Coker College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is one of the most exciting times in a person's life. For just a few short years you are able to explore who you are with complete independence to pick the course of your future. Given the chance, I would tell myself to not wish away the years and opportunities in college. The experience is life changing if you allow it to be, so keep your mind open and ready for any new and exciting path that opens up before you.


I have learned many of life lessons, experienced great memories and received a higher education from Coker College. I had to learn to live, in a sense, on my own. I had to go from under my parents thumb to being independent. Staying in the dorms taught me to learn how to work and live with all types of people. As an active student, I have made many new wonderful memories and made many new friends at Coker. At Coker, the small class size has also allowed me to make connections with professors in and out of the classroom. In the real world, a college degree will afford me the opportunity to be productive and become a valuable member of society. This is why an education from Coker College is valuable.


So far I have not had the opportunity to attend college. I have done a online course witch has helped me have the nessicary credits to attend college. But i dont have the money to afford to go to school. So i have been trying to find scholarship to help me get a start at my college experience. I know i probally wont have as good as a essay as alot of the people applying for this scholarship. For they probally have some nice story to tell about there over all college experiences so far. Mine has been applying for schoolls all day trying to find the perfect one. Its hard to get in school these days with nothing finacially to offer them for them to teach you. At least some of us have not given up or gone to the last resort. I hope to one day go to medical school for nursing and to be a primary care physician. I have great knowlege in witch i know ill be very successful in school and in the work field someday.


I always wanted to go to college, but I was never able to because I did not had the grades I needed in high school and I did not had the funds available until one day in January 2005 we had a College Fair at work and Coker College representatives helped me to started.


I am starting college February 25, 2010. I hope to find myself successful after I finish my Medical Ass. 8 month program.


I have always had a passion to help others. Since I was 7 years old I have been volunteering at my mother's job in a nursing home. Whether it was painting, dancing or even my favorite Bingo, I was always there to try to cheer up the patients. It was then that I knew I had to become a nurse. Flash forward 14 years and I am currently attending my third semester at a community college to attain my goal of becoming a nurse. College has opened my eyes and has expanded my ways of thinking. First and foremost college has taught me how to be organized, how to manage my time and lastly college improved my social skills. These important traits have stayed with me and have allowed me to move up with the company that I currently work with, which provides my income for school and living expenses. College , will always be a stepping stool to advance myself so that I could stand out from the crowd, especially in times of recession. A higher education will give me the competitive edge that will increase my chances of finding a better career.


Attending college eight years ago I would have said that I had not really gotten anything out of school. Today I am much older and have a much different view on school and education. I have obtained a great deal of experience and knowledge in my schoolings. This will only help to make me a much better rounded person, as well as help me mold my children, and the teenagers I coach, in better people as well. With out school there would be less mental development as well as emotional development which help us in our everyday lives. I have learned to enjoy my time in school and look forward to obtaining much more knowledge as I look to further my education.


Even though I only have one semester under my belt I have learned a few things that I will carry with me past graduation. With my first semester I have set a good foundation, and will continue to make good grades to take me to graduate school. I also learned that you really have to work hard to get things, and that if you want to build your resume you need to start as soon as possible because there is alot of competition out there. This is why going to this college, and college in general is valuable to me.


My college experience has taught me how to be more independant and not depend so much on others. Sometimes I do recieve assistance from my parents and other family members but over all I I have learned to be independant. This college is valubale to me because it taught me also how to communicate and to come out of my "shy shell." This school to me is a wonderful school and has taught me so much within the time that I have been here. I have to say some of the things are not as positive as the others but I have learned from others mistakes and to not to make the same ones on my own.


I would tell myself to manage money more wisley and learn better study habits. I would make sure I procrastinated a little less as well, but other than that i get all my work done and make very good grades, so im happy with how i am doing in college.


I would tell myself to study more than I did. I would tell myself to watch out who I talk to because I never know how it will end up. Oh, and I would tell myself to have fun every once in a while.


Always being an athlete, I knew it was going to be harder when entered college because of practice, time away for games, etc. So if I could give myself any kind of advice, it would be to develope better time management skills while stillin high school. I am a senior this year and feel like only now do I have a good handle on what it really means to manage my time effectively. I think I would have also researched a little more my college choices and done a better job with course selection in my early college years.


Make sure you ask more questions when looking for a new room-mate, and try not to eat so much sweet stuff, or else none of your pants will fit!! Also, don't be nervous about going away, it's really nice to get away from home from a little while, and make new friends on campus.


I would tell myself that I should be ashamed of how I act or dress because I'm my own individual. I would also encourage myself to take college course and be prepare for the future. Lastly I would tell myself to start taking responsiblilties of my action and learning how to make it by myself.


I would tell parents to help their children the best way they can. Choosing a college can be really stressful and hard. Parents can mostly help by going on campus tours with the students, researching the schools for themselves and having a valid opinion when the students ask for it. I was accepted to three schools. I would have not been able to choose if I didn't have my mother's guidance and support.


Make sure that you research your school throughly. The school you think you might want to go to might have excessive amounts of writing prompts, and you may not want to be a writer. Sometimes you may know what you want to do with your life, but go into college with an open mindset. Take classes in other fields to see if maybe there is something else out there for you. Parents, its hard to let go sometimes, but you need to understand that your child is doing this because they know it is the right thing to do. Students, take things as they come. College experiences are key to making things that much better. But also dont take things too lightly either, because what you came to school to do is learn and better your knowledge of a field you chose. So in other words have fun but stay focused.


make sure the school reflects your personal goals


Students shouldn't always concentrate on which schools costs less but also focus on what the classroom experience is like. Smaller classes can be better for some student with the professor able to help whenever help is needed. Also if a student is unlikely going to have a car for college they should consider smaller colleges because these colleges would be more likely to be close enough to local stores and such in which case a student could walk.


Stay on campus! You really miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities and friends when you commute. To encourage staying on campus, pick a school that's too far to commute to everyday, but close enough so that if you feel homesick on the weekends, you can go home. And before enrolling, visit the school. Take a tour and get to know some of the students there and ask them how they feel about the school.