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College of Charleston is in the heart of downtown Charleston. It is surrounded by the busy downtown city life. Being there gives a person so much to do in his/her free time. There are multiple parks with beautiful views of the harbor and skyline. Downtown Charleston is a historic city so you feel the history and read about it as you walk through the streets. Most of the stores and houses are deemed historic buildings. The views and activities are wonderful.


This school has a drive that it is able to enstill in the students to pursue their dreams. The professers are very encouraging and involved with the students. The motivation to do well is strong on this campus.


my school was in the middle of a historic dowtown district. It was also close to bars & the beach!


Everyone on campus love being Cougars (our mascot) and have the most school spirit without having a football team!


It's location and class size. The city of Charleston is historic and beautiful, not to mention fun and filled with great restaurants, shops, bars, etc. The classes are small, so each student has the opportunity to get a one-on-one experience with the professors.


This school is unique because it is located right in the middle of a historic downtown area, and there are so many beautiful beaches nearby as well. This is a friendly community that welcomes college students. Classes are small enough so you receive individual attention and professors take the time to learn each student's name and get to know them personally.


Although there are 10,000 undergraduates that attend this college, it seems like a very small campus setting. I previously attended the University of Missouri with over 30,000 undergraduates and a campus that extended for miles. Comparing the College of Charleston to my previous university, I would say there's a significant difference in size as well as attitude among the student body. Because there are less students, there is more friendliness and more familiar faces that I see and experience everyday. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.


liberal arts.


Relax and focused on grades.


City and beach make the surrounding area ideal. The size is just right, and I never feel like a number.


small but a good size for learning...


The College of Charleston has a unique outlook on diversity. Anyone can come here to study and express themselves in any way they want, and the school supports them. There are tons of clubs , on campus organizations, fraternities, sororities, and other ways of self-expression.


near the ocean


The campus is historic


It has a college town feel in a city.


no football team


College of Charleston is unique because it is in the middle of a city. I loved living a block from King Street my freshman year in the dorms and now Iive in an old house style apartment in a neighborhood full of college students. Charleston is a beautiful town and to have the opportunity to study here is amazing. Asides from the city campus the college is also 15 minutes from 3 different beautiful beaches. The college offers a plethora of sports including surfing. It is an all inclusive college with something for everyone to do.


This school is very unique because of the students and the arts influence on campus. This campus is much more liberal than all of the other campuses that I applied to.


Come to CofC if you're interested in a balance between academics and social life. Come if you would like a college experience unlike any other school in this state. Here at CofC, we enjoy a Liberal Arts institution with the resources of a University, while being integrated into one of America's greatest and most popular southern, quainty, subtly charming cities.


Our school is in the heart of the city.


All of the other schools I considered were in the Mid Atlantic or in New England. A little bigger than most that I considered. Additionally, it is located in a smaller metropolitan area than most of the schools I considered.


uhhhh, great study abroad programs and you can go to a house party pretty much every night of the week, cool huh


The College of Charleston has been everything I ever wanted in College and much much more!! I have had a great experience here so far!! It means a lot to me to be more then just another number paying the college for a piece of paper. This is a liberal arts college and so as a student here you will be exposed to all sorts of different things in a fun and exciting learning environment.


the one problem I see with Charleston is that we live near so many restaurants and have so many activities offered to us that cost something... so it can get pretty pricey to live here. But, in my opinion, it's so worth it! You will always have something to do and never say life in Charleston is boring. if college is meant to be the best time of your life along with the most academically demanding, then CofC fits that profile! :)


It isn't a great school if you want a school spirit and football games. The appeal of CofC is the city and being able to do your own thing, putting in as much social and academic effort as you want and get out as much as you put in. It won't happen for you though here because it isn't a traditional college campus.


Some people find C of C a pleasant school to attend, however I have yet to find the "experience" everyone talks about here. Had I been a lower level student and not a Senior, I would have transferred back to my original college or to some larger university; but due to the limitations of transferring credit hours from school to school...I have decided to "live with it" as many people say. Professors from my original college attempted to persuade me from going here...had I GPA would still be a honors level GPA--they said that my academic talents would be overshadowed by the party mentality of those around me...and they were right. I have attempted to make the best out of what I've found; but the inclination to transfer often overwhelms me. The urban environment and the people of Charleston are exciting, but the bureaucracy of C of C is ridiculously absurd. I was told I would be given scholarships for my academic achievements prior to transferring from my original college--but once I got to C of C...the scholarships were no where to be found...and I had to pay out of pocket for what wasn't covered. Like I've said, I would have went else where, however I'm stuck here...I've given the truth as best as I know....its up to you where you want to take a gamble here...good luck.


C of C rocks!


CofC is a great school in a great location. There are so many times when my friends and I are laying out in the sun in October and we remind ourselves that we are living in a vacation destination and how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful place. I know people who have both transferred away and transferred in so remember that your first decision doesn't have to be your last.


College of Charleston is the best school in the south. We go to class in the morning, beach all afternoon, and then party at night. This is what we do, EVERYDAY! The education is unrivaled, the campus is historic, and we have the coolest bars (like the Blind Tiger, Tommy Condon's, etc... People who dont live in the dorms live in 200 year old mansions (you will party in these)... it's like a different world. It's amazing.


