College for Creative Studies Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that it was the school for me. The last three years of my college career were at Wayne State University where I begrudingly worked for a degree that I did not want and am not going to use, only to please my parents. Now that I have the confidence and self-esteem to pursue the things that are actually enjoyable for me, I am starting out in debt. I would not give up my experiences and memories, however, I would have liked to find my passion, and this school, earlier in my life.


Probably more details about what is taught in the classes.


To be honest, i wish i had known how talented the people here really were. Of course i knew the school's reputation, being one of the nation's top art school's and battling one other school for top school for transportation design, but i did not realize how much i was underestimating the school and im happy to be surrounded by such an inspiration environment. there is alot of friendly competition and i enjoy every challenge that comes my way.


The internships and the professors


I wish I would have known earlier that I wanted to go into graphic design. I was always an artsy kid. My senior year, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to be in life. One day, a teacher from The College for Creative Studies came into my high school art class to discuss several programs the school offered. He also showed a lot of the student's work, and some success stories. Right then and there, I knew, I wanted to go into design. I already had the talent, why not use it?


I wish I would have known how expensive college life really was and how hard it would be to get funds. I remember being aware that the college I was going to attend was very expensive. But I was naive and thought that money wouldn't be a problem, so long as I kept working and got good grades. Well I was right, I did get good grades, but I unfortunately hadn't won any scholarships, and getting a loan was impossible. Still, I won't give up; I believe there is a way for me to succeed in life.


although I did know the price comming in to this school I wished I would have known to apply for many more scholarships and grants. The pressure of money is extreamly heavy in this world, but it shouldnt be a determining factor for your life. But in the same matter you will be forced to find ways to pay for things, and if you have that figured out before you get yourself involved in something, it lifts a weight off of your shoulders


The realities of getting a work-study job. I would have found a job outside of the school if I had know the small number of jobs available on campus.


I wish I would have know how much work was givin in a week, to prepare myself.


The average cost of supplies a semester.


I knew about the tutoring center when I was a freshman, but I never went there. I wish I would have known what a relaxing environment it is, and used it more. Even if you don't need help, just to relax. And I whish I would have known more about how cool some of the liberal arts classes are, (I took some of mine at community collage.) They offer classes no other schools seem to offer.