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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek Life, Club Sports and the Outdoors Club are all very popular.


I would say the most popular student organizations are Greek Life, Student Government (SGA) and Charleston 40, the organization that leads campus tours.


Americans for Informed Democracy is likely the most active student-run organization on campus and has put on many events this month, with many more to come. From bring Congressional Candidates to speak, to holding days of action against Poverty and Human Trafficking, AID does it all. This is one club that should not be missed out on.


Most popular things to do are to watch movies, walk around downtown, or go to the beach. People party often but most find a happy medium between school, work, and partying.


Oooo, i dont know. Im just going to answer the questions that the prompt gives me. OK, id say the most popular groups on campus are greek life (especially sororities), then intramural sports (basketballs especially big), then the student alumni association. Im involved with cofc boxing, which is a club sport, which are also great, we also have like rugby, rowing, ultimate, and some others im sure. Yes, every student in a dorm leaves their door open, dont worry about meeting people freshman, just worry about remembering all the names (its tough). Basketball games are our only really popular athletic event but their pretty good. Again, they are what you make them, but its pretty easy to have a blast. The dating scene is pretty good, lots of good looking people (i mean lots), and casually dating is a lot more common here than it is where im from in Seattle. I met my closest friends all very differently, some in class, others out on the town, some were my first roomates, just always be ready to make a bad ass first impression. People party pretty often, Id say most people go out 3 to 4 times a week if their semester isnt overly difficult. Last weekend I went to the beach, went to a bar to see my friends band play, and hit up AC's for sunday brunch (if you come here you gotta try that, its UNREAL). The only thing I can think of to do on a saturday night that doesnt involve drinking is to go where everyone else is drinking and just not throw any back (sorry, no better ideas, i dont know watch snl or something).


We have over 150 different student organizations to get involved in on campus. King St. is a block away from campus and the Market is five blocks away if your not on campus working or hanging out with friends your on King or Market eating out, shopping or people watching. There is a lot to do because we are located right down town Charleston.


Students aren't very supportive of the school teams, but if you are interested in a sport, we have pretty competitive club teams that are less demanding and more chill. I am on the club soccer team and we travel to tournaments every few weekends and we practice twice a week. Its so much fun and the mroe groups you join at the CofC, the more you will enjoy it because you meet more people and have a lot more options for fun activities. There are tons of different clubs outside of athletics as well, most of which are community service or school related, but really they are just ways in which students network.


Girls can usually get into any party. The sports teams don't get as much recognition as they deserve, there are good teams. Theatre at C of C varies greatly in quality and has varied attendance. There are lots of bars if you have an ID and plenty of house parties if you don't--though they tend to be better when the weather is nicer. People go to the beach, work out, ride bikes, whatever. There are also factions of heavy pot smokers. If you're a guy you can do fairly well for yourself considering the odds. You just have to be outgoing and get out of your appartment or dorm. If you don't like putting yourself out there then you can always get into a club or organization to meet people that way.


C of C has baseball and basketball teams that are notable in the region. Their respective games usually have a large student turnout. There are several groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus that are geared with different agendas--some of hand are Habitat for Humanity, an LGBT club, political science club, biology club, etc. My closest friends at C of C are people I have lived with in the dorms, however some of my most notable 'adversaries,' if you will, have been people I've lived with too...some people are not compatible in a personality context. Many people, including myself, have had to live with people we could absolutely do without; furthermore, the Residence & Life department needs to do a better job dealing with that issue. Once you sign the dotted line, you are in for the academic year....yes its that simple--you are stuck in on-campus housing...or at least have to pay for it if you decide to live else where. Your entire semester, academically speaking, can be ruined by social conflict...that can be difficult to correct. Yes, you can bounce all over campus attempting to 'fit in', however this is only done at the behest of the R & L department. Many students choose not to live on campus the following year because of this very issue. Many rent out apartments with former dorm mates that they became friends with as opposed to living with new dorm mates that could create social conflict that in turn creates academic failures and stress. Drinking, from my experience, creates an intense environment that is conducive of a "good social experience" and out-right social conflict. My personal experience is that its difficult trying to study for a Calculus exam at 2am and the four other guys are drinking shots, screaming, and throwing things (and people) on the walls. This may work for some people, but if you value your academic life, you'll try to avoid it. If they don't drink in dorms, they go to the local bars and clubs on King Street, a popular tourist & college spot for fun. I admit it, I have drank; but not to the point it is a burden to the people I live with. On occasion you will encounter Citadel cadets (the Citadel is a military college also located in Charleston) on King Street and also on-campus. Many students date Citadel cadets, however I find them to be some of the most unpleasant people you could meet--they often get the boundary of confidence and arrogance confused.


