Cogswell College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a senior in high school, the main thing I would say is to relax. I spent so much time worrying about how hard college was going to be and how people were going to treat me. I had this picture of college in my head that scared me to think about. I imagined people pressuring me to party, drink and do drugs. I also thought that the professors were going to scream and yell at me if I did something wrong. In reality, college is tons of fun and almost all the people I have met have been amazing individuals. The professors are caring and understand that life is hard outside of class. They will make sure to work with you as long as you approach them. People also understand if you are not comfortable with parties and drinking and they will not pressure you. If I had not spent time worrying and stressing out about the changes college could bring, I could have had an easier transition into the college way of life. To my past self, just relax. Everything will be better than you think.


I would say to calm down and not worry about trying to be friends with people just hang and enjoy things for what they are


Dont go to community college. You'll set yourself back three years. Apply to Cogswell now!


Dear Steven, I know you love games. I know you love T.V. I know you love being a poser of being a skater. But I also know you have a game urging out of your head with knowledge of creativity willing to express itself. But why do you procrastinate your school work for 2 years of High School? Trust me, do the work, no don't "do it", excell at it. Be the best. Be the person whom actually inside is a passionate young man not knowing what he's capable of making people laugh, love, and cherish. That is, your video game. Pursue your dream, as how Steve Jobs has done. He's changed the world as many others. As you will find out, he's dead, but don't sadden, be more motivated. Be motivated to pursue your dream of that video game. Don't give up no matter how difficult it will be until they literally kick you out of their front doors. Reason? Knowledge is power, don't let money stop your dream, don't! As if right now, excell school work and prepare for college for the cruel and hateful world ahead you.


During the two years I have attanded college, I have discovered many new things about myself. I have just recently decided on a career I hope to acheive after graduating. Attending college has been a significant experiance, in showing me how life will have many obsticles and situations, that will hinder me from acheiving my own personal goals. Although it isn't always easy, I have learned to purservere and keep sight of my dream of becoming an R.N. College has been one of the most valuable experiances I have ever endured, thus far. Not only have I decided what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it has shown me that I will always have to stay focused on what I want to become of my life. College has by far been an eye opener to me. I will be able to take what I have learned while in college, in and out of the classroom, and apply it to benifit my life, as well as the lives of others.


So far my college exericence is a lot better than my previous college back in San Jose State University. I wasn't getting any help from most of the instructors and was completely lost. Now, that I attended Cogswell, I'm getting the help that I need from the instructors and the advisors. They really care about your success and as long as you work hard, they can also help you apply to jobs or internships in your degree. So, if win this scholarship, this would really help me continue with my studies.


I've gotten a good sense of what the game and animation industry is like. Being the intended career of almost all of the students at cogswell, this is a very good thing. There are also many classes and clubs that simulate a work environment. The size makes it really easy to meet students studying different aspects, so not only will I make close friends, but they can also become business partners or coworkers in the future.


First research more art schools like art center, Second not all things are taught in class you have to go out and learn things on your own, and don?t let anything hold you back. And last make sure you give everything 110% of your effort, people come and go but your skill will remain with you, make sure everything you do builds towards that.

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