Coe College Top Questions

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Coe College allows room to take courses that you simply want to take for the sake of being interested, rather than having to only take courses geared toward your major.


Coe is possessed of outstanding faculty members who are excited about their respective fields of study and are exceptionally gifted with regards to imparting that enthusiasm to their students. The class size, campus life and academic rigor found at Coe were truly beneficial. The placement of the college was also an enticement. I come from the east coast where the pace of life can be frenetic. Iowa generally and Coe specifically, was a welcome respite from the hectic day to day back home. I loved my experience at Coe college and would not change a thing about my time there.


Coe College is a small liberal arts school, whereas the other schools I was considering were all large universities.


The smaller size of the school made it easy to talk with professors and get their advice or help.


My school is unique because the atmosphere is so welcoming and caring - like a family. At my school, we really strive to make changes in our own lives and in the world. I think it is also special because of the thirst both students and teachers have for knowledge. It is also a very laid back and comfortable campus.


Coe has a nationally known science department, but also an excellant music program.