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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Billie Jean

Currently, Coastal Carolina is on a mission to expand. If you haven't experienced being woken up at 3:00am every morning by construction workers hammering away outside your window, I don't think you can imagine a stressed, irritated, and hardly rested college student being cranky. I understand that working all hours of the night is convienent for the school's expansion, however I would love for the administraters that send the "OK" to these workers to consider the students sleeping habits. We're always told to get a full night's sleep before a test, aren't we?


processing the amount of information given about applications and loans, etc.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that sometimes emails sent out in mass quantity to us, don't always get delivered. For example, when we were to move in on move-in day we were to receive an email on time and location of how everything was to flow. I never received an email but my roommate did, it didn't quite make sense to me. But luckily for me I had a friend who came early and told me how it was all to work.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the greek life. I know some fraternities and sororities on campus except everyone and are a good way to meet other people expecially if your a freshman. But many of them aren't like that and only except the "cool" kids which I thought was frustrating. The most frustrating thing I saw this year was a sorority picking it's members, seperating the girls who were "worthy" of being in the group and seperating the girls who weren't "worthy". A lot of the greek life was frustrating to watch.


The most frustrating thing about my school is, the lack of school traditions and spirit. I feel that a college should express certain values and support their school in traditional beliefs. I was hoping to experience these kinds of things while attending Coastal Carolina. However, I came to find out that there was little to none school spirit and really any traditions to look upon. I wanted to live and learn at a school that taught values from our pasts and goals to strive for. Although ,Coastal Carolina is a growing University there is so much more to add onto.


The most frustating thing about Coastal Carolina University is food. The food here at Coastal Carolina University is not as tasty as it is expensive. The meal plans that we are required to have as long as we are living in on-campus housing is very costly. I believe that Coastal Carolina University should be offer more of a variety of food that is actually tasteful. As students we should not dred going to grab a bite to eat before, after, or in between classes but eager to see what it is that is served that day.


The cost of everything. Around every corner, with every turn, one must throw more and more money. The stress and mental damage and instability that comes with it is concerning.


There is nothing frustrating about Coastal Carolina. If you need help there are people out there that would assist you such as : professors, classmates, and advisors.


The fact that our Division 1 Football team is ranked #1 in the country, yet there is still a very low attendance to home games. Coastal students definitely lack school spirit.


The wifi goes in and out


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they have taken away so many of the student parking lots. I used to be able to park closer to my classes but they took away those student parking lots to make them into faculty parking lots. Student parking lots are now further away from classes.


The most fustrating thing about Coastal Carolina University is the commute to school. This is because our school is near Myrtle Beach, SC thus meaning there is alot of traffic. In all the traffic is the worst part of our school.


They do not have a nursing program.


The most fustrating thing would be walking long distances to class with a ton a books in your hand from previously or current classes. Especially when it is hot, the temperature doesnt always show mercy. Another fustrating thing would also be parking, the parking is absolutely ridiculous, when you dont find a park close to the school you have to walk across the road when incoming traffic is ridiculous.


The thing that is most frustrating about my school is the reputation that is has. A lot of people say that it is just a party school and that you dont actually learn at Coastal. I dont believe that is true. The simple fact is people only see one side and they assumptions off of that. Its not right of fair to anyone who attends or works there.


So far the most frustrating thing is lack of contact concerning clubs. I have tried to join an organization and contacted the person in charge (according to Coastal's website) only to never hear anything back.


The most frustrating aspect of Coastal Carolina that I experienced myself is the lack of finacial reward for academic achievement. I got a 3.9 my first semester and a 3.4 my second to get a 3.6 cumulative GPA for my first year of college. I was awarded the deans list for the year while also being very active on campus. I joined the greek organization Pi Kappa Phi and joined a pre med club. I feel this school does not reward the students that excel at the college.


The most frustrating thing about Coastal Carolina University would be the internet connection. Although this is very frustrating, it forces you to go to the library where there is internet connection. This way you actually get your work done instead of just watching another episode on Netflix.


The most frustraing thing about my school, is that the campus is pretty big. For a freshman attending college for the first time, it could be overwhelming at first. It could be intimidating for students when they first step on campus, but once classes start it will become easier and they will memorize the campus.


The most fustrating thing about the school is the shuttles and the construction work. There were many times where the shuttle was late and made me late to class. They are supposed to be dependable. They are but no where near 100%. The construction is a little fustrating because is most cases, you have to take a long detour.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of money I have had to put into it.


If you are an apiring student at Coastal Carolina, please be aware of your financial situation. This university has a tendency to notify the student of change in financial aid in a very untimely manner.


The most frusrated thing about my school is going to the dinning hall and they having nothing good to eat. Everyday the dinning hall will make certain food that people aren't used to eat. It's just like playing the lottery when you walk into the dinning hall and they're having cheeseburgers and fries then the next moment they're having cellentani marinara with spinach. You can never know what's on the menu anymore because they don't follow it anymore. This is what I found most frustrating about my school.


