Cochise County Community College District Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Advice was something I had never recieved in high school concerning my future. I had never obtained that sense of security and confidence I needed to completely understand my position in college. If I were to give myself advice in high school, I would definitely reiterate the importance of self confidence and the insignificance of peers. There will be the many people in college classes that will talk down upon you and belittle your opinions in a debate. They will also make you feel small but you musn't let them get to you. The importance of your own self confidence and knowledge certainly comes into play in college. You must not be derailled by your fellow students and stand strong with what knowledge you obtained. This advice is what I longed to hear when I was in high school, and I would give this advice to anyone who is making their transition into college.


"Looking back at my life's voyage, I can only say that it has been a golden trip," said Ginger Rogers from As I look back into the past, my college experience has been a golden trip. I would tell myself that growing up and leaving home can be a challenging obstacle, but to not give up and do not take the path that I am most comfortable with. Instead, take risks from this point forward because college will be an adventurous experience. Guide others along that golden trip with you. I would advise that young, shy girl to blossom into that woman that was hidden underneath all along her senior year. I would encourage myself to follow the road of success, and do not doubt what feels right inside my heart. Also, leave my name behind to be remembered by others as a valuable token of my accomplishments. I would also remind myself to not lose my faith and to trust in myself as I make my transition into the college life. After all, the world will soon be in my hands, and it is up to me to make an impactful difference for my future.


I would tell myself to enjoy highschool and not complain about the homework because you get a lot more homework in college.


Jennifer, Your a bright intelligent young women. Your initiative and ambition in life will give you endless limits to possiblites to become what you want to be. Remember success is not about having lots and lots of money. Success is when you are beyond happy of what you do. Always strive for what is going to make you fill happy. Take advantage of all the opporunites that are set beforth you. Becareful, there are always going to be bumpy roads ahead. It is up to you if they will stop you or it is up to you weather to go over! Study hard! Sacrifices now will pay off big in the end. You have many resources to succeed so failing is not an option. So study hard and enjoy what the campus life is all about. Remember your priorites and dont lose sight. Hit the pavement running and dont stop. Whatever knowledge you gain is beneficial to the kids and community you work with. Don't forget that. This community needs you to provide a foundation for them to live healthy and successful lives so the little ones may have the opporunity I had growing up!


What I have gotten out of my college experience and why it has been valuable to attend is that I suffer from mental illness and with me going to college it has proven that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to no matter how difficult it is, and I just hope that one day I am able to show someone else with the same problems or with some form of disability that you can do anything that you set your mind to no matter what any body say's or how difficult it is. If you want to accomplish anything all you have to set your mind to it and get it done.


College has given me pride and knowledge. I am so proud of myself for going back to college and setting goals for myself. I am excited to get a degree in something that I love, teaching children. I am proud of myself for getting such amazing grades with all the obstacles and events in my life. I love college because it makes me smarter and opens a world of opportunities.


The first thing I would tell myself is what major I have decided on so I don't have to wait an extra year to transfer to a University because of pre-requisite classes. I would also check Universities to see if I could get any tuition waivers/ huge scholarships, rather than assume Community College is always the best path to take for a lower-income family.


I would tell (should read: make) myself to work harder to get scholarships and take school more seriously. Now that I am in college strugling to pay for it, I realize I should have taken high school much more serriously, and taken harder classes to learn as much as I could while school was free.


I would give myself the advice not to slack off! Definately to apply for more scholarships during senior year because they truly can help the financial burden. Another important thing I would tell myself is, sadly, I would tell myself to know that I wouldn't be able to depend on my baby's father to help with support , but definately not to give up and make sure that I have a set babysitter and a way to pay or something. If I would've been able to tell myself all this my college year this year could have been a lot better and easier with the money!


I would warn myself of the heartbreak, the frustration and the depression I would face. I'd advise myself to follow my heart, do what I want and not to stress or worry about what degrees garner the career or the most money per year. I'd urge to be healthy, happy and cling to every moment of every day; to hold tight to the friends I had and never let them slip away due to laziness in communication and perseverance. I'd push to start looking for colleges, degree plans and scholarships not be apathetic towards the future or scared of it. I'd want myself to be stronger and more persistent in following the dreams I have. The most important thing I could do in advising myself is to not pressure myself. To say: Force yourself forward, do it at a swift pace, but step back if stressed, or worried and remember, it's just life. And in the end, the people you love and the experiences you have are worth more than worrying about ten years down the line. Relax, take it easy and push forward to the best of your ability, keeping your dreams in sight.


I would tell myself that you need to graduate and pay attention to the things that are being taught in class, beause it will make an easier transition to college. Also you should not take a break in between highschool and college because you will not have to take so many pre requisits. Other than that I would say that I was properly prepared and I am doing great as I am now.