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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Sam, Before you go to college, concentrate on taking as many courses that will help in your major, take study skill courses. save money towards studying abroad and understand how far away living 5 states away can be and that coming home to visit is limited by money and time. Always keep the bright, positive outlook you have now.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to plan to go to Coastal Carolina University first just so that I would get the full college experience and have fun with it, while also studying and keeping up with classes. I would use Coastal to transfer out of because I love it, but I don't feel Coastal is fully a school you would want to stay in on the track I'm going. It really all depends on your major. I would make sure that I knew for a fact what I wanted to do and research it more and more. Lastly, I would tell myself to live in one of the dorms on campus on not an apartment off campus. I felt like you got more into things and met more people living on campus and even extra-curriculars. College is well worth every penny spent, and I love it!


Don't let anyone decided your future for you. You must decide what will make you happy, not your mom, not your egotistic high school friends. Don't let money decided, there are always ways to help. You have to live with yourself. Remember that dream that's been in the back of your mind since childhood? Now is the time to chase it. Go for it, don't let anyone hold you down. Anything is possible if you simply try.


I would most certainly tell myself to take a risk and go to a four year school instead of a community college for a year, and use the scholarships i recieved towards my freshman year in college instead of to pay for my first year at a 2 year school; were only a few of my credits transferred to the school I currently attend. I would aldo advise myself to speak to career counselors in regards to choosing a major, because maybe I would have a more difinitive plan at the moment. I would also tell myself to continue to be freindly, smile a lot, and be open to new adventues, spontinuity, and being immersed in new challenges and situations; all of which one encounters while being at college. Lastly I would insist myself in getting a college dorm as opposed to an apartment my first year away at school, so I could get the full college experience.


I would tell myself to continue to strive for whatever goals I set for myself to achieve. To find help as soon as I see that I'm struggling in a class and to set a schedule for myself so that I can monitor my time. That college isn't like high school and to be able to motivate myself into achieving what I want.


To visit as many schools as possible and go on tours. The more schools you see the more you can compare. Hopefully seeing the campus can give you an idea of what would be the right school for you.


Pick the college you think is best for your needs or what you like. Don't look at the problems you may or may not see. For every problem you see wrong with the best school their is a solution. So make the best out of it and have fun and what ever you do LIVE AND LEARN.


pick a school where you feel most comfortable and can have fun along with getting your work done.


Find out the best teachers before making your schedule and visit the school before deciding to attend.


Make sure you visit the school, and talk to many of the students. Don't be afraid to make friends, all the other freshmen are new at the school too, so everyone is looking to make friends. Work hard, and make sure you manage your time well, but also have fun. College is about the all-around experience, not just the academics. Get involved in campus activities, they are a great way to meet people and will look great on a resume or graduate school application. Also, make sure to look around at many different colleges. You have to get a feel for what you like before deciding.


Finding the school that is the right fit for your eager student can be a challenge. I applied to 8 schools, and went on many campus tours. When applying and looking at schools, the best advice I could offer would first, make sure that the school your child is looking at has there field of interest. Make sure that the school is within your price range...but its always better to give alittle more reach. Campus layout is important aswell, especially if your child won't be bringing a method of transportation with them. Leaving high school and entering a strange new world can be tough. The first two weeks are the roughest, because your child will feel homesick, miss best friends, ect...but the key is for them to be outgoing. Take some risks, meet new people, try new things. Depending on how much you put in will determine what kind of experience you have, and the more open to new ideas, new people, and new surrondings, the better your experience will be. College is a four year journey with memories that will last a lifetime. Good luck with the search...and I hope they find the right school.


Find the college that is diverse and you can meet different people. Find the college where you can grow as a person but also develop good social skills to use later on in life. A college where you can have fun and enjoy your stay and are glad that you attended that school. Also, another important factor of choosing a school is how it is help with your career and get you a good job after school. If you can find all these important factors in your school then that is the school for you.


While academics are really important, it's most important to find a campus you'll be happiest spending time on. Freshman year of college is unnerving for everyone, and a cozy campus will be your saving grace. Obviously, make sure the campus is ideal for your major. Contact students that are already enrolled and ask as many questions as needed. Keep in mind any campus is what you make it. In order to find the best college for you, you need to spend a little time getting acquainted with yourself and your needs. This will determine how far away from home you're willing to go, the size of the campus, the environment, etc.