There are so many things to do. Plenty of parties and social events to meet cool people and have a great time.


Greek life seems really big on campus but if you are not interested in it there are TONS of other clubs to join. I am active with the Jewish Student Union/Hillel because the first week of Freshman year I met a girl (now one of my best friends) through Theatre who was active with the JSU. Whew. There are several hundred Jewish students on-campus and, even though not nearly that many people regularly attend JSU functions, we are a pretty active bunch. We have weekly FREE dinner on Wednesday nights as just a fun social function. We also have Friday Shabbat services and then another FREE dinner to follow. There is both a Jewish affiliated fraternity and sorority. Come stop by 96 Wentworth St. and meet our lovely staff people when you get on campus!


As the president of the Student Alumni Associates, I have to promote us. SAA, Student Government and Charleston 40 (campus tour guides) make up the "big 3" organizations on campus. SAA are the liasons between the alumni and the current students. We keep the traditions alive at the school and put on big events for students and alumni. I met all of my closest friends through SAA. The dating scene at the College is interesting because we are right next to the Citadel (military college), Charleston Southern (baptist college), and Charleston Law School, so there is a huge variety of people to interact with. People in the dorms dont generally keep their doors open because they close automatically, but we always kept ours open. People in the dorms are really friendly and you become close with the people in your building.


Basketball games are awesome!! 5 min from the beach. guy to grl ratio is 2:1 so guys have a great chance to get a date. Always a great play going on in Stolittle. Dorm doors are left open constatantly. It's easy to walk in.


Most clicks are in the sororities but even then sorority girls or guys don't only hang out with sororities. Also one tends to be closer with people who are in their same major and who have similar interests as they do. I got close to my friends through the Roman/latin learning community. I defenately recomend a learning communtiy. I met so many intersting people and had there help in a lot of my classes. It was fun and really believe I have found life lasting friends in that community. And don't be shy in college. You will not meet anyone if you don't talk to anyone. Be open and friendly and you will find that you will have a lot of friends. Invit people to go eat at Liberty the cafateria after class or for dinner. Exchange numbers and be social. I find that if you have friends that are doing well in class then you will have a better focused atmosphere and therefor do better in class yourself. There is a lot to do around campus. If you live in the dorms there is alwasy movie nights with elevn thirty runs to clydes before it closes at midnight. There are resteraunts and tourist attractions all around downtown and king street is always fun for shopping. The theatre puts on excellent shows and usually their are activity updates sent to your edisto e-mail account. Always check those they are fun and give you a chance to do new things and meet new people. They also give job notifications and club invitations.


only about 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the school does Greek life. It's fun until you're 21 and can hit the bars.


There are many activities that students can participate in. There are sororities, fraternities, different sports clubs, and there is an organization called campus recreation services. There are many things to do in Charleston from going to nightclubls starting on Wednesday until Sunday to different campus activities during the week. There is always something to do no matter what day it is.


Some popular groups on campus are SGA which is the student government association. The ultimate frisbee club is also very popular. I'm on the varsity sailing team which in the year 2007 was ranked the best overall sailing team in the country. I lived in college lodge which opens to large open balconies so of course everyones doors are always open and people tend to hang out on the balcony. There are plenty of dating opportunities with so many pretty people. If you are awake at 2am on a tuesday you are either studying or stumbling home from the bars. If you are into partying you can find a party every night of the week. Greek life exists on campus but it isn't huge. Last weekend was my birthday party and we had a keg at my friends house. All of the parties are off campus because there is no drinking in the dorms.


