Colgate University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


preppy, snobby, rich


JCrew catalogue, WASPS, rich, east-coast, boarding school kids. We are all studying to be dentists.


rich, party-school, smart


Boring school. Middle of nowhere. Nothing to do. Students are too preppy. Not enough diversity.


rich, white, preppy


We are stereotypically a preppy white school where everyone has money. We also live by the motto 'work hard, play hard.'


Colgate students are often characterized as being obnoxiously preppy and fabulously wealthy.


We are intelligent, work-hard-play-hard kids who party a little bit too much most of the time, and we also have an inexplicable attraction to colorful pants.


Drink a lor


Colgate is white-washed. Although it attempts to bring in minorities and diverse ideas, minority students find themselves self-segregating - such as living in the HRC, and as a result the prominent scene at Colgate is frat-boys and insecure girls who go out 3 to 4 nights a week and black out at the jug. Most Colgate students come from the upper class, and although some of this can be seen in preppy styles, it is manifested to an even greater greater extent in a self entitled attitude. Stereo types about the frats: Phi Delta Theta = dorky guys, but a tight knit fraternity. DKE = underground sketchballs who party hard. Phi Tau = assholes who get in fights. Beta Theta Pi = Preppy guys who think they are way cooler than they actually are. Delta Delta Delta = the ugliest sorority. Theta Chi = drugee frat. DU = meatheads. KKG = hot sorority. Kappa Alpha Theta = coke sluts (Fuck a theta marry a kappa). Gamma Phi = nice girls, but a solid third place. Sigma Chi = fratty guys who party hard, not a fraternity.


Preppy, Smart, Conservative


All students are severely chronic alcoholics and party-goers. Hooking up is Easy at Colgate... partially because there's nothing else to do.


Rich preppy new england prep school kids


I think Colgate is seen as a fairly conservative, small school for rich, preppy kids. I'm sure there are other stereotypes about other aspects of Colgate life, but that one sums it up pretty well.


People consider Colgate to be a predominately white upperclass, preppy student body who work really hard but also love to party. People think that we are in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do besides drink and that everyone knows each other which makes it sort of like a high school.


Rich, white & preppy. Ostensibly true as a large portion of the student body does fit these criterion. Other sterotypes include everyones favorites "dumb jocks", nerdy theater kids, degenerate frat-stars, and of course the sizable jap scene.


Rich, good-looking, J.Crew-wearing, noses-high preps was the stereotype I had heard and was terrified of. Also that there is not a lot of diversity and nothing to do if you don't drink.


That Colgate is a preppy school for rich white kids.


There are some very strong stereotypes about Colgate students that they are rich, white and mostly spoiled.


Prepry partiers. We work hard and party hard, yet school is the priority.


People think that all Colgate students are rich white jocks from the Northeast. Another perception is that Colgate is a big party school.


The Prep Factor. The assumption is that Colgate students come from old money (or substantial money) families, and are thus extremely preppy. Then, there is the stereotype that all Colgate students drink regularly and heavily.


On a higher level, that everyone is very preppy and stuck up.


Most people think of Colgate as a majority white, stylish, upper-middle class group of overachievers.


business oriented, excessive drinkers, rich and preppy


Everyone is good looking, really smart, works hard, and parties harder.


Preppy, rich, athletic students.


Work hard, play hard. Drink a lot. Intellectual. Hook-ups, no dating.


Some stereotypes are that Colgate students are stuckup and preppy. Others include the fact that Colgate students expect things without having to work for them. Alot of the townspeople consider students rude.


That there is clicks or "groups of people" That it is a hook up school


We're all from New Jersey, we're all really rich, and we're all super preppy. Oh, and we all want to be investment bankers. No one has a liver any more because we all go out 5 nights a week.


preppy affluent entitled inconsiderate prep-school B+ kids


I would say that some big stereotypes are that the student body is rich, homogenous, snobby and preppy and everyone dresses in the same designer labels. I also think that it's a stereotype that most of the girls here have eating disorders.


Preppy, upper class, white, suburban, smart, well-rounded, energetic, athletic kids


I think that some of the stereotypes about Colgate are that the student body is very homogenous and that most of the students are white and part of the upper-class. Another stereotype is that there is not much to do at Colgate except for drinking.


preppy/waspy.. alcoholic.. jocky. good looking.


We're all attractive underachievers. Oh, we're mostly loaded too.


Colgate students are stereotypically prescribed as preppy, priveleged white kids who drink and smoke too much. Due to the geographical isolation of the campus, outsiders think there is nothing to do here other than party.


Colgate students are often labeled as work hard, play hard students, and there is also the label of Colgate students being "preppy".


Preppy, smart, rich, good-looking, "out of a catalog" style, beer drinkers, big partiers, work hard party hard, fit,


Everyone likes to claim that Colgate is a fratty school full of big partiers who drink in excess because it's so cold that there's nothing else to do.


The stereotypical Colgate student is white, from Jersey, Long Island, or NYC, is rich, likes to get hammered whenever possible, has kind of a casual preppy style (lots of north face fleeces) and likes to get hammered whenever they can.


There's a negative stereotype that Colgate students are snobs clad entirely in J. Crew. Or that everyone is really well off. There's also the stereotype that everyone is really friendly, athletic and motivated.

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