I would tell students that the most important thing to do when trying to find the right college is: don't choose a college based soley on the social life you're going to have if you attend "this college," or "that college." While having a social life and having loads of fun is essential, it's also important to remember that WHY you're going to college: to LEARN. Think about your major and te job you want when you get out of school because that's what you'll be preparing for for the next four years. The social life should come in second, compared to the education you'll be receiving when you attend classes every day.


It's very important to thuroughly research and explore all options. Look for a school that best supports what you want to focus in, also look for the size and activities that are around the school. College is a fun wonderful experience that while difficult and stressful at times, helps a person grow into their interests and find new ones that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.


My advice to students about finding the right college is to be honest with yourself. What do you really like? Are you an urban person who likes the hustle and bustle of a city, or are you more of a slower-paced person who would thrive in a more remote area? Do you want to go to a big-name school that looks great on a resume, or a place where your own acheivements shine? Do you love sports and want to be a part of a dynasty, or do you care more about academic prowess? Ask yourself these questions and answer with your heart. Now is an okay time to be selfish. You are making a milestone decision in your life, and you need to take it seriously. A couple of dont's for picking your school: Going somewhere because your friends are, going somewhere because you feel guilty about the costs of a bigger school, or going to a certain university because your mom or dad did. College is about you, plain and simple.


Choose a school that is right for you in all ways possible. When you walk onto a campus, right away you know know if the ambience feels right for you. Stay focused during your first semester, a lot of changes are ahead and in store for you, but all hopefully beneficial to your growing, learning and social experience. Make best of all opportunites available and most of all, just have fun. College doesn't have to be all books 24/7. Time management is key to success.


I think in order to find the right college and make the most of the college experience, students need to really decide what is important to them. They need to consider not only where they see themselves the following semester, but where they would like to be in four years. It's also very important to speak to as many students and parents as possible about schools they're considering. Visiting a school and taking a campus tour isn't enough! Campus visits/tours are designed to show the school in a positive light. Speaking to students and their parents who have experienced college life at any given school is much more beneficial than taking a tour. Lastly, take your time deciding. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of attending each of your college choices and don't let one aspect outweigh any other.


I would suggest that students and their parents take their time when choosing a college. Make a list of the pros and cons of each school you are considering. Make appointments to speak to professors and advisers and ask questions. Evaluate the answers you receive and compare your level of satisfaction at each college. The campus and surroundings are important but when it comes down to it, the education provided matters most!


This is your life! Make your own decision! But make sure it's a wise one! Your life is in your hands!


Visit can make or break one's opion of a school, visit before you commit.


All parents and students should be aware of their college/university's surroundings. They should make sure it is a safe and stable environment that the individual attending will be able to adapt to with ease and feel comfortable in. Students should take a close look at academic colleges of the institution and assure that the school can provide them with the help they need to pursue their dreams.


Before you choose a college make sure to go on several campus visits and make sure they have the exact major that you want. You have to make sure the college you choose will benefit you in the long run.


The first thing parents and students should do is visit the university the student is interested in attending. Take a tour, stay over night, and sit in classes are things every student should do. Parents should know that it is not always easy for the student to fit in. Sometimes when your students calls home, they just want to hear they are loved and missed. Students to fully enjoy and be engaged in making the most of your college experience, you have to let go out of your life you had before you got there. You need to remember it took 5-10 years to make your childhood friends so the person you share a room with may not be your best friend. To make the most of college, remember you have the rest of your life to work.; keep your head on straight, do more for the community, go out on Tuesday nights, and enjoy your campus life Attend the football games, listen to the lectures, join clubs or Greek life and find out who you are. Networking is the key to college. Know people and let people know you! Don't forget interships!


