Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How careless some of the professors are. They don't seem to care if you get the material and it seems to me that they get the joy of seeing students not succeed in the class.


Nothing really, everything is going so well here. This school is a perfect choice.


I wish I had known how to prioritize better before I came to college. If I had known this I would have had more practice doing so and I wouldnt have such a hard time doing it now. Also, I wish I had known that my parents nagging me about doing scholarships was a good thing. Now I wish I had listened to them and filled out as many as I had the opportunity to because I could have had a huge chance of winning some, and that extra money could have helped with financial issues occuring now.


Before coming to this school I wish I had known what my major was going to be, but Coastal Carolina is very helpful in guiding me towards careers that interest me. Other than that I enjoy almost everything here and have not found any problems, concerns, or dislikes that I would have liked to known previously.


Before coming to Coastal Carolina University there wasn't much that I wished I had known before coming here. Between orientation and information through the school website I was very informed upon arriving on move-in day. There weren't many questions I needed answered at a dier need and if there was anything I was or am confused on, we have many sources to answer us. We have something called CHANT411 that answers to us through text message and resident assistants always on call.


I wish i knew freshman could bring there cars to campus. If i knew that before hand I would have brought my car.


Before attending this school I wish I knew more about fraternities and sororities. Had I understood them more I may have been more likely to involve myself. Now as a sophomore I feel that fitting into a sorority would be more difficult.


I wish i would have looked at it as every other college. Living in Myrtle Beach I grew up around Coastal, so I thought i was just going to go in, go to class and leave. I've actually come to really like it. I've met new friends and its a really great expierence.


I wish I had known what it takes to mentally succeed in college.


The beach is actually quite far away. You cannot go visit the beach every weekend becasue, especially during tourist season, it takes at least 30 minutes to get there. To do anything fun you need a car.


I wish I had known that I would consider it my home, much more than the house I left behind in a different state. That would have lessened my anxiety about starting a new chapter of my life.


I wish that I would have known exactly what the requirements are for my Major and exactly what careers will be available to me with the major that I have chosen. As a Special Education major I was unaware of the limitations to the career options of this major but also unaware of the opportunities offered with add on certificates. These certificates require certain classes, howeve, that I was unaware of.


Before coming to Costal Carolina University, I wish I had known how to use time management to my advantage. Being in college, there are a gret number of activities and events that happen throughout the week and time can fly by. If a student does not use their free time to get their work done, then it can become a huge issue and may lead to stress due to craming. Craming also leads to lack of sleep in trying to pull an "all-nighter" to get work completed and cause lack of focusness in class.


I wished that I knew more about the ROTC Program that they offer on campus because I took 4 years of NJROTC in high school and really enjoyed being apart of a group like that.


I wish i would have known that there is a lot of traffic throughout the area before i came to this school.


I wish that I would have known how to manage my workload better, but thats something that can always improve in time and practice.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known how many job opprotunities there are on and around campus. If I would have known this I would have brought down my car so I could get a job. Being in college has made me realize how much money means to a student. I am being very cheap in what I buy, I almost never eat out unless I have to. Many times I have turned down the opprotunity to hang out with my friends because I felt as though I did not have the money to spend.


Before I came to this scchool I wish I would have known that there is a building away from campus that I could have classes in. I have to take the school shuttle over which is a pain. If I would have known about this building and the possibility of me haveing class there, I for sure would have brought my car down to school.


The one thing I wish I'd already known about Coastal is the degree plan that major goes down. Its really intense and seems to have some challenging classes involved. I really want to have a challenge in my studies and in my career.


Coastal Carolina University did a very good job at displaying there school for exactly what it is. There is nothing I wish I knew because Coastal was always my number one school even though it is out of my budget. I make things work because I was always meant to be a Chanticleer.


I wish I would have known more about the study abroad program.


i wish i would have known more about the locaton. It really would have benefited me to know what was around. i feel like i missed out on a good bit. The construction was a big deal also. It took me longer than it should have to get to class. At the same time, i appreciated it becasue its going to benefit te students in the long run.


Time management is HUGE. Plan out your days in advance so you have time for it all!


Sometimes it gets rainy-bring rain boots.


Before attending college I wish I knew time management. School is exteremly stressful and being organized and managing time is exteremly important.


Before coming to Coastal, I wish I would have known that it is hard to find a job in Myrtle Beach during the school year because there are simply no tourists to attend to and everything closes. Not having a job makes it hard to pay for things in college, especially in a tourist town where everything is so expensive. I have a job at Build-a-Bear Workshop, but I barley get any hours. If I would have known first, I would have been more serious about working over the summer and saving my money.


I wish I had known that a lot of the students that go to Coastal go just to party. I probably would not have gone there if I knew it was how it is. But I want to stay at Coastal because I cannot imagine going anywhere else because I met some good people being there and I do love the campus.


I wish I had known how terrible the music program is. The violin teacher is completely unreliable and cancels about 2/3 of the lessons each semester. The practice rooms are constantly closed for weekly banquets and receptions they hold in the same building.


I wish i had known how stressful it would be to be so far away from family and to know that you are actually an adult and on your own


I wish I had known that I would have changed my major within the first two years. I also wish I would have known how far it really is from home.


I wish I had a better idea of the full curiculum of my major. Some classes are tougher than I thought.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the programs that were offered here at Coastal.


How many bugs there were on campus--they can easily get into the dorms.


I have only visited this school twice because I live in Pennsylvania and haven't had the opportunity to really get a feel for the school. I'm sure I will figure out more about the school after I start class there and I will realize what I wish I had known before I went there.


How difficult it is to have teachers understand when you can not do much work the week of finals because your father passed away.




I wish that I would have known that attending this school would be a challenge.


Nothing at all. This school gives possible attendees plenty of information.


Before I came to Coastal I wish I would have taken the SAT and ACT more than once.


I wish I had known more about the people that were attending the classes with me. I am very shy and really love to learn. There are a number of students within college that don't know why they're there and are just getting by. Watching people disrupt class or not put effort into their work makes me cringe. Love work ethic is something I don't understand.


Before I came to Coastal Carolina University, I wish i had known how to manage my time better. I would have benefited greatly from some lessons on time magagement. However, college is a learning experience and I love my school and am so thankful for the opportunities offered here.


Now that I am a student at Coastal Carolina University, I wish I would have known what classes would have been required for my major, so I could have put more emphasis on the classes required in college. Because of taking an AP Calculus class and passing the exam, I was able to get college credits for the class. I am an out of state student and did not know anyone at Coastal Carolina, so campus involvement is very important. I have joined a fraternity and a club named "Scream" that supports Coastals athletic teams.


I wish I would have known that it would be more difficult to communicate with the Admissions office.


The University of Phoenix is extremely pricey, and I wish that I had researched other, similar universities before making the choice to be a UOP student. However, I understand that I am paying for the ultimate flexibility granted to me by this University, and without that flexibility I would be unable to attend.


the kind of people who go to scholl here


How small it really is.


Nothing, I enjoyed learning things during my first year of school.


I wish I would have known that you are not likely to get a job on campus. That it is best to drive your first year because the shuttles really suck. You may not get the housing options that you have chosen to live in. If you request a roommate you will not be rooming with them. The food is always the same.


I wish I had known to apply as a Psychology major in the beginning instead of Biology.


That I should have taken college algebra at another school. Once you sign up for college algebra here (60% fail rate) you can NOT take it at another school. You have to complete the credit at CCU.