Colgate University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


White, Preppy, Wealthy, Work Hard and Party Harder


That Colgate is a homogenous campus where everyone is wealthy, social, white, good looking, preppy, parties often, and drinks hard.


Super preppy, stuck up, rich kids living in the middle of nowhere who drink a lot.


The student body is not diverse and the social life revolves around alcohol.


preppy. jock douchebags


That Colgate has a "work hard, play hard" mentality. Colgate students are stereotyped as being relatively homogeneous.


White, Preppy, Waspy kids from private and prep high schools


There are many assumptions about Colgate and I think we all hear them more often then not. For one it is always assumed that there's nothing to do at Colgate. It is also assumed that all Colgate students are stuck up and rich and are Dartmouth rejects.


That they are all preppy, rich, and white.


smart, nerdy, preppy, homogeneous


Some stereotypes about Colgate and Colgate students are that we are out of the loop of major events and stuck in the "Colgate Bubble". There is also the perception that the students are pretentious and entitled.


Colgate: Middle of nowhere, picturesque, cold Colgate students: Preppy, rich, white, from NJ CT or NY, wear Northface and J.Crew, own a Jeep Grand Cherokee, drink water out of a Nalgene


Stereotypes about Colgate students always include that we are rich, snotty, over-privileged party animals. Stereotypes about Colgate itself almost always involve the lack of diversity of the student body.


The most prominent stereotype is that all Colgate students are "preppy," the guys wearing pink polos with popped collars, the females decked out in J. Crew from head to foot. We're supposedly all filthy rich and model attractive, maintaining our golden glows and svelte figures as well as our grades. Of course, besides working hard, we're known to party hard and rack up the consequential one-night stands, garnering us our reputation as a "hook-up" campus, rather than one conducive to steady relationships.


A common stereotype is that everybody is really rich and preppy. Also that we are a huge party school


preppy, rich


That everyone is wealthy, and intelligent. That the school is very good, in the Ivy League, too expensive and a dentistry school.


Snowy Students: Rich, Apathetic, Fratty, White, SparkNote-using, preppy


All we do is drink, winter is hell


Stereotypes about Colgate is that it is a preppy college with individuals who have a lot of money.


Party animals, jewish, typical north easterns, lots of money


People stereotype Colgate students as embracing the work hard, party hard mentality.


Colgate is perceived to be a liberal school and also prep central. Students are seen to come from wealthy well-off backgrounds and waste their parents money. They are also stereotyped as being very intelligent and concerned with academics.


Probably the most dominant stereotype is that Colgate is a very conservative institution and the students are very preppy.


I was worried about going to Colgate because I heard that Colgate is politically conservative, very East Coast and everyone at the school is extremely wealthy. I am from Seattle, liberal and poor and was concerned I wasn't going to fit in.


That Colgate is a very preppy school full of rich kids who are drinking their parents money away. There is also the stereotype that the students are very smart and the motto is work hard party hard.


Rich, preppy, kids who are more active in their appearances than global politics or world issues.


All rich preppy white kids. Very athletic, drink a lot, conservative politically, drive nice cars, apathetic, only here to get a degree, will go work for their fathers' companies post-grad


Rich and Preppy


Party hard rich, white kids sporty and athletic smart!


Rich, Snobby, Genius


Rich, preppy, athletic students who can drink 15 Keystones on Saturday, then write an analysis on Kantian ethics on Sunday. Work hard, play hard


Colgate is known for the heavy partying along with a challenging academic demand.


Rich, collar popping, self-absorbed, arrogant, spoiled, fit (not fat), mostly white, intellegent, hard working, big drinkers,


That students are rich and preppy. Also that students here drink more and party than at other colleges. The town is amall and boring. The weather is cold a hell.


Most come from extremely wealthy families and the campus is basically a walking J. Crew magazine. Be prepared to look your best every single day of the week (including Sundays), and there is an unwritten rule about everyone not being able to wear sweatpants to class. Girls always own a pair of Ugg Boots, Vera Bradley purses. Prep to the max.




The stereotypical Colgate student is good looking, comes from money, dresses well, works hard, and parties harder.


We are preppy, mostly from the east coast, work hard play hard


That we are preppy in dress and attitude, generally quite well-off, and very sociable. We are passionate in everything we do - from our schoolwork, to extracurricular and athletic involvement, to how hard we party on the weekends.


Colgate students generally come from upper middle class suburban homes in the New England area. Most are attractive, athletic and intelligent. The campus is white with minimal diversity. Academic experience can be extremely demanding. The dating scene is practically non-existent and hook-ups are the norm. There are few things to do on the weekends other than drink and go to frat parties. Colgate students work hard but party harder. The winters suck.


That Colgate is full of rich, preppy kids from the NY/NJ/Conn. who "work hard and play hard."


Colgate students are said to be preppy and mostly from the north-east. There are a lot of athletes, it's a "fit" school, people tend to have money, and the average student is a very hard worker and smart.


We are all preppy, rich, and crazy partiers.


Preppy, rich, conservative, and heavy drinkers.


Colgate students are preppy, wealthy, and cliquey. They work hard and party hard. Everyone here is an overachiever, and everyone here binge drinks on a regular basis. Frat parties are the only social happenings here.


preppy, work hard - party hard


That it's a huge party school and that people are generally really friendly and laid back


Preppy, Spoiled, Rich, Bro, Smart, Attractive, Thin, Fit, Sports-oriented


That we are all rich, preppy, and white students. It also gets around a lot that we are a party school.

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