Most of the dorms can't leave their dorms open because of rules and such. This past year we had an awesome free concert during Homecoming. If you're a girl at this college, it's sort of hard to meet guys in class because they're mostly filled with girls. Now there is the Citadel a few miles down the road but most College girls do not take well to the cadets. If you are a guy than you have it made. In an average class of 25 kids, there's probably 5 guys in it. I met my close friends freshman year that lived down the hall and friends of a friend. Most students start their homework at 8 or 9 at night and stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. Or they do their homework early so they can go to work or hang out later on. A cool tradition for graduation is that it takes place on the lawn of the Cistern and the girls wear all white dresses, no cap and gowns. Frats and sororities are somewhat popular on campus. If you're into them then try it, but it's completely cool if you're not. There are tons of good/unique restaurants downtown and on the surrounding islands. If you're under 21 there are very very few places to go downtown at late night.


TONS TO DO!!!!!! there are so many things to get involved in it's hard to decided what you want to do. This aspect of the college is fantastic.


There is so much to do because we are right in downtown charleston. lots of great restaurants. walk along the battery by the water, great shopping, awesome parks, and lots of places to get a drink and relax. every saturday there is a farmers market with bands and food which i love! greek life is pretty active but if you are not greek there is plenty to do. never am i alone on a saturday thinking err, there's nothing to do!


This is a biggie for me: Greek life seems to rule this school. To me, this is very unappealing. To be blunt and general, if you're not in a sorority or fraternity, you don't go out more than 2 or 3 times a month. The news of parties seems to travel among sororities and frats, and on top of that, the BEST parties are ones I was forced to miss out on just because I wasn't in a sorority. My roommate was in one and I was constantly having to watch her get ready for some huge all-night party while I did my homework. It was stressful not having the weekends to blow off steam. So be very careful about this if you decide to go to CofC, it could make or break your experience. Guest speakers are common in the English department. Other than that, I've never heard of any. But I've heard some truly amazing speeches and readings from authors and poets, things I was required to go to for an English class (but that I really enjoyed). There are usually some decent house parties on weekends, but you have to have connections to know about them. Off campus, there are plenty of AMAZING restaurants, stores, and whatever. Once in a while, the school will do some type of cookout or movie showing. The only problem with these is that nobody seems to interact with anybody new.


There are plenty of student run organizations and clubs including: sports, language, culture, religion, awareness...etc. I am on the college's Crew (Rowing) club. It is neither a varsity or intercollegiate program. We are made up of students interested in rowing, most of whom never rowed before college. We race colleges with similar programs all over the Southeast, and participate in national and international races in Boston and Philadelphia.


There are a lot of events around the college and the best part is that they don't revolve around sports. The college does a great job at offering events for the students. I was a little older than most, so I didn't hang out too much with other students. I can say that everyone is friendly and it seems most groups mix. The dating scene... hahaha not many relationships. Lots of flings. Fraternities aren't a big deal, people actually join for academic reasons instead of an excuse to bindge drink and sleep around. Yet the students here aren't innocent. They party hard, but as one. There aren't many clicks. I was a different student who grew up around here and already had friends outside the college. So on a Saturday night I would just hang out, or skateboard. I've been skateboarding my whole life so thats what I did when I wasn't working or studying.


No matter what anybody says, it is a party school with a laid-back atmosphere with lots of fun activities to do no matter what you are into.


Bars are great


Greek life is on campus but definetly not a huge deal. Sports are the same way. There are these groups but that is not how I feel the majority of people define themselves, even people who are apart of the groups. Many people just tend to be friends with the people they meet in dorms etc. their freshman year. There are many bars but also the marjoiryt of people live off campus after freshman year and therefore there are many house parties. Always a lot to do. Frat's and soroities don't really have parties at their houses but at members houses and date parties when they rent out bars and clubs. There is alot of drinking on campus but those who don't tend to meet and figure out what they want to do that doesn't involve dirnking. You can find a party any day of the week as long as you have people to go out with, and thursday night the majority of people will be out.


