College for Creative Studies Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Colleges for creative studies professors really care. They will help you in anyway they can if your struggling. Every class is a job interview. All professors work in the field and have tons of contacts and don't think twice if they hear of a job they will recommend you.


Its a world known school and a degree from there and the ability to spend 4 years there would change my world. The networking and opportunity that the school brings is huge and would give me a foot in for success in the art world. Its an extremely competetitive, small school, and I got in and I stand out and excel there, its where I truly feel I am meant to be.


I'll barg about the experince of meeting new people and exploring the areas of Detroit. Where there's food court near the school to enjoy the art museum.


innovative designers, great designs and fun amosphere


I would tell my friends how much fun I would have at the College for Creative Studies, and how busy the work would keep me at the same time. The students there were all like me, we all had a passion for art, and I had realized there was no way I wouldn't make any friends. Everyone I?m my class were so special and full of talent we had such good conversations and good friends. Though the workload would often keep me up for hours on end, it was always nice to know that a friend could help.


I tend to brag about how many oppertunities I have at this school, and how friendly everyone from College for Creative Studies is.


We have access to some of the greatest technology and leaders of our industry. Our school is all about connections, and respected globally.


Most of my friends go to big universities and colleges, so when I tell them what my homework is like, they are just jealous. I tell them how much fun I have doing "work". (Designing products and vehicles, painting, sculpting, etc.)


That the alumni from here partake in the production of a lot of the media in gaming, cinema, and automotive design.


I brag mostly about how my courses are rigorous and often very labor intensive. My social life has been minimized close to nil, but it's alright because everyone is in the same boat so we all have study parties together. Also, the teachers honestly seem to care about me, not only in the here and now in their class, but also about my future.