Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to stress so much on high school drama with social life and focus on yourself. I would tell myself to get involved a little more, be a president of one club and not be in four different clubs. I would tell myself to volunteer more hours than what I did. Also I would tell myself that it does not matter what other people think of how I dress or where I came from, in college focus on education and be nice to everyone, including the people who pick on you. Because there will become a day where the grades you earn will reflect on the career that is chosen to you. Take things day by day and take advantage of everything that a college can provide to you. Whether that's clubs, academic help, meal plans, or the education given in the classroom.


I would advise myself as a high school senior a few important things. First, take the SAT early and often. Take it seriously and plan to study according to your weaknesses. If the SAT isn't working the best for you, then take the ACT. These tests seem horrible and time consuming, but they can earn you a lot of money for college. Listen in class and take notes. Make good grades so you can earn scholarships. Don't stress too much over school but take it serious. A little effort can go a long way. Join clubs and organizations. Get involved! Good grades are great, but what else are you doing with your time? Also, stay out of trouble. Visit colleges and see which ones are best suited for you, not just which one your best friend is going to. Next, high school is not the end of the world. Don't cry and worry over graduation, you have a whole new chapter of your life that awaits you. Enjoy your time with your friends because you won't see them as often after freshman year. Hug them because you never know when it could be the last.


If I could go back to time to my senior year in highschool I would not change much but the things I would change the most would change my future forever. I left my high school as an openly gay man but I was still not the real me. Coming from a small town I was supressing who I really was to keep myself safe and not upset my mom. After going to college I realized that I was never going to come back to Hamilton to live, and that it didn't matter what people thought of me. So if I had gone through senior year as the even more confident gay man that I was in college, high school would have been a lot better for me. Unfourtunatly no one can go back in time. All I can do is look at my past and go on from there.


Knowing what I know now, I would have applied for more scholarships like my mom said. I worked full time my senior year, so all i did was work and do work in school. I was too lazy or would forget to apply for scholarships. I had trouble with financial aid just about the whole year and got stressed out and didn't do what I really could in my classes. It could have all been prevented with lack of procrastination, focus and motivation. Take a deeper look at the college's site and see what is really going on. Don't wait to be informed, go find out on your own. Responsibility is really the determining factor of college success to me. If you don't know how to control yourself in your personal and/or professional life, then you're going to constantly have problems. You need to be able to make good decisions. I have always seen myself as a leader, but one thing about a leader is that they need to know when to listen. Every leader and person needs a mission statement. You need to have a general path to always go by in life.


I would give myself advice to stay focused on academics and not to allow peer pressure or other distractions around campus to hinder me from reaching the goal that I set for myself in the beginning which is to obtain a college degree. In college you have a lot more free time than you did while in grade school. In this free time you can either make the decision to be a productive student by going to the library to study and do your homework, seek help from professors, or get involved in clubs and organizations on campus. You can also not be productive and use your free time to get involved with people that influence you to use drugs and drink, not attend class regularly, or isolate yourself from campus activites. With this being a very important transition in your life I would give myself the advice to be a productive student and work as hard as possible to reach the goals that I set for myself before attending college.


If i could go back to see my high school self I would tell her that she needs to read more and write more. If she does this then she want of a hard time in collage trying to read about all the history, culture, styles of education, different ways of living, and understanding how all of it works and being able to write it in her own words. Because as a 23 year old I just now found my writing skills and understand how to write so it makes sence. I would tell her that education gets you somewhere and do your homework as soon as possible so you have that time to relax when your done and not be stressed out because later you wait till the last minute to do your homwork. I really wish i could go back and kick myself into gear. I would tell her that your reading comperhention is only a problem if you do not do something about it.


I would just tell myself to do my best and remain calm. Its only hard if i make it that way.


Through-out my high school career, there were times when I worked really hard, but also sometimes when I slacked off a little bit. If I could go back to my high school and give myself advice I would have some stuff to say to myself. Some of the things I would say would include: work hard everyday, be friends with everyone, and try to ace everything. I don't expect myself to be perfect, but everyone should try to be the best. Working beyond my expectations everyday could have raised by GPA or even given me a better score on my ACTs. I am happy with where I am now and with the effort I put in, but there is always room for more improvement.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I'll advise myself to be ready to take on a new beginning in life. Making the transition from high school to college is sort of like making the transition from teenage to adulthood. Every decision that you make in college portrays your future such as the type of students you choose to hang around, or even the choice of deciding to study on a Friday night while everyone else goes out. Always surround yourself with the people that may have a positive influence on your life as well as academic success, and not on those who just attend college to get away from home. As a high school senior your parents play a big role in your academic success but in college they're not there to make sure that you attend class on a daily basis, or to determine if you can go out with your peers. While attending college the most important thing is RESPONSIBILITY. Be sure to make the right choice no matter how others may view you.


