Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the program I'm in. I'm a marine science major and I came to this school for the marine science program. I have had great professors since I started here and I have had many opportunities to go on field trips and do internships that relate to my major. I also have great opportunitites to study abroad with programs that have to do with my major. The marine science program is the best thing, in my opinion.


The best thing about going to Coastal Carolina would be the diversity. Growing up i lived in the same town with the same people most of my life, coming here I wasn't sure what to expect. Here at Coastal we have multiple diversity programs and kids from all over the United States and even other countries with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina University is the amount of clubs/organizations to get involved in. It is a great way to get yourself out there, meet new people, and start to have the people within those organizations help push and guide you into the man/woman you're set out to be.


The best part about my school would have to be the people. I've met so many diverse and unique people since attending this university. Everyone is friendly and we all are here for the same purpose so there is a sense of unity as well. I've throughly enoyed meeting others on this campus.


class size and teachers


The best part about Coastal is that the university is fairly new so everything there is very modern. With everything being upgraded we can study on computers that the programs are all up to date. Another cool thing is that the class sizes at coastal very between 20-24 students, which is awesome because you can still get to know your teachers and get that one on one time with your teachers like you do in high school.


Coastal Carolina is a great University for many reasons such as its diversity, location, and warm climate, but especially wonderful for its school athletics and spirit, where students are proud to be CCU Chanticleers.


In my opinion, the best thing about my school is the teacher to student ratio. The classes typically range from 20-30 students. I like that the classes are smaller because I get the chance to connect with my teacher and students in the class better. Having smaller classes also gives me the opportunity to achieve the best learning experience possible due to minimal distractions and one-on-one conversations with the teacher.


I would definately consider the education as being the best about the school. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and by far one of the most beautiful campuses I have came across. Education would be the best thing in my opinion. You need education in life to be successful, therefore I mostly consider that as being the top thing about Coastal Carolina University. There are many opprotunities here, with that being said, try to get it.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina is meeting new people. Everyone from faculty and staff down to the students are friendly.


No matter what i always have something to do because at Coastal, there is no such thing as boredom. Once i am done with classes, i always have something to do whether it be going to the beach, the gym, or even just walking around campus because its goregous. Coastal Carolina is a very welcoming campus and is very accepting of every student here. I love my school very much.


I consider the various amount of students at the university the best thing about my school. As Coastal Carolina University as a college increases, the diversity of students grows as well- giving me and other students an opportunity to burst from the personal walls that we've built since our childhood year, to learn more about different cultures and beliefs through other fellow students.


There is a tremendous amount of school spirit and there is always something on campus for students to do.


my program of interest, the education program. the teachers are very dedicated.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina is the school spirt, the small campus feel dispite the campus size and the helpful professors.


I consider the Kimbel Library to be the best thing about Coastal. The library is open 24 hours and it's just a place where you can relax, do all of your work with no distractions, study for exams, use as a get away and the library is also very peaceful. The staff is very nice and makes it a wonderful environment to be around where there will be no worries. I call the library my second home!


The plethora of opportunities, and willingness of faculty to be involved in the students academic careers. In just one semester I have had the opportunity to obtain a work study position within my major's department, join a volunteer club called Students Taking Active Responsibility, join a greek organization, and attend a week long volunteer trip for Give Kids the World. I've also had the opportunity to meet with the chair of the Health Science Department multuple times to discuss my interests, future goals, and possible career paths.


I think the best thing about my school is the great programs they have along with the staff. The school is not that large so you get a lot of help from your professors if need be.


One of the best things about Coastal Carolina is that the school has a visual arts department! Not only do they offer everything from painting to sculpture, and printmaking to metal works, but there are countless opportunities to develop an impressive resume in the arts. Student, community, and national art exhibits and shows are advertised to students, encouraging them to take an active role in exposing their work. Internships, trips, and job opportunities are also offered. The professors in this department truly want to see students succeed, and are prepared to help them reach full potential.


The education is the best thing about this school. The teachers actually care about what you are learnig and they try to help you if you don't understand something. Thet take time out of thier schedule to help you if you are just really confused about a problem or just need some on to talk too.


Location, location, location. I love the beach and the proximity to the school is great.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina is the diversity that is among campus. The diversity brings so much more life to campus and the events that is held on campus. Before coming to Coastal, I knew little to none about other cultures, however, now that I have met new people from different places, I have gain more knowledge about other cultures than ever before.


I consider the oppurtunities available the best thing at Coastal. I believe this is the best thing because of the amount of study abroad, internships, and the majors provided. There are so many study abroad programs and they vary at the amount of time; there is one in Bimini where you can swim with sharks! the internships are also great because most can count as credit towards your major. The majors are one of the best things at this school because of the variety, it ranges from marine science to golf management. These are two majors Coastal is known for.


I consider the best part of my school to be the location and atmosphere. There is always something to do and you are never bored. It's awesome only being a few miles from the beach. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and I meet someone new every weekend. Something new is happening every day.


I consider the location of Coastal to be the best "thing" about my school. It has a small town, beachy vibe. It is located less than 15 miles from Myrtle Beach, hence the beachy vibe. Coastal is located in Conway, South Carolina, which is a relatively small, lower class town. Coastal really brings a lot to the economy that surrounds Conway! I love that about my school, how the students boost the local economy!


