College of Alameda Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Well I believe the kind of person that isn't self-determining, focused or motivated should definitely keep distance from this college and any college in general. I say that because college is a very big leap from high school. It isn't like going from elementary school to middle school, or from middle school to high school, because you have to attain independence and responsibility quick, and sometimes you're in it on your own. You would really have to do a lot of maturing and keep your focal point as the drive that leads you to success.


I think that someone that is not motivated and willing to work hard should not attend school in general. Most schools are fairly similar. They only vary in size and prestige. In the end though, schools are all the same. Places where you go in order to learn and advance yourself. Someone that thinks that schoolwork is too hard or not worth it shouldn't even waste their time. In order to do well in any and all classes you have to be dedicated and motivated enough to endure even the longest and hardest of classes.


A person that does not have any goals or just wants to go to school for grants or aid or what ever it may be. You are not always expected to walk into college knowing exactly what you want to be, but do not play around.


I suppose it is hard to say what kind of person should not attend Yuba College. This school has people from many different walks of life, and our pursuit of knowledge brings us all together. I guess that if someone does not enjoy connecting with people then maybe they would feel out of place. However, I have seen the most reclusive people come out of their shells, so even then, a withdrawn person could still find themselves very happy in Yuba College.