The advise I would pass along would to take it because it made me think of several situation that you may not have even thought of. College is a huge step and should not be taken lightly, So parents get involved with your childs search for acollege and what they would love to pursude in college. Be open minded give them options as to where they would enjoy going or planning on attending college. College is for higher education but it should be a place that you can spread your wings and see the world. Just remember that we may fall from time to time, but give us time to try again prior to you picking us up. Remeber you taught us what we know in order to reach the next level. Trust us as well as continue to look from a distance in case we need you in a hurry. Don't forget to check us out Go Chants!!!! Coastal Carolina University


I would tell students to think long and hard about what they want in a college. They should find one that fits them the best. One that offers the best opportunity for that student to reach their goals. They should also talk to their parents and see what their parents want from them. Parents are right most of the time they know what is best for their child. The child should take into consideration what their parents are trying to say to them. You will be at these college of your chose for four may be more years so you should look deep and see if this is what you really want. Making the most of your college experience is crucial in making it in life in my opinion. College is not all about studing and books. You have to remember to have fun while you are here because the time goes by fast and once it is gone you can not get it back. So remember to have fun, but also hit the books and make the grade.


Visit the college before you attend. Look for any and all scholarships you can.


I would have to say make sure that if you are a out of state student going to a state school in a another state to beacome a resident so that your financial burden is not as big, and make sure you apply for it your freshmen year dont wait!


Try not to find a party school because that can affect the student grades. Find a school that can help you financially and educationally. Sometimes its best to go to a college where you know someone; so you want feel left out or feel alone.


Make sure the area around the college is apppropriate for your child. The college itself is a great institution and if your child will live off campus, make sure that area is safe and at a descent price. Also make sure that the faculty and staff are active with their students.


Go to college where you will feel most comftorable. Dont just do what your parents want you to do. Make your own choices and make sure you go to a place you will enjoy because it is where you will spend some of the best years of your life. Go to a place where you can excell at learning, communicating and just making connections with people.


Look into and research a couple different schools, go and visit them and talk to the students, teachers and other factulty there. Pick the school you feel you would get the best academic and social experience.


When looking for the perfect school for your child, you need to listen to them. The student needs to feel at home when they walk on the campus. They will feel it if its right. Look at what the college specializes in, as far as programs, so that your child can find the perfect match. Also, look at the student body, look around campus when school is in, so you can get a general feel of how the campus runs. Look at housing, and ask lots of question when you to vistit a school. Talk to actual students who attend that college, they will tell you more than a tour guide will... they will let you know all the dirt, if there is any. HAVE FUN!


My advice for parents and students about finding the right school is to take chances. There might be some great schools close to home, but life is all about growing up, taking chances, learning, and being independent. I believe students will find more academic success if they start over in a new area, where they do not know anybody. When a student stays around old high school friends, they tend to keep their high school mindset and they do not let their minds expand at the college level. Be crazy, go to that school that is far away!


Take your time and visit each college you are interested in.


TAKE YOUR TIME!! Do what is best for you, don't listen to anybody 's opinion but your own, do it for yourself.


Enjoy yourself but be serious as well.


The right college can be easily found by visiting colleges in person. At this point, the student and parents should feel warm and welcomed by the campus alone. Faculty and staff should only make parents and students feel more comfortable. Students should take a guided tour of the school and be able to seem themselves attending the school in the near future. Students should look for the most important things to them as an individual (afterall college is what you make of it). Some of these important things could be good recreation facilities, up-to-date technology, updated liabrary, etc. The right school will feel right as soon as the tour is over. After a tour of the school, parents and students should take a ride to explore the area if it is foreign. Parents and students should be able to feel relaxed and comfortable in the area.


Keep picking a college simple. Know the kind of classes you want, the type of atmosphere and what your academic goals are. Some colleges can provide a person with all things, some just a few. Take time and plan all finances and options. Once you have chose a college, go and visit before you stay on campus to get more a feel for that particular campus life. Get involved or, just enjoy the next step in the academic stage. Have some fun and keep in mind college is a learning process not just in the classroom. College is a place to learn socially, emotionally, physically, and acedemically.


Know what you want to do, and then research the college that best fits your calling.


