice I would give myself would be to take college courses in my high school years. I finished my high school early so I had to choose easy classes I should taking College courses. One other thing would be to work harder of becoming a better soccer player. If I would work harder I would get scholarship to play for Coastal Carolina Soccer Team.


I would tell myself, that college is much easier than I think. Also, to keep my head up and stay strong. I'll tell myself to study harder and be the best I could be. If I'm not feeling to good about a class, then go to talk to my advisor and see what can be done. Another thing would be is to stay out of trouble and watch the company I keep, cause everybody does not mean you good. Be social, and have a good time and meet new people. Make your college life fun, easy, and pass all classes!


I would tell myself that procrastinating school work is a terrible habit that does nothing but add stress to your life. Time management is essential to succeeding and receiving satisfactory grades. I also would tell myself that school should be a huge priority over being social with your friends because in the long run your friends will not be what landed you a terrific career.


The advice i would give my highschool senior self, would have to be not to let anyone hold you back. People are always going to try and bring you down and no matter how hard it gets sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on cause your the only person you can rely on.


The advice I would give myself is make sure you are 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure of what you would like to study in college because eventually you will have loans to pay back so make it worth it to take out these loans. College life is maturing to adults by being strong to go to class and study with no one reminding or telling you. You need to transition into being responsible and possible getting a work study job to keep positive. There are many cultures in college therefore you have to be a leader and not a follower, stand up to what you believe and feel. Make you 4 yrs. count towards something positive. Meet good friends because friendship will last forever with the right folks. Have fun but be safe in all you do.


If I could talk to Devazio Thurman when he was a senior I would tell him the following three things. Study for the SAT and ACT as much as possible and take both test until you get tired of hearing the letters SAT and ACT no matter how they are worded in a sentence. Then if possible take as many college courses available to help guide you in the direction of your major. This would aid you in getting ahead of your colleagues and prepares you for the college curriculum. The final and most important thing I would tell myself is to stay focused. Being on a college campus can mature you or destroy you. So many beautiful women left, right, up, down, north, south, east, and west. Its extremely hard to stay focused with so much "eye candy", but you came to get an education and a degree to help better yourself and your future. So Devazio use math, history, english, and all other courses you may need for "eye candy" and you will definitely do good as a college student.


I would tell myself that it is going to get worse. I would look myself in the eye and say to myself do everything you can to save your money while you’re working. You will lose your home to foreclosure and your family will split apart. Find better friends and people you can trust in order to survive. I would also tell myself to not be angry. To learn how to be more assertive and take charge and not let people take advantage of you or walk all over you. You are special and you work very hard and you need to keep it up. You have good work ethic unsurpassed by your peers and have a lot going for you in the work force.Try to get along with your dad he’s very angry because he feels like a burden and is angry at the situation. Breaking his back and losing his job, and your mother from a similar expirience. Know that he loves and appreciates you helping the family and that he doesn’t mean to be angry and bitter all the time. He is just upset the he’s put you into his mess.


I would tell myself to be open to experiencing all that the world has to offer. I took a year off after college and do not regret it. High School senior year was exciting, but I made it a bit more stressful than it needed to be. No more stress is needed, past self. I do regret the fact that I took so long to decide on my major. Past self, you rock at graphic design, go with that. I would also inform myself that I would be moving in the next coming year and to hang out with my friends from home more than I had before. At that age, I could not imagine moving to a whole new state and starting a whole new life. Moving to South Carolina and attending Coastal Carolina University has probably been one of the best things that has happened to me. I love the friends I have gained and, overall, I love what I have learned on campus from my many professors. Prepare yourself past self, you're about to meet some amazing people, even if it did take you almost three years.


I would tell myself to be prepared. In college your professor will not follow you to make sure your work is done. I know high school teachers tell you that all the time, but what they dont tell you is how to get into college. What they teach you is something every student must know before college. But what do we know about college? Nothing, just what we are told and assume. I'd tell myself to be focused, and always look online what needs to be done and by when. Look to see if you can ask your professor what you don't understand. Everything you know about school, delete it from your memory because college isnt like that. You're all on your own in college, and you need to know when and where to ask for help. Don't try to be cool, and pretend you know whats going on, go to tutoring, its free, its there, us it! Use every resource you can find, and make sure you do the assignments you are given. There is no extra credit. So be prepared.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to handle time management better. Transitioning to college level work and handling my hectic schedule was an extreme wake-up call. I would teach myself how to not wait until the last minute to do assignments because I never know when something else may come up and hinder my time to complete the assignment. I would encourage myself to study more frequently and effectively because studying is a must for college. I would emphasize how important it is to make time for myself and how I need some down time to relax and clear my mind. I would also suggest making time for daily exercise to help keep myself active and to help relieve stress from the never ending to-do list of a college student.


Shanice, I know you are going to be at a "fun' school but please focus! Keep your scholarship and most importantly, all that advise that was given to you by your big sister and her husband... TAKE IT! Don't get distracted by the fun and games. You can succeed and you will just pay attention and remember the reason you are going to college. I love you.