The amount of money you spend on books and when you are finished and try to sell that back you never get what you pay for.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the walking. Our shuttle system doesn't always run on time and parking is a nightmare. During the morning and afternoon it is almost impossible to find a spot. Coastal Carolina has many students that are communters, meaning they drive to school everyday to attend class and because their are limited parking spaces things become crowaded.


I personally didn't find a problem yet


There's so much to do here that you don't think you'll have the time to participate in everything. The amount of events that go on here daily is amazing. Yet having numerous events on campus can be frustrating because you may want to go to an event at 1pm but you may have class at that time or there's an event at 4pm at the recreation center you want to go to but there's another one at the same time on the other side of campus so its hard to choose.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be, in my case, making friends. I'm somewhat socially awkward which makes things a little troublesome, but once people talk to me I will talk back.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that when having the last choice to choose classes. Since I am an tranfer student we do not have good picks on having classes we want. That is the only thing that really frustrates me.


The most frustrating thing about CCU is the cost, and aid. The school does not give out much aid. The only way you get money is if you have a 4.0 gpa seems like. I have a 3.0 and it seems as if I am not qualified for any scholarships. a 3.0 is a pretty good GPA but it will go unoticed every time.


Not enough scholorships are out for every type of student. The transportation is not reliable. My father passed away the week of finals, and a few teachers did not care and brushed me off and gave me no help.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the application process. There are several fees to take care of. When you get accepted, you have to pay the enrollment fee, housing fee, orientation fee, and many more. It's a very long process.


Like many people who would complain about their school, I would have to say the parking. There is a great deal of construction happening on the grounds that they're taking away a great deal of space that could be used by students. If I park in the farthest parking lot, it takes me up to 10 minutes to get to class.


The most difficult thing for me was meeting people. I tranfered here mid year and so far it has been hard for me to put myself out there and meet people. I missed the club sign ups which I very much wish I had joined some. Maybe they could be more clear on dates when important things are happening.


The most frustrating thing about Coastal Carolina University is the work load. I find myself almost always working on a project for one class, and two essays for another in the same day. The amount of homework can be very tough to get through, but when I complete a task I feel relieved and accomplished. This accomplished feeling gives me the drive to work through all the challenges life throws at me. If Coastal Carolina did not push the students we would not be able to one day achieve our dreams.


Being only a freshman I have not yet found too many things to be frustrating so far at my university. One thing I have noticed is that there is not a large hispanic population. Having a mother from Puerto Rico, I am used to being surrounded by people of that culture and I am being deprived of that here at CCU.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the parking is sometimes terrible. In the morning you might can get a better park than you can in the afternoon. Reason being there are not as many people taking classes in the morning as there is in the afternoon. You have certain areas where you can park at certain times of the day which doesn't makes sense to me. Also the traffic around the campus is a nightmare. I do have to say college students do not know how to drive well.


the most frustrating thing about coastal carolina is being late to class when you couldnt find a parking space and were forced to circle the parking lots for an hour.


The most frustrating thing is all the rules you have to follow. You can't have candles in your room. You can't use your meal swipe more than once in one time period. There are only cecrtain things you can get with your meal swipe and others you have to pay for.


class scheduling


That we are treated as high schoolers and not college students. I thought we would be treated more as adults and it was disappointing!


Faculty seems to never care or never want to help. Finacial Aid and scholarships are impossible to find and the Coastal Carolina Finacial Aid center never helps. Finding jobs on campus to help pay for tuition is impossible to find. School is also expanding too big too fast. I went to Coastal because you were a big fish in a little sea, and now students are becoming just a number.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the parking. This may seem like a minor detail and it is but many students complain that they do not have enough parking here. Realistically, other schools provide more parking but the parking is more expensive and farther away from campus. Although the parking is very frustrating, with the right amount of planning and time it can be manageable.


Dealing with teachers who do not know English well, yet attempt to teach a course dependant on spoken word.


I would have to say that making sure all of the doccuments are in place and correct for aid. When you talk to the office you get a different person every time and they do not all give the same advice. When it comes to money at CCU it is your job to make sure they are doing theirs.


Not knowing anyone and not being able to make friends.


There are many various activties avaliable during the weekends and weekdays. This may make it frustrating to balance social events with your schoolwork. Sometimes it is hard to focus on one's schoolwork.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how outdated are gym facilities are.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the tutition is so high. I am an in-state student and being a full-time student here is still expensive. I try my hardest to find scholarships to help pay for my education so I can enjoy my time here at school and my parents can enjoy my time here as well without worrying about how we are going to make the payments.


Although the university offers many extracurricular activities and clubs, only a small percentage of students are involved. This makes it so that the various organizations are not well publicized, and it's difficult for students to participate in campus life. I am about to be a second semester sophomore and have not been able to join any clubs, except for dance, because I learn about them too late or they interfere with my class schedule. The campus does not seem very unified because of this problem.