Coffeyville Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Start sooner. Do your research. Quit thinking you had to go because that's what people expect. You should go because it'll help you. You will benefit more than anyone else. It may be hard to figure out exactly what you need to do, but as long as you are doing something you are growing.


Definitely I would take time to plan my high school career more carefully. I would spend more time studying, and making sure I had a good gpa. Also, I would take more time to try and understand the process of financial aid. I would advise students to spend time looking for scholarships. Take steps to make yourself successful early on.


As a high school senior I should have used my time more wisely. I attended college fairs and what not, but I should have tried to schedule college visits. So that now I am heading towards graduation I would already know what colleges and univerisities I would or would not like to attend. I possibly would not have been so indecisive about my decision and what preferences I desire out of a university. Although I do not regret my decision of attending a community college I should have done my research on the best two year institution. Not only that but I should have paid more attention to deadlines and taken advantage of scholarships suggested to me by my guidance counselors and not have slept on opportunity.


College is not something to take lightlly it is a responsibility and something to be dedicated too. When you achieve the feeling of finally being able to figure out what you want to do witht the rest of your life is the most fullfilling, accomplished emotions you will feel. Being able to find those answers comes from responsibility and dedication to what you do in school. So more than anything stay focused and driven. Also very important set goals for your self within your college career because for when you accomplish those goals it will help you stay driven and confident.


I would tell myself that getting out on your own changes everything. I moved out of my house and into the dorms even though I lived in town. Though I had food, housing, and toilet paper covered by the college, I never realized how much my mom really took care of for me. I used to hand her my laundry, get rides every place, and go dig in our fridge whenever I wanted. It's different now. I have to get places on time without her. I have to fight my own battles without her advice or support. I've realized that even though I had a lot, I took it for granted. I am proud to say though that through learning to handle myself, I have gained more confidence and strength in myself than I had at home. I can honestly say now that I am the person that I have wanted to be for a long time. I have a long way to go to reach my career, but I have only a little ways to go to being who I've fought to be my entire life.


I would tell myself not to worry so much it will all work out. You will meet people that will help you throught the year. Also I would tell myself to form some kind of relationship with the professors because if they like you they will work with you when you are gone for Livestock Judging trips. Last I would tell myself don't take any thing for granted.


I would tell myself to work a little harder in class and at my job and also not to worry beacuse it all worked out fine.


Take it easy, and don't overwhelm yourself. No matter where you go in life, you are still you. Have fun with it, and the right major will come your way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during high school I would have advised me to take ACT prep classes and take the ACT more times than I did. Since I was a good student I felt that since my GPA was so good that ACT examine didn?t really matter. If I would have taken it one more time and hopefully received a higher score I would have been able to get more funding for college. I would have advised myself to learn better study skills and would have taken the harder classes in high school to be more prepared for college. Also I would have advised myself to take duel enrollment classes that counted for both high school and college credit. That would have shortened college and made it a little less expensive. Also if I could have advised myself to apply for as many scholarships as I could, college is very expensive and every little bit you can get truly helps.