Although fitting in socially is important to you right now, consider working harder on your academics. You are not just an athlete, you are a student first. You are capable of much more than is expected of you and you need to foucs on your future.


what i say about my college life? when i was in school i think that now i will be free like bird that can easily fly independently.but i was absolutely wrong it does not happen in my college life .everything going like school nothing i have seen difference in my college life . well, college life is important for me because this is first step towrds my destination: to be professional doctor i know that every college is not like my colleg.this college is strictly prohibited for those students who mess up our college and i think for me, this time is very important for study .i am hard working girl i got first position in high senior college in bimonthly test.being pakistani girl i always dreamed to study in U.S COUNTRY.i cannot afford money to study foreign country as i fulfill my dream as wellas my parents dream.i am living in a very small town of pakistan .but .thats why my parents has send me in this college where i study properly and bright their name by hard working and great struggle .if you give me shcolarship to study in medical university .


I would let myself know about and advise against taking courses with certain professors, but other than that I believe that so far I have made the best decions I could with the knowlege I have, as I am currently jointly enrolled as a senior in high school and a freshman in college.


Dont drop out of high school! Education IS the tool needed to make knowledgeable, safe, and effective decisions in maintaining a healthy, safe and successful lifestyle. It’s been statistically proven that a person’s education level can even be directly linked to their levels of economic success, anxiety, and/or violence, meanwhile, the consequences of people lacking in education are poor problem solving skills, unemployment, malnutrition, STD’s, poverty, illness, and death. So the myth that education does not apply to daily life is totally false. If you go shopping for items from a supply list, buy them, and then build a project, you have already utilized your Math, English, and Geometry skills! Just imagine how much more you could do with a great education. The possibilities are endless! People need an education to learn how to communicate, manage our budget, and implement plans to build a better future for ourselves, and getting an education is exactly how that can be accomplished.


Well, in my situation I wish i would have perssisted in high school and not have dropped out. Once I realized the mistake I had made I returned to education and recieved my GED in 2008. Now that I am in college I understand the process of high school. The process is to structure so that you can be ready for the real world. But, returning to the question; now that I attend college I would have probably adviced myself to pick up on the techniques that the teachers introduce for whatever subject it may be. In my case my own advice for myself would be on the essay portion. This is because the field that I am going into requiers much writing of reports and such.


First of all, my congratulations go out to for your perserverance. Sticking out the vague busy work of high school is a feat openly celebrated yet rarely understood. As you get ready to live on your own and pursue higher education you undoubtedly have many excitements and preconceptions---this is good, it pumps you up for the challenge. College is a great place to make friends, particularly if you're living in the dorms, partying and socializing opportunities will surround you whether you seek them out or not. This is great, embrace the community. However, do not let it steal your chance to harness energy towards your intellectual goals. Just because you can make it on three hours sleep, does not mean it's beneficial for you in either your learning or relationships. Slow down, budget socializing time---prioritize important friends over partying. Give yourself enough time with your studies that you are not only keeping up, but are able to research, explore, and work in your area on your own terms as well as your professor's. After all---a degree alone will not automatically inform you of all you want to learn. Take ownership of your college experience.


Everyone is nervous and excited along side you. Don't be afraid to get outside your box and try new things. Most people won't know who you are, which gives you a blank slate. Conversations are easy to start at the beginning; all you have to do is ask them their name, major and hometown, and the conversation starts rolling. Take time to study, but also have fun! Professors want you to succeed, but its your responsibility to ask them for help! If you don't know what you want to major in, it's really okay. Most people change their minds. Living in the dorm is a great idea for freshman and sophomores because it's a great way to get involved. Join a lot of clubs that interest you. Don't forget to keep in touch with your friends and family. Exercising, eat healthy and sleep will get you through those rough weeks. Don't go home until Thanksgiving! You have a lot of free time; therefore, you need to set a routine so that you aren't thrown off guard. It is different than high school, but its the greatest four years of your life!! :)


I would tell myself to keep all my options open and to allow people to come into my life without being afraid of meeting a stranger. I would like to venture out beyond a small group of friends and have a variety of people that I would hang out with. Also I would like to make a difference around campus by spreading more school pride and spirit and even get more involved in community service programs. I also would tell myself to get involved with as many clubs as possible because they teach you real life situations that will only benefit me later in life.