Finding the right college is extremely important in working towards your future. There are many factors to consider. One of the major things I looked for was the right size of the campus and classes. I was looking for a smaller college with more student/professor communication. Another factor to consider was the location of the school. I was very excited to attend CCU because it was close to the beach. A college needs to have the right program you are looking for in order for it to be appropriate for you. I knew what I was looking for in a major and did the research to make sure the school I applied to had a good psychology program. Although if you know what major you are looking for it may be easier to search for a school with that program, another feature of a good school is allowing undeclared majors the opportunities to examine what they may potentially be interested in studying. To make the best of your college experience, I suggest gettin ginvolved in as many activities as possible. Learning to work with others and be a good leader is going to be important in any future career.


Don't listen to anyone but yourself when it comes to picking the right school. They can't tell you what you'll like, only you know that. And don't be scared to go far from home. You have breaks, and you'll see them then. Go visit a lot of schools, even if you think you know where you want to go. A campus visit to the right school could change your mind. Have fun. You CAN be happy anywhere.


First of all, visit as many schools as possible before applying to those schools. It is important to look at many different schools because one needs to know what he or she is looking for in the college experience. When deciding on which college to attend, just go with your gut feeling and go where you are most comfortable, I mean it is where you will be spending the next four years of your life right? In order to truly do well in college, one must be able to balance the schoolwork along with one's own social life. Set goals and do whatever it takes to attain them. One must have good time management skills to do well at any college. Finally, and most importantly, be aware with who you hang out with. Choose your friends wisely in college and do not be easily influenced. For most, college is the first step to adulthood. Be wise, stay true to who you are, and take advantage of every opportunity.


Stay true to yourself and do not listen to other people. You are the one that has to go to the school not your parents and peers. Pick a place that makes you happy to be at and where you think you will get the best education and have the best possibility for a long term career. College is not just about academics its and experience so look at the social aspect and make sure you feel like a part of the college!


Find a college that is of right size that feels right and is comfortable. Use your college visits and campus tours to view the campus and make sure it is the right size for you. I have seen numerous colleges that just are too big, the terrain is horrible, and the weather is nasty. Why put yourself in that situation? Find a campus that you like.


I would suggest that you ask your child what it is they really want. I did not get to go where I wanted due to financial issues. If money is a problem, I suggest you have your child begin researching scholarships early on and call the school guidance counselor yourself. Have your child talk to them, but you call them as well because they will give a student the run-around, but less likely to an adult. I would also suggest you have your child take both the SAT and ACT early and often to increase their scores. I only took it once during my senior year just to find out that the school could have paid for it and I was already applying to colleges, so I did not have time to try and get a higher score. If my score would have onl y went up 3 POINTS on the ACT, I could have been eligible for double the scholarships. I would also suggest the parents try to locate local scholarships.


Try to figure out what you are looking for in a college and with the college experiance. Most high schools are relatively small and remember that it can be a culture shock and huge adjustment going to a very large university. Look at prices, especially if you are undeclared, and apply for as many scholarships and financial aids you can.


Finding the right college is a difficult process. Students can make it easy on themselves by knowing what they want in terms of large or small schools, regions of the country, and a general field of study. Parents should want what is best for their children, and help them by visiting schools with them and applying for FAFSA and loans. Money is also a factor in choosing a school to attend, but there are always opportunities for more loans to make a school work, if it is a number one choice. Students should also make it a priority to visit their top three schools to get a feel for the campus and the students on that campus. They should make it a point to talk to administrators and other enrolled students to see what campus life is really like for a student.


Make sure you pick the right major and make sure the school you choose is known well for that major. If you pick a school out of state, try to make your permanent address in that state by your second year otherwise your expenses will be way too high. Think long term about the school you choose and the state you are in. For example, if you want to be a teacher in New York, do not get your teachers certificate in South Carolina. Apply for as many scholarships that you can find. Live on campus with roommates for at least one year.


Some advice I would give would be that every parent should schedule as many college visits as possible for their son or daughter. Getting your child out to every variety of school will allow them to make the best decision when it comes to the University of their choice. Also the parents should help the child with the applications and financial aid process for the school they wish to attend, it takes a lot of work and is very hard for a student to do by themselves. One last thing is that parents should save their money, it's only fare that they provide a good education for their child and allow them to be as much out of debt as they possibly can.