Coe College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Coe is how small it is. While the class sizes that come from such a small school are exactly what I need to learn best, I feel like there is less of a variety of people that I get to interact with. I've also noticed that being a small private school, Coe doesn't have the funding for all of the perks that a larger school may.


Job opportunities on campus are fairly limited and also unfair in some situations. The best jobs on campus are in the Admissions office, where there are often benefits, or in a place like the gym, where students can just sit and do homework. But often students are not lucky enough to get a position in one of those places, which means they must cover less-desired jobs, such as the cafeteria or physical plant.


The most frustrating thing is the town. It is hard to get around the city if you dont have a car. The public transportation is annoying and makes it quite complicated to get places.