College of Charleston Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


College of Charleston is probably best known for being located in the most beautiful city in the world. Charleston is a fabulous place to go to school and it just puts you in a good mood everyday to walk to campus. I also think Charleston is known for being a very good school academically. It might be in a "relaxed" place, but you still have to work to get the grades.


medium sized campus, and huge girl to guy ratio. Really relaxed and easy to navigate


The College of Charleston is the oldest city college in America. It is located in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is close to fantastic beaches, and is well known for it's breathtakingly gorgeous campus filled with historical buildings and gardens. It's academic reputation is stellar, it is amazingly affordable, and few students who graduate from this school leave Charleston because they fall in love with this gracious city.


My school is best known for its historic and beautiful campus. It is the oldest school is South Carolina and most of the buildings are very historic. It is beautiful, and something to look for in a campus.


I think that it is best known for its history. College of Charleston is filled with historic buildings and it is also close to the beach. This is also a city and the college is located downtown so there is also a pretty strong sense that this is a party school, but I think that people discover that is not completely true when they get here.


The College of Charleston is best known for its history. It is also known for the amazing science facilities in the country. In my eyes the College of Charleston is great because of its open campus, acessibility to the city and our amazing basketball team.


We're best known for our boys basketball team and our Marine labratory research on the coast.


We are probably known for our biology department because we are so close to the coast, we do a lot of research there.


The College of Charleston is best known for it's diverse, liberal arts standing. There are so many majors ranging from the typical Business or Education to the rare majors, such as Studio Art and Urban Studies. My school is also well known for it's location, Charleston, SC where there is a plethora of activites and adventures encompassing you every day.


The college of charleston is best known for its well-educated students who leave here after graduating. They are also well known for their very excellent science programs that are here available for students going that route.


It is a very social school and the location is great.


College of Charleston is best known for its location in the historical city of Charleston, South Carolina. It was the first municipal school in the country and later became state sponsored. Basketball is the main sport at the college, with several Southern Conference championships. It is also known for its rigorous academics.


Unfortunately, it's known as a party school. Other than that, it has really great science programs.


Creating Liberal Arts majors. Also we're very good with our math and science courses, as MUSC is right around the corner, we produce med students like myself who graduate and go straight there.


The College of Charleston is not a very widely known school; it is best known for our history and all the events that have occurred on and surrounding campus that make the school a wonderful place to visit and attend.


My school is known for providing liberal arts education, under a public institution system, meaning that students receive a "private school quality" education with a low price tag. It is situated in the historic district of Charleston, which attracts numerous students to the beauty of the campus. There are many things that students can do in Charleston especially at night, especially when there are clubs and bars nearby the campus. CofC's expectations for propective students increases every year, so we always recruit better students every year.




For being a laid back, fairly liberal party school, with a low professor : student ratio, and for having high academic standards.