Cochise County Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone really! Cochise College was an awsome experience. The school is located between rural areas and I believe they have the very best instructors. Since it is a community college, the teacher to student ratio allowing the student to get the upmost learning experinence with daily insturcto/student contact. They have so many resources and opporutnites to offer students joining and transfering their school. Not to mention, Cochise is located outside of the city limits giving evryone a beautiful site all around. It was a pleasurable and wonderful experience.


Online education is the most convenient schooling for the fulltime worker or parent. It is a different learning style and it is not right for everyone, but definitely worth a try!


Any type of person.


A person who wants small class sizes and a personal learning environment. I would recomend it to athletes who are not able to go to a big university and still would like to play sports, because it is helpful to those students.