There are many club activities and fraternal organizations are popular with students. Many students seem to work full-time jobs.


There really are a lot of things to get involved in. Greek life is pretty big, but it doesn't dominate campus by any means. Getting involved in student organizations or even on-campus jobs really broadens your group of friends and gives you lots of opportunities to see new people and new places.


Lots of outside class activites going on both through College, but also through city of Chas. The dating scene is good for straight people, not as good for gays. My closet CofC friends come from studying abroad, and once I got into the classes of my major where there were people like me. On a Tuesday at 2am, I would be returning home from drinking if I were still awake, because bars close at 2AM. People party pretty often, especially Thur-Sat. Frat/Sor are important, but I feel like not as much as they are at other schools because you don't have to be in one to be "cool". Last weekend I worked, went to the beach, went out with friends. You could do pretty much whatever you wanted because Chas is a decent sized city, however you would need a car and honestly, everyone else will be drinking anyways so you will end up doing it. Off campus people shop, eat, beach, live, party...


I almost always left my room door open, since I trusted my roommates not to steal my stuff; but there were definitely some people that I met who I wouldn't leave alone with my valuables. It didn't really seem like sports were a big deal at the school. We don't have a football team, and the only basketball game that I even heard about the whole year was an impromptu match between the choir and theater department majors. Fraternities and Sororities seem to be pretty popular. As for me, I met most of my friends because they sat next to me in class or because they were involved in theater productions that I worked with.


There is always something going here. We're right in the middle of downtown so with a short walk you find a place to party, eat, drink, or just sit and read a book.


Basketball is definitely the most popular team on campus. Me personally? Women's Rugby!!! Whoot! Go Equestrian Team!!!! yay! As I said before--there is ALWAYS something going on! There are endless opportunities to meet new and exciting people, and a friend is just a two-minute chat away. Cougarpalooza is always fun activity every semester, and Halloweentime is always exciting, what with all of the haunted places around town and even on campus! Everyone should attend one of the free plays put on by the theatre kids or the concerts by the music students and professors. Fun doesn't always have to come out of a bottle! The abstinent (go us) won't have a problem having fun!


greek organizations are very popular, i was in one for a while, and then decided to drop, and there are plenty of things to do outside of greek life. on the weekends, there are a lot of parties and thursdays are pretty much designated club night. it's in the middle of downtown charleston, there is no shortage of things to do, whatever you like. market street is a must.


2 am on a Tuesday could mean that you are just getting back from a dance club or bar, studying in the library for exams, watching TV, playing video games, playing ping pong in the Lodge, getting some food from King Street Station or just hanging around with your friends. Thursday night is the traditional going out night at C of C - how they attend classes on Friday, I'll never know.... For those at C of C who don't imbibe alcohol, there is an entire club devoted to finding better things to do on campus, whether it is cosmic bowling, stand up comic night, baking, Ultimate Frisbee, or just hanging around, there is always an option for those who cannot or choose not to drink.


Frats and Sororities are definitely popular and a great way to make friends and have fun. However, they are very very very expensive though so it can be limited to students of high economic standing. In the dorms students definitely mingle with everyone and like to visit their neighbors or hang out in the courtyard (smoking). The athletics are becoming more popular are Bobby Cremins (spelling?) has helped out basketball team. The athletics could definitely be improved. The dating scene is new to me but i met my first boyfriend ever at C of C, we are still dating. My closest friends i formed from parties or mainly from classes. Spoleto, farmers market, chazzfest, and many many more events always make the social life at charleston interesting. There is also a lot of music always playing somewhere, either at the Music Farm or just at bars. People definitely party a lot at charleston and as a student i definitely drink but there are many things students can find that doesnt involve drinking.