Great school. The best 2nd home every. Everyone is so close-knit.


If you are stuck between a different college and this one. Go HERE! I swear it is worth it and it is awesome in almost everyway.




Housing is important to me, and for the most part, I have to give it a pretty high grade at CofC, especially compared to some other colleges I have visited. I went to visit my boyfriend at his school (University at Vermont) and was drooling over their classrooms and their food and their amazing buildings, but on the other hand was pretty horrified by their hall-style dorms (this means a public bathroom shared by an entire hall of kids- gross!) The dorms at CofC are mostly suite-style, meaning there are between four and eight kids sharing sizable quarters with their OWN bathroom to their suite. I lived in a suite with 3 other girls. We had a HUGE common room to ourselves (absolutely indispensable space, it was amazing) as well as a bathroom with two sinks, a large vanity, and separate rooms for the toilet and shower.


Charleston is a beautiful city, a peninsula on the water, with a rich history, 18th century architecture, and very friendly people. There are not many places in the world where you can walk around the whole city and say "hi" to complete strangers.


I want to know why the college does teacher surveys at the end of the semester when nothing is done about it. Though I've had some of my best teachers here I've had to absolute worst too. Semester after semester students give some teachers horrible reviews yet nothing is done. They are still teaching year after year. And the surveys are a joke. They don't ask anything the students care about. For example.... Is the teacher on time? How is the class presented? Is the teacher available? WHO CARES. Those are givens. Ask.... What are the pros and cons of this teacher? thats it. By your last year you just bubble in answers because you feel they are pointless. Another thing is the dating scene. The college does its best at informing the students of std's, but in reality students dont think it can happen to them. Everyone is sleeping with everyone, thats the truth, with a small exception of course. You all already know this, but there are a lot of students who need to get tested. I don't know how to get more info out there, but its scary. Honestly, just wanted to add that. I know I complained a lot but thats what people need to know. We know what we're doing right. In conclusion the College of Charleston is great. I know work downtown and always talk highly about the college to families with orientation. If I could choose any school I would still return to the College of Charleston.


The housing at the college is insufficient causing many students to seek residence off campus which in return is dangerous and very costly. The barely existent campus is sort of safe, but the city itself is ridiculously dangerous. The worst part is that the majority of authorities in the city overlook or simply ignore the hazardous feelings of animosity that are being created by the students being forced to move off campus, thus pushing back lower income families out of the city limits. My apartment has been vandalized and robbed, and have several friends who have been sexually assaulted as well classmates who have been raped. Though the college offers rape prevention classes, the police in Charleston are more concerned with busting parties then they are of preventing or even solving these crimes.


College of Charleston suffers from an urban environment. Local crime is serious from assaults with a deadly weapon to murder.


When I first applied to CofC, I had no idea that it had the reputation of a party school, and when I found out, visions of 'Animal House' danced through my woefully naive imagination. I went to a few parties, none of which were particularly crazy, and while there was usually something going on on the weekends, it never seemed like a ridiculous amount.


One thing that erks me is all the rich kids who know they're rich! I have friends who have a bit of money but they don't act like it and the don't cut you off or splash you in their Rovers. that's the other thing... Rainy season is a BITCH! make sure you have good rain gear and some water proof everything just in case you're caught in a monsoon, because there is a good chance you will. watch out for luxury cars during this time for they are the ones that have no trouble driving through puddles at a high speed while you're walking on the side walk.


learn how to except others opinions if you decide to come. learn how to be tolerant. there is never a shortage of opinions on the cofc campus, but without differing opinions, how do you know what you think, or if what you say is right? one more thing... be careful if you drive near campus, because no one follows street signs in charleston. the walkers reign. jaywalking is a way of life.


Keep an open mind, be willing to try new things, don't judge, have fun, and be yourself.


college of charleston is the best decision i ever made.


Open minded? If looking for a great experience in college and a real eye opener, give us a shot. If your straitlaced, stick to the books, traditional, old fashioned, and close minded, you may want to reconsider. Otherwise be prepared for a learning experience that you never expected, and get ready for a real eyeopener. CofC has everything from a diverse gay community to a Young Republicans Association. We're a very colorful campus, with a lot to offer. You'll learn a lot, most of which you don't sign up for.


Charleston in general has a lot to offer, College of Charleston might not be for everyone, but I think it's a great place to go to college! :)


You MUST visit if you are interested in attending!!! It's absolutely gorgeous, and the faculty and staff are great!


Still interested in CofC??? I recommend visiting the campus during normal school hours, finding a parking spot, and walking ten blocks to class. If you can survive that, then you will have no problem conforming to CofC ways.


CofC is a great place to attend college. The people are friendly and they show that southern hospitality.


Many people pay way too much attention to the social aspects, and not enough to the academics. They are you sources of any bad mouthing.


College of charleston is amazing. Choose the Health and Human Performance major! the professors and students are wonderful!


I LOVE IT and would not want to go anywhere else!