I would tell myself to get into more clubs and take advantage of scholarship opportunites.


If I could go back and give myelf when I was a highschool senior advice it would be to work as hard as you can in highschool and to pay attention to small details teachers teach you. These details, although they didn't seem to mean much then, will help a great deal if you can recall them in college. Also, workig hard means good grades and many more scholarship oppertunities. I would ensure that I did my best becuase although I know I tried hard during senior year, I could have tried harder which would make the search financial aid much easier. Struggling to figure out how to pay your way through college, and not knowing if you will be able to return next year soley because of money is a very gut wrenching feeling and makes enjoy the college life much harder.


Don't go so far away from home. In high school, I wanted to get away from everyone and everything at home. I wish now I had the option of driving home for weekend. Now, I have to fly home or drive 14 hours. Living at the beach is amazing but not as amazing as surprising your parents for a weekend visit. Also, don't be in such a hurry. Take your time and really explore all your options before making a decision.


I would tell myself to work more during the summer, get enought money saved so you don't have to worry about money during the school year. There is nothing more nerve racking then having to worry about how you'll pay for rent this next month. I'd have told myself if you work hard in the summer and get that money saved up, I'd have time to study and be able to do well in my classes. That if I would have the money I need I can be more focused on school rather then on my finances.


There are a lot of things I would tell myself now that i know more about college. I would tell myself that I need to work harder to make sure I get where I want to go. I would also tell myself to start looking for schools earlier and to apply for more scholarships. If I could go back in time I would ask myself if going to school far from home is going to be what is best for my future even though it is hard to deal with now. I would tell myself to make my own decisions and not to listen to everything my parents told me. Most impotantly I would also make sure to tell my high school self that things dont always turn out the way you plan but it is ok because if I fall I know that someone I love will be there to catch me. I am so thankful to have the support of my family five hundred miles away from home, my mom tells me to just keep swimming because she knows I can succeed at anything I put my mind to.


Honestly I would not give myself any advice at all because I feel that life experiences are the ultimate learning tool. I went into college with no expectations and I realized along the way that it is completely different from high school. The environment is filled with a mutual respect among the students and facilty and I have learned that I have to study for hours, unlike in high school. I am the type of person that likes to get advice but I also want to experience life to the fullest. Had I came into Coastal knowing how difficult it was going to be, I would have been so afraid, but now I know that I can succeed in whatever I set my mind on. Maybe I would give myself one piece of advice. I would simply say, "Katie, you are a strong young lady and you can do whatever your heart desires no matter the obstacles that come your way." Throughout these last 2 years, I have experienced personal hardships on my fathers health and my own. Through it all, I realized I am stronger now than ever. It has forced me to be all that I can be.


Personal Letter Hello my name is Guy W. Kipp. There are several things that I hope to gain from obtaining a degree at Blackfeet Community College. The first thing is to complete the program and receive an AA degree in Computer Science. Once I have completed that part of this new journey down the education highway. My plan is to go on to another college to continue my education on a BA, etc. I don’t like to get too far ahead of myself in the goal department. It seems to be easier to reach them by doing it this way. I really like to work on and around computers. That makes it better to concentrate on classes toward a better grade in the end. I haven’t made up my mind which University I plan to attend yet, but it will more than likely be an online one. This way I can stay at home to do college. It will most likely take two or two and a half years to get the Bachelors Degree. I don’t write to well and I need to get better at this. Hopefully I will get better at it in the future..


The first thing I would tell myself would be to do scholarships. They will save you so much money in college even if they are just for a couple hundred dollars. I would also tell myself to try hard in every class in my senior year. I just breezed through senior year in high school and now looking back I wish I didn't. If i could go back I would try to get A's in every single class so my GPA would go up and I would be able to apply for more scholarships. Finally, I would tell myself to be open when I come into college and meet alot of people. When I first came into college I was very shy and I didn't talk to alot of people. Almost being done with my first year I do have more friends than I started with but I do wish I could go back and make more friends when I first entered college.