unfortunatly we dont have a football team but we do have a basketball team and we are in the process of finishing up a new gym by the next basketball season which should be awesome. the dorms are pretty fun and is where i made all my best friends and ive got a group of 20 solid best friends guys and girls. the best part is that after freshman year almost everyone moves off campus into a rental house, which I cant wait for next year. Im living with 3 of my good friends and im within 3 blocks of all my other friends living throughout 5 other houses. most people dont usually go to bed until at least one whether people are partying or just hangin out because there not used to going to bed earlier than that anyway. if you dont drink there are still plenty of things to do, the restaurants in charleston are amazing and almost every weekend their are concerts in the city, some are pretty popular and others ive never heard of but have liked a lot. the local bands that play in bars are also amazing, and you can still have a great time at bars and parties without drinking, and whether you join greek life or not you will have a great time as long as you go out and meet people, dont just stay in your dorm room, the only people that ended up transfering were those who didnt try to make friends or go out.


the library is a zoo. it is a social scene. i'm opening a bar downstairs and i'm going to be the richest kid alive. charleston is home to some of the most delicious restaurants and generous bars. there is a huge bar scene but vice has definitly gotten worse, or underage kids are getting dumber. the latter of which isn't true because they're upped the requirements to get it. the dorms are parties within themselves too. college lodge is the most amazing place in the world. i sometimes get depressed when i remember i no longer live there. and i've been out for what will be my second year now. the fraternities have good parties, especially during their rush. the greek organizations have tons of events too. there are also house parties. a lot of students like to just chill. dorm room doors stay open late and people just waste time together. and people walk to the battery during the day and night. the beach is close too, so when it's warm everyone heads out to folly. when its cold just the brave do. drinking is completely preferential. if you don't want to, or you don't choose to, then you'll find respect. more kids don't then you'd think.


Their is always something going on here, with the small catch that we have no football team. But we have everything else from rugby to basketball to horseback riding. The school sponsers social events weekly, and if your looking, their is a party to be had every night. THough that can be a problem when its your roommate that is throwing it, so be wary. Its not the quietest campus around, though it is one of the most fun :)


The dorms are fun as long as you have a good RA. Good nights to go out are tues, thurs, fri, sat. Parties are all mainly house parties and easy to get to.


Alumni association is big on campus along with performing arts department, some dorms are a lot more fun than others, studying is not common in the dorms, library becomes very popular all year round, lots of things to do on weekends, beach, bowling, riverdog games, recreational sports, i.e. disc golf


There are many activities on campus that people can participate in. Whether you're all about saving the earth or if you'd just like to hang out with a bunch of people who like to sail, we have it here for you.


Fraternities and sororities aren't really important because Charleston is such a happening town.


very social


Get involved! Join a club, rush, or just be outgoing in class. Greek life is big on campus, however their are tons of other ways to get involved. I am in a sorority, but I am also friends with a lot of people outside of my sorority. Greek life is not overwhelming on campus like at some other schools. CofC has tons of clubs you can join. Think about anything you like to do, and they probably have a club for it. I am in a club called Best Buddies, and once a month I meet with my buddy, Antonio, who is mentally handicapped, and we either go bowling or see a movie with the club. They also have academic clubs. In the city their are dance clubs, bars, local music and concerts, and plays to be seen. Their are plenty of things to do downtown.


As far as athletics go, we have wonderful basketball and volleyball teams, and a lot of students attend the games. Many guest speakers visit our campus. All of the presidential candidates spoke at our campus this year thanks to our awesome Communications Program. We have a great Campus Activities Board that plans several free activities including two free recent-movie showings a month. Greek Life is big. Parties are mostly on the weekends.


CofC doesn't have a football team, so most people are into basketball. Most of your friends you'll meet in class, or in a bar scene (there are so many bars). Frats and Sors are extremely important, but only to those who are in them. Not everyone, though, was into buying friends, and that's okay. I guess its a good idea if you are planning on attending a school where you don't know anyone. If you are up at 2 am on a Tuesday, you are probably writing a paper or cramming. If you prefer not to drink- there is still plenty to do.


I participate in CofC Radio. It's completely a student-operated organization. It provides an opportunity to participate in campus events. As a disc jockey (DJ), we can play music or have a talk show for the campus community. It's a lot of fun!!


Lots to do without joining a sorority


ample posibilities if you have the desire and the time.


PRSSA is a great organization.