Coe College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One that is intelligent and very driven to get a good job after college. There is alot of partying that goes on here, but they dont necessarily need to be a partier because there is alot of things to do around the college.


The campus has a wide variety of majors to choose from and the faculty is universally good, so those in any major offered will feel at home here. This does tend to be a very social campus, and while there are many individuals here with a high career-focus, formality is not a major part of campus life. Those who want to excel will be helped here, they just need to put in that work on their own time rather than have it expected within the classroom.


The people who attend Coe are fun, imaginative, and interested in a variety of subjects ouside the scope of their major. The best kind of person to go to Coe should be willing to think outside the box and challenge themselves. Our jocks are in orchestra and our math majors rock at dragonboat racing and Ultimate Frisbee. Come to Coe if you want to make some crazy friends or get pushed out of your comfort zone!


Students who do not need sleep should attend Coe College. Students at Coe take their education seriously and devote hours every day to pouring through texts, notes, and lecture slides. Yet the air at Coe tastes of more than library dust; there is a sweet expectation of life just around the corner. Students constantly move from one activity to the next, rarely resting and always prepared. The extracurricular life, vibrant in its diversity, calls every student to participate, to live. At Coe, grades remain a primary concern, but students know that knowledge does not come from books alone.


It's a big party school. Also, because of the small class size people who like more personal contact do better. It is a lot more difficult to fall through the cracks. There is a good emphasis on athletics, wrestling is very good. There is also emphasis on the arts.


Coe is perfect for people who want a small college in an urban setting. Cedar Rapids is literally right on our doorstep. Classes are small, professors make an effort to get to know you, and you definitely get to know people. The student population is only about 1300-1400, so it's the ideal size if you want to feel like a person and not a number.


Any person will feel welcome at this school, however this is a strong focus on the creative arts. There are stong music and art departments, however there are also strong science and math departments. The school is quite liberal so a strong conservative may have trouble identifying politically.


Someone who is driven and wants to make their own path. Someone who isn't afraid to try something new and meet new people from all over the world.


People who want to further themselves in their education as well as broaden their horizons in regards to who they associate with. Coe is a diverse college where people can learn about many different cultures while getting a first class education.


Someone who wants their professors to know them and is going to accept that they can be picked out of the crowd. Someone who wants to slack off shouldn't attend Coe.


Someone who is figuring out who they are, who enjoy interacting with people and being part of a small community. This school is too small to be anonymous in, everyone knows almost everybody, so it's almost impossible to feel alone on this campus.