Stay focused, always strive to make the best grades possible, pay close attention in class, study every day, take good notes, develop healthy relationships wit teachers, and participate in school organizations.


I have a lot of advice I would give if I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior. First, I would stress that hard work does in fact pay off. Being "popular" and worrying about your social standing in high school does not pay for your college tuition. Being knowledge and well educated does. Also, I would advise not to stress the transition period so much. Going into the college setting, at least for myself, was not a difficult adjustment. As long as you be yourself and keep your morals. College is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} what you make it. If you are willing to do the work then you will excel.


Meghan, you think high schools a drag, and the work is too much... Enjoy it while you can. You think leaving home will solve your problems, and it will give you a fresh start... You're wrong... Knowing what I know now, makes me realize I took too much for granted. In high school, I had two choices, Coastal Carolina or Ohio State University. I would tell myself to choose Ohio State University and stay closer to home. When transitioning, I'd tell myself to breathe. I would tell myself to take risks, and to open up to new experiences and people. I'm not going to have my high school friends with me, or my mom and dad in the room next door. To have fun in college, you need to balance your time/work load so you're not stressed out every minute of the day. Instead of hiding in your room every night, venture out to people and realize that their going through the same thing. I would tell myself to take school seriously and too visit home often.


If I were given the chance to go back in time and give advice to my high school self about college, I would tell my self one simple phrase and that would be "BE A SPONGE". if theres on thing i learned in my first year of college is to take in all you can; each opportunity even if it doesn't have anything to do with your major helps you as a person. Not only does bing active in your school community help you with making friends, or providing community service, but you can also gain connections and partnership through it. Also taking in everything and really absorbing what is going on on campus and what your learning really helps you to become a well rounded students who has many different prospectives on the world.


To try harder in my first years of school. Take the 20 minutes a day and study, jsut review that notes you just got done taking


Well if I had to go back in time and talk about myself as a high school senior. I would speak to myself words of encouragement such as, I am highly intelligent, my future is bright, Iam very motivated , dedicated, and very ambitious .I have always been a underachiever in high school ,I failed at almost most everything I did. I felt so discourage, shame , and embarrass at the level of my academics status compare to my peers. Upon entering college I felt very intimidated about the hold idea about college and it's expecation such as GPA I wonder for a moment how I would measure up to that expecation knowing my past proformance in high school was terrible. Nevertheless I incourage myself that, I was given an another opportunity to improve in every area of my life. I made a decision to look foward and keep the past behind . Self motivation made the transition easy Inspite of my high school years. I kept hope alive by holding on to my dreams and aspriations. The advice I would give to myself is never to give up, regardless of the situation be positive and patience longevity wins in the run.


As a partial International Baccalaureate student during high school, I looked forward to receiving the hard earned class credit in college. Little did I know that the standard level International Baccalaureate classes that I took are not eligible for credit transfers. Even though I benefitted from the knowledge I gained from IB, I wish that I had known that my time would have been better spent on Advanced Placement classes. To work as hard as I did only to not receive any college credit was very disappointing and I wish that I could go back and tell myself to reevaluate my choice of enrolling in partial IB. My senior year could have been focused on getting a better head start on college credit so that I could possibly graduate early and start my career.


Make sure you have your priorities straight and are willing to do good in your studies. Be out going and make lots of friends so you will enjoy your time in college.


If I could go back to my senior year in highschool I would have taken it more seriously. I would have stayed after with my teachers more as well as study\ more. I always blamed it on having no time because of sports and out of school activities but I think I knew back then but it is very clear now that I had more than enough time to do all my work plus more. I was always a C student and I have since listened to my own advice and I am now a B student in college. Seniors in highschool arent supposed to know what they want to do the rest of their lifes but having an idea of what field you would like to pursue sure does help the decisions and actions that we take towards our academics.


I would tell myself not to drop out and just go through the half a year over at pomona. I would tell myself not to give up so easily because you will have more to work and live for in just a short eleven months. I need to work hard and do my best so I can go into the career I want to and don't mess my life up just because it seems like a good idea at the time. High school is almost over and I can get through it. Dropping out and then trying to go back months later and procrastinating is not the best choice I can make for me and my future and now my son. I need to think of what my choices can lead to and how it can hurt me in the long run.


If I could travel back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, my main words of advice would be keep pursuing your dreams and relax. Senior year I doubted my potential as a college freshman, I was nervous and worried I would be alone facing the challenges of college by myself. I never knew how big of a support system I would grow by proving myself in the competitive world called college. By telling myself this, I would have gained the confidence to embark on my college journey more positive, confident, and ready to begin the rest of my life.


If I had the chance to go back and give myself would piece of advice it would be "keep up the good work". Personal I have no need to go back and give myself any advice, if it was not for the things that I did in high school and would not make me the true college person I am today. College is all about having a new experence but, also learning along the way from the good things to the bad.


