Coffeyville Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Not having enough money to do enough campus activities where students feel like they are actually doing something constructive with their time or that a college education is worth having. Instead many turn and go back where they come from without obtaining an associates degree. If the resident assistants amd dorm directors actually took an interest in trying to make our college campus a better community for its students I believe it would create a worthwhile environment. Instead on the contrary that is not the case, so I believe that would have to be the worst thing about our school.


I think the worst thing about Coffeyville Community College is living in a small town that doesn't have a whole to do. The college has lots of cool things going on like ball games and plays, but the actual town has little to do except for a pool and skating rink. The funny thing about this is that having very little to do in town actually makes you come up with things to do. You learn to have fun with what you have, and you learn more about what your friends like, too.