My school deffintly puts the students first. I love the learning enviornment. The best thing about my school is deffenitly how they put the students first. They make the class sizes so you can have a person connection with you professors. The library has state of the achre technology. They make sure they provide excellent shuttling to and from campus and just built a new student union center. The school takes into great consideration of what the students have to say and it shows.


The best thing about CCU is the wide diversity of students because it allows students to expeirence many different kinds of people and where they come from.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina University is the involvment the school has with its students. There are always activities, games, prizes given away, etc. everyday on campus. The school is big into getting the students involved and meet new people. One way they do this is by what they call "Teal Tuesday." Teal is one of our school colors, so every Tuesday whoever wears teal gets a free t-shirt and their picture taken. Its a great way to get the students excited about the shool they attend. I know I love it.


The best thing about my school is the campus. The landscapers do a great job making sure the grounds are kept nice and neat. It is so beautiful I love walking around or sitting near the fountains or palm trees. Trash is never on the grounds which is awesome. The turtle bridge is an amazing assect to the campus. Also while walking on campus you pass dozens of genuinely nice people.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina University is the abundance of clubs, internship opportunities, and community involvement. Most freshamn in college would not ever get an internship during the first semester but I have already managed to do that. I also am getting an event started for the first time on capmus and I am only a freshman. The power to make a difference and get things done is limitless.


Everyone here seems really school spirited. Like they're all about the CHANTS! There are lots of campus activitie for students to get involved in, from the shark club to intramural sports. Most of the professors are well versed in their fields and try their best to help when requested upon. If you submit documents, such as financial information, in a timely manner you will recieve a follow up in a timely manner.


There are so many wonderful aspects regarding CCU. First of all, I really like the University Place housing. I am from Illinois and moved to South Carolina to attend college, and now to settle and live here permanently. University Place is basically apartments that include 3 to 4 bedrooms, each having their own bathroom, living room and kitchen. This made my transition to college and South Carolina alot easier! Also, I have a learning disability and the profs. are very willing to work with me during office hours. I made the Deans list freshman year!!!! Love it here!


School spirit


The variety of programs provided to all students, no most majors won't get special attention but there are groups for everyone on campus academically affiliated or special interest affliated. We often have resource fairs going on at prince lawn or at least a special event each week so the campus is active during the day and even at NIGHT with activities that students can get involved in to have some fun with the school away from all the work. Also location Coastal is close to everywhere so you could travel to all places and not be too far away.


The school is always making changes, trying to keep students involved, keep them focused on their future instead of getting in trouble or dealing with alcohol or drugs.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina University is the location. It is about 20 minutes away from the beach and it has a lot of things to do around the town. The people at Coastal are also nice. It is not hard at all to meet new friends and it is easy to get to know your professors.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina University is how close we are as a student body, staff and faculty. The faculty and staff care so much about the students and the students care about each other. We have great school spirit and we try our hardest to make sure everyone is happy on campus. Some staff members go out of their way to talk and get to know the students and see where they come from. Without family being around, Coastal Carolina University's staff, faculty and student body definitely makes a person feel as if they are at home.


academics, athletics, location!


The professors are genuinely concerned about their students' success. They develop close relationships with their students and attend to each of their needs. They can be very flexible with many things.


It's a beautiful environment and you just get an amazing vibe.


The comforting environment is the best thing about Coastal Carolina. The students, factilty, and staff are some warm and welcoming. They always have a smile on their faces. Everyone is welcome there with open arms and smiles.


The best thing about Coastal Carolina University would be the academic rigor. The school officials do not play around when it comes to the students' education, and they do not tolerate inappropriate behavior or choices, and they always put our educations first, while encouraging the students to do the same.


I consider the large diversity of students the best thing about my school because I have gotten to know so many different people from different countires and different races while being here. I love being surrounded by all the differnt people. They have all taught me so much.


The best thing about Coastal is that there are so many resources for the students. Free tutoring, computer, internet and more is there for any student who needs it. They are also adding on more and more resources in the form of new buildings with new materials that were not offered before. Coastal cares about progression and that is important.


The freedom and ability to take charge of your education. I also enjoy the school's extracurricular activities that are included with tuition. It's been a great way to make friends and become part of the community. I'm looking forward to continuing my education at CCU.


The campus is beautiful and very relaxing. There are several places you can sit and study while being surrounded by trees, birds and water.


The best thing about my school that it provides opportunities to become involved throughout the campus in many different ways and that it also provides career interns for students.


The best thing about my school is the location, which is right near the beach.


Coastal Carolina has a lot to offer. Many people refer to it as a party school but we get that reputation mainly because of our location. We have excellent faculty, succesful programs, and students that are willing to get the job done. I personally think the best thing about CCU is how involved our school is. Our school is small enought that you can see that everyone knows of everyone but big enough to have many different clubs and programs that everyone is a part of and can enjoy to have a good experience.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the faculty. At Coastal Carolina, teaching is not just their job but their passion. Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte, for example, exceeded her call of duty when it came to helping her students. She always assist her students in their work, making sure it is understood clearly. I never hesitate to email her for help or stay after class for a more detailed clarification. She, along with all of my professors have not only taught me well but showed me what it it like to have a passion for a career.