The best advice I have is to consider where you want to be in next two, five, and ten years. Determine what you value the most about your college experience. The purpose of college is to learn. Think about what you like, are good at, and can see yourself doing and enjoying in the future. Make a list of a few potential majors, and select schools that offer programs that fit your academic purposes. Next, the social aspect of college will make or break your experience. Do you want to live by “To the nights we will never remember with the friends we will never forget” slogan, “Work hard, play hard” lifestyle, or “Study, study, study;” be complete true to yourself when thinking of what you want. On the social side as well, what niche do you want to become a part of, Greek life, sports, study groups, religion, partying, student government, military, etc.? Ensure the school you select offer choices you want to pursue. All these aspects play a significant role in determining your college experience, so be entirely honest when deciding what you are comfortable with, want, and would like to do in the next few years.


The advice I would give myself would be to repeat the path that I chosen, become even more involve, there is no such thing as being too busy or too involved. In addition ,I would focus on networking and social skills even more and learn to stop studying and actually have a healthy social life. Lastly, I would tell myself to read all the books I can and never miss a class, take ADVANTAGE of the free education.


The first year is the hardest and it's ok to feel anxiety about it. The people around you want the same things and are willing to help, just ask for it. Do not wait until the last second to do reasearch, it can take much longer than you think it will. Put yourself out there and volunteer for anything. Volunteering is not usually difficult work and again if you are stuck or don't know what to do next, ask for help. Get over the money issue, it will always be a problem and dealing with the aid office gets easier. Find a way to connect with your professors, they are not to be feared, they usually enjoy it when you come to them and ask for advice. Also, they love it when you come to their office during the hours they are required to be there, they are usually alone and would like the company. Finally, professors are willing to work with you if you do the work, don't skip an assignment and then ask to make up for it with extra credit, they hate that!


I would give my high school senior self the following advice: stop procrastinating! I would urge myself to take the ACT and SAT, apply for every university I would like to attend, and be more involved with my school. This way, I could get the entire college experience of growing up by moving away and living on a college campus. I could be completely involved within my school and be involved in various activities. I would be more likely to have a job on campus, and learn to be more responsible on my own. I would become more independent at my own pace. I would advice myself to take a chance, explore the world, and live life to the fullest without having to worry about family responsibilities. I would advice myself to just have fun, network, and enjoy life, because this would be the time in life where I would mature and find myself. I would advice myself to experience everything---to make every day count.


Do not ever procrastinate. Be responsible and sociable.


Being homeschooled, my Mom did a wonderful job of installing great work and study ethics. This is the reason I have done so well in college. However, the transition to college was an especially new experience for me because I had not had the classroom experience. I was very nervous my first day of school and even went to the wrong classroom because my registration statement had the incorrect room number. In high school, I waited till my senior year to join the home school honors society. If I could go back, I would have told myself to join it earlier. Although, I volunteered a lot the year I joined it, I could have gotten a lot more volunteer experience if I had joined it earlier. Also, gaining the experience of socializing with a large group of people would have benefited me in my transition to the college atmosphere. Another reason is that I would have had more experience with working with a group. I had never had this experience in high school, so this was also a very new experience for me at college. However, I have adapted well and I absolutely love my community college that I attend.


If I could go back in time and have a pep-talk with my senior-in-high school self I would have alot to say, including words of wisdom and guidance (which my rebellious teen self probably wouldn't listen too, ha!) Kidding aside, I was not anything of the sort and I dilligently took all necessary precautions to obey the rules and take on every extra-curricular activity I could, worked two part-time jobs and maintain my grades. I struggled balancing my time between all the activities I tried to handle. Reflecting upon my life then as compared to now, I can both appreciate the changes I have made and the adversity that I have overcome to get to where I am now. I can ponder over the alternate routes I could have taken, to bring me to different destinations, yet I acknowledge that the past cannot be changed and I would not be where I am today if I hadn't made those choices. I also realize how fast life flies, and I would tell myself to take more time to savor the delicacy that is life and live it to the fullest as I do now!


I would tell myself to try harder to acheive a better GPA. I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as i possible can. Lastly, i would tell myself to break up with my girlfriend at the time, i now know that a long distance relationship only hinders my ability to focus on schoolwork.


