Colgate University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The education I recieved...diverse and well-rounded.


The best thing about Colgate University is its small size. The class sizes are small which allows great group discussions and easy access to professors. I also love being able to go just about anywhere and I will always see someone I know or with whom I am familiar. It makes me feel comfortable and safe on campus and welcomed.


I consider the classes and the professors who teach them are the best things about my school. Not only are the classes challenging enough that when you get a good grade you feel accomplished; the teachers are always willing to help when you need it. The French course I took first semester was one of the hardest I have ever taken, yet my teacher was always willing to make the time to explain something or go over a paper and the course was always difficult enough to stimulate my brain without causing me to lose hope or question my abilities.


A daredevil break-in to one of the creepiest buildings on campus, the myths surrounding a nearby "incestuous" town and Colgate's strange obsession with the number 13...


the teacher student interaction. They go out of their way to assist students who are uncomfortable in the classroom or with the material.


The people. You're around so many other smart, driven, and fun people. I looked forward to walking through the Quard, recognizing faces, seeing friends and working closely with my professors. The professors and administration area also amazing are also amazing to work with. So, more than anything, the people make Colgate the great place that it is.


The best thing about Colgate is the liberal arts curriculum. We were required to take courses across all disciplines--natural science, social science, humanities--as well as interdisciplinary core classes. Also, we were not required to delare a major until the second semester of our sophomore year. For someone like me, who didn't have an idea of what I wanted to study in college after high school, I appreciated the opportunity to take so many diverse classes and to get to know members of the faculty in different departments across campus.


The fact that it's small enough to be familiar and big enough to have something left to be discovered.


The best thing about Colgate University is that the class sizes are really small which allows the students to have a very intellectual and intimate relationship with the professors and the material being thought. The small class sizes not only allow for a better relationship with the professor but it also makes it easier to learn from the professor and get intellectually involved with the material.


The best thing about Colgate University is the amazing family of people that live, work and play there.


I love Colgate and the surrounding area! Everyone's so friendly! There's definitely a community-like atmosphere within the school and Hamilton area. There aren't really any cliques amongst students, and there's so much to get involved in! Especially for such a small school! Although there aren't exactly any cities nearby, in my opinion, students don't really need to go away. Colgate works hard to bring a lot of activities to campus, and the rigorous academics and these activities definitely keep Colgate students busy! (At least busier than my friends who are at other schools.)

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