College for Creative Studies Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is definitely driven, artistic, and is good with time management. A person who isnt afraid to go outside the box.


Anyone who loves to create and design art, cars, and fashion.


The kind of person that should attend ccs is a person of determination. At times its easy to get down on your self when your constantly being pushed for new and creative ideas and abilities. You should be the type of person that has the ability to motivate yourselft. The work load here is extreamly heavy and challenging, but it is also is rewarding so dont give up.


Creative, devoted, hard-working, open-minded.


A very creative person, someone interested in art. You don't have to be outgoing. Even shy people fit in here. You can let your individuality shine here, nobody forces you to fit into a specific mold or judges you. There are no cliques here just people.