I would tell myself to listen to my elders. People older and wiser are to be respected, and I should have listened to their insight more than I did. If I had taken the advise of my elders, my transition would have went more smoothly than it did. However, I would also tell myself to relax through the transition. Even though it is a hard transition to make, everything works out in the end. There is no need to stress. Work hard and trust in God. These are the most important things to remember when transitioning into college life.


I would tell myself to take a little bit more time choosing a major. It will be easier coming in to the university already having chose a major. Also, look up professors' reviews. Find out which ones are passionate about what they teach and take those classes. And it's okay to drop a class. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. If you don't think you can pull through and make the good grade, just drop it. It's better than having a bad grade on your transcript. Other than that, just enjoy it!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself to not wait until the last minute to do important things. When I was in high school, I waited until the last minute to enroll at Coastal Carolina University, send in my financial aid, and apply for housing. I was also lackadaisical with scholarship essays. Because of this, I missed out on a lot of scholarships offered through the school. I also didn't get the chance to live with my friends, and ended up getting stuck in one room with two other people. I would also tell myself to research possible career choices thoroughly before trying to decide a major. I have learned from experience to never wait until the last minute to do things, but I feel like if I could go back and talk to myself, a lot of things would have been easier for me.


I would make sure I went to class everyday. I also would get more involved and get to know my peers more. I would not be intimadated to ask questions and I would develop an relationship with my professors and advisors. I would apply for many scholarships as possible also because the burden to have to pay back loans will stay with you throught your life.


Dear Amanda, I'm writing this letter to you to tell you not to worry about college. As long as you apply yourself and work hard you'll get to where you need to go. The environment is very different from high school. Things are more relaxed. People do their work and don't really skip class because after all they are paying for their classes. Also, there's quite a variety of ages in college. People you and old go to learn more. One thing you do need to worry about is how you're going to pay for college. It's not cheap. You want to start looking now. Start applying for scholarships and try to get grants. These will help you get your education, that job you always wanted, and have a better future. If you're not sure what you want to do now and what career you want take some core classes like Algebra and English and then decide. Get a feel for what you want. But don't wait and waste time. Well that's my advice to you. Sincerely, Myself


If I were to go back in time and give myself advice about college life at Coastal Carolina, my first piece of advice would to be not procrastinate! By getting all my work out of the way I could have so much more free time. Another helpful tip I would give myself is to not be in my room all day, but to go outside and meet new people because that's a huge part of collge life. Making new friends is easy, but sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone first. My final piece of advice for myself would be to stay open minded about everything, stay ahead on school work, and to have fun!


I would tell myself to think about going in a different career path. I would also tell myself to work harder on my grade. Even though I might not need them to get enrolled it would have helped with grants and scholarships. I don't think I would have told myself to do it sooner because I did need that break. I was so burnt out on school that I need that 2 year break just to get everything situated and also to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I now love school and I am even thinking about continuing on after I graduate this program


I would tell myself to study hard and not take senior year as a joke. Many of the things I learned senior year have helped me durring my first year in college. Many of my classmates have said that senior year was a complete waste for them. I would tell myself that all the hard work I put in durring senior year will only make college seem easier. I would encourage myself to make more friends durring orintation so I will have more connections and not feel as lost durring the first weeks of school. Most of all I would tell myself not to stress and to have fun. Make the most out of senior year because college is a different experience and I shoud not feel like I have unfinished buisness. In a different state I will not have my friends and parents around me. Make freinds and have fun.


The road is rough! You have to stay on your toes and dig in to your studies. Make sure you slide into college life slowly and take about 15 credit hours max. Do not rely soley on what people think of you because each person is different and needs to learn his/her learning ability. You could think of yourself a genius and take a ton of credits or you could think about how much you are able to take. Use the resourses available to you. At North Central Missouri College they have tutoring facilities and in particular SSS (Student Support Services). This in particular has helped me out with my studies. Apply as soon as you can and get help from them. At first college is scary almost a new language as opposed to High School or Homeschool in my case. Never give up because it is in pursuit of a happier life that we come to college. One that allows us to work and do the job we love.


That's a great question actually because it would change just about everything I did when I was a senior in high school. I slacked off towards the end of my senior year and it was a very bad idea. If i were able to give myself advice there would be alot to say. I would most definitally tell myself not to slack off and just worry about getting the heck out of high school. I would advice myself to get involved more than I ever was and instead of just playing a sport join a club as well. Getting involved is the best thing you could ever do if you want to be successful in college and even in life. College life so far has tought me that it's not what you know but who you. It's all about networking and outsourcing through friends that know other friends and so on. All in all, the only two words of advice I would have to say to myself if I were still a high school senior would be GET INVOLVED. That's the key to success in college.