If I could go back to being a high school senior I would change so much about myself. I would be way more focused in class and more involved in school. I wish I has any of the knowledge I have now back then. I would have started looking for school's much sooner and not had to rush to find a good college. I would have taken more responsibility and worked harder. Also I would have taken my SAT and ACT sooner so I could have retaken them.




If i could go back in time to when i was a high school senior I could have definitely used some serious advice about college. I would tell myself to learn time-management skills, better studying skills, and stress reducing habits. College is so much fun and very exciting but can also be extremely overwhelming sometimes. There is a lot of work and a lot of stress. To be successful in college one has to manage his/her time well and always set aside time to study. However, one also has to have time to relax so that they dont get overwhelmed. I think that time management is the absolute most important way to succeed in college.


Honestly, I would tell myself that college life is not easy, but you can make it through. College requires a lot of hard work, time, and effort, but anyone is capable. At times, you will feel completely overwhelmed and want to throw your hands up and say, "I'm done!", but if you just stick it out and push through the obstacles, you will come out on top. Biggest key to knocking things off your To Do list, is to do them. Sometimes, you won't know where to begin. Start with what is due the soonest; if all assignments are due at the same time, knock out all the easy assignments that won't take too long. Another key to not being overwhelmed is, "DO NOT PROCRASTINATE"! College professors don't like excuses, and they will not listen to it, unless of course it is legit. Keep your head up high. You will make it through this time and you will be an amazing teacher. Listen to absolutely everything your professors say. Too much knowledge is never a bad thing. Good luck sweetie. We all know you can do it, and you will succeed!


Being a college freshman, I have already learned a lot more than I could have ever imagined learning in the past. In high school I did not realize how trying the transition from high school to college would be. Something that I learned is that I really am on my own. It is up to me who I hang out with and what decisions I make. I would tell my past self to trust my own judgement because I am smart enough to know better. I would also tell myself to start making my own decisions and not leaving them up to parents, because getting used to trusting my own judgement is important. It wouls be nice if I could have prepared myself for what was to come, but being in college and away from home is something that takes getting used to and I have to adapt on my own, which I am doing every day.


If I had the chance to go back I would try to make myself understand the importance of saving money. As a high school senior I never thought much of the value of money. I paid for most things on my own, but food, books, and living is different. I would also like to tell myself not to let others control me as much. I would tell myself "The opinions of others do not mean anything, when you're on your own, you're on your own. No one else is there." I worried too much about other people in high school and when I got to college I realized that they didn't matter as much anymore. It was uneeded stress.


Time Management would be the first topic I would discuss. If you get to involved with extracurricula activities, then your academic studies can suffer. While attending College a person needs to have a well balanced schedule focusing on both acedemics and a social life. The second thing I would recommend is that homework is the first priority. By completing my homework in a timely manner, not only do I stay on schedule with my classes, but I also build my self esteem and reduce the stress that college students have. The third and final thing I would recommend is be careful when selecting friends. As in high school, if you spend your time with friends that do not have the same values as you, you can go down the wrong path of life.


Knowing now what I know about college, if I could transport myself back in time, I would advise myself of the many dangers of peer pressure, work ethic, and time management. I would remind myself to live above the influences of my surroundings and to remain mentally aware and conscience of the decisions I make, and to let the people I surround myself with be a clear reflection of who I am and how I would like to be represented. Thinking of my experience thus far, I would encourage myself to become more organized with the way I manage my time and work. I would prompt myself to put on my mature armor and do away with all childish antics that I have portrayed in high school and gear up to be responsible when dealing with the duties that come with being a college student. Speaking to myself, I would emphasized the severity of staying true to myself and not getting lost in the sex, parties, and drugs that I may be exposed to when entering a parent-free zone. If I was given this advice before college, I’m certain that my experience would have been better yet.


If I were to talk to the high school version of myself, I would tell myself to never stop going for what I dream of the most. In the end, through all of the countless hours of struggle and dedication, the outcome will be much greater than ever imagined. I may not know it then, but the effort that I put into my education will mean more to my future than all the money that could be obtained. The knowledge gained through life is not won or deserved; it is earned. Time can change the way I will think of my future, but that's okay because change is a natural stage in life. Our thoughts and ideals are forever shaped and molded to satsify what we desire; a longing for information, a brighter future, and a better life.


If I could go back to high school and give myself adivce I would advise myself to develop better study habits.


I would tell myself to go after my goals, and do not second guess yourself. I would tell myself to believe in my abilities and not give up when those around me make me feel that I cannot succeed.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that college is not what people around you make it seem. It is harder than you think. As a student you cannot just decide to not show up because attendance is still taken in some classes and you do need to show up. Sometimes attendance may even be apart of your grade for a class. When your Professors tell you about extra credit events take advantage of that event because it could end up helping you when it comes to grading time. Freshmen year of college is your most important year you cannot expect to party hard and think you will be okay and make grades up a different college year because then you may end up being behind of where your should be. Your life and career the first year you start college so do not slack off now you got goals to meet and I am not going to let you fail us.