Coe College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The major thing I like about Coe is that the school as a whole stresses inclusion and involvement. A student gets countless opportunites to participate in their community without even trying. From sports and music to volunteer work and art, the multitudes of options presented to students have no limit. Do you want to join a movie club but Coe doesn't have one? A freshman made one this year. Want to volunteer? The hospital right across the road has excellent positions, and Coe's volunteer fair offers practically any opportunity one can imagine.


The best thing about my campus is the diversity. Everyone is different and you learn about different cultures. It gives you an appreciation for the differences. We try to make a difference on this campus and by doing so, we also encourage each other to make a difference in the outside community. Tolerance starts with exposure and we are a liberal arts school and are very exposed and that's what's great about it. We have opportunities on this campus.


Coe offers students a small, friendly academic environment for students to pursue any dreams or ideas to the fullest level. Coe allows students to take classes that vary greatly from one another and might not have anything to do with their major or future career, which makes life more interesting because each individual can explore an field of interest. Coe professors allow students to learn by doing or through discussion, rather than attempting to delve deep into topics through lecture.


Everybody is really friendly and willing to help out, even if they just see you on the campus and haven't talked to you before. There is an awesome sense of community.


The classroom experience and how personal the professors are. The academic experience.


The relationship between professors and their students. It is a very relaxed, open environment where you can really trust and confide in your profesors.


Being a school of less than 1500 students, students at Coe develop meaningful connections and friendships with both many students and faculty members. The small class sizes not only decreases stress, but also allows students and professors to connect and communicate easily. Each professor at Coe genuinely cares about their students' success and does everything he or she can to ensure that any problems will be resolved and that all intellectual opportunities are made accessable to students.


I love the people here. This includes the professors, students, and all the faculty. Everyone here is very helpful for anything a student needs. Everyone is helpful to help anyone decide what they want to major in, or even getting a job lined up. Since I have been at Coe, I have worked very hard for the classes I have taken. The classes here are very hard, but there are tutors or other students available to help. Also I was surprised at how everyone wanted to help out the community with volunteering.