I wanted to attend a collage that was close to home but far enough to get away from my town and the people in it. Coastal Carolina University has so many clubs and programs to get involved in. I am currently involved in the triatholon club, the outdoor adventures club, and I am a member of the Coastalette dance team. Making it on this team introduced me to so many new friends and I look at them as my family. Being at the beach for school is amazing and I love how the students get a chance to have hands-on experience outdoors. The teachers and the upper-classmen here are so helpful to freshmen and helping us get used to the whole "college life". As a resident on-campus, I have met so many new people and the Residence Assistants actually put an effort to making students feel at home and helping to get everyone involved in activities. When people ask me how college is going, I go on about how different it is and about all my new friends. I like the fact that I can start fresh and have fun at the same time.


I have only been at Coastal Carolina since September and I have already matured so much. I have become significantly more independent. I feel like I am more independent and do not have to rely on my parents as much. Being at Coastal has also taught me to prioritize. I now understand what my priorities are and that I need to work with a focus on these priorities. It has also made me realize that I need to work very hard and get good grades in order to get the job I want after I get out of college. I have also become more organized and am better at managing my time. I stay on top of my homework and reading and I make sure to write everything down in my calendar. Coastal has been very valuable to attend because I have already gotten so much knowledge out of it. I also feel like without the college experience that I would not have gained all of these qualities so quickly. I think the experience will help me work through and solve problems in the future. I also think it will help me achieve my high career goals.


I have grown both academically and personally from attending CCU. I maintain a 4.0 average and manage to have a social life as well. I have met people from all over the United States and abroad. I have access to what I consider some of the brightest and fantastic minds (my teachers). Being my first experience away from home, I have learned to live with others, take care of my prefessional and personal business on my own and have become more independant. I am on my way to becomming a productive member of society with a career that I love and happy!


From my time at Coastal, I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned to trust in my abilities and to have more self-confidence, By being at a school that has many students who like to party and drink, I have been able to stay true to myself and not participate in any such activities. I have reamained an active member in my youth group and my desire to continue my education in ministry has been even more fueled. Coastal has helped me gain knowledge of the business field, but that isn't what has made my time there valuable. My time has been made valuable because I have been pushed out of my comfront zone time and time again and yet I have made it through. I have made it through obstacles and been able to continue to keep a strong faith. Like I said before Coastal has only made me more sure that I want to have a job one day where I help the kids of the future and with God willing that is what I plan to do.


So far I have got a great deal of experience out of my one year in college. At first, it was difficult getting used to with no family around and getting used to going to classes on my own. Home sickness was a major problem with me, but I overcame it and ended my first semester with a 4.0 GPA. Attending Coastal Carolina has been valuable to me because I am getting an education that I would not have received at any of the colleges close to my home. I am majoring in marine science, and Coastal is known for their marine science department. I am getting the best marine science education I can that is within a decent length of my home.


College has truly been an eye-opening experience. Going all the way to South Carolina from New Hampshire was one of the best decisions I made. I was able to meet people from all over the country, and I was able to completely immerse myself into a new culture and way of life. I have tried grits and chicken bog, neither of which we have up in New England. Receiving a liberal arts degree has allowed me to take a large variety of classes from religion to math and spanish to theatre as well as the art studio and art history classes I need for my major and minor. Going to a school where I literally knew one person was exhilerating. I was able to make new friends on my own. I was able to separate my college life from my home life, and have learned to fully appreciate both sets of friends. In my art education, I have already expanded my knowlege exponentially. I was able to find my passion for ceramics, which high school never allowed me to do. My teachers have pushed me creatively with both my methods and subject matter. College has been an amazing experience.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that, I now understand why I was always coached to attend college during my high school years, because then I didn't understand. It is very important to attend college to succeed and be what you want to be in life without having to know the right people to get somewhere. It has been valuable to attend because, I see now that it is going to help me a great deal in my near future just months after I graduate to do what I have dreamed of doing. I have gained the knowledge of what I needed to know, when I thought years ago in high school I already knew everything, and that was the most valuable experience I could have ever been through in my life since I'v been in college.