College of Charleston Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The College of Charleston is overall teh best school in the country. We are great people in a great city. Everyone here is so nice and friendly and open and you can always find someone doing something interesting. We are never bored here and I swear somehow the people here can find a way to make a party at any place, anytime.


The city. It is a gorgeous, historic town with things to do almost every day. The scenery never gets old, and you discover new places all the time. With bars, art galleries, shops, restaurants, parks, waterfront parks, etc., Charleston has everything!


As a biology major i like to brag about our science department. Here at the College of Charleston we have amazing biology and chemistry departments. While the classes are difficult and challenge one to strive to understand the information the professors are always there to help along the way.


I transferred from a very small school so I tend to brag about the size. CofC is not very large but not as small as my old school and the class sizes are perfect. And it does not hurt being so close to the beach.


The beach and the great environment. We have amazing professors that really care about their students and want nothing more than to watch them succeed.


Lots of parties


I brag the most about my campus. It's beautiful and has a lot of historical aspects. When i'm not bragging about that, though, I'm talking about how qualified my teachers are.


That it's close to the beach, the classes are small, and the dorms are nice.


The beach is ten minutes away!


I like to tell them about the history behind this beautiful campus and Charleston. The graduation ceremony is different from most colleges. The college is small in size but offers so much to students. I feel safe if I am walking to a class at night or visiting friends.


I brag about the professors, the area, the campus, the social life, the quality of life, the people here, the city, EVERYTHING!!!!


From helping one another to partying with one another, the college I attended is in a great location. Surrounded with great energy and fantastic environment you will feel the vibe of motivation and fun on campus and off campus. College of Charleston is phenomenal, and you will not regret the experience.


great location, good beaches, great academics, fun partying


Pretty much the same as the answer above. Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the country. Its gorgeous. You never stop discovering things about the city. There is so much opportunity here for everyone in every field. Most of my friends that attend other Colleges or Universities dont plan to stay in that town once they graduate. I have fallen in love with the city and for my Hospitality and Tourism major this is the perfect place to be. I dont know if I ever want to leave, much less right after I graduate.


I always stress the college's location. it is located in downtown Charleston, near everything. The weather is amazing plus the beach is about 5 miles away. I appreciate the small classes where the teachers know everyone's name. It is a great small nit college in a college city. I have persuaded some of my friends to join me at The College of Charleston because of the college's location and academic opportunities.


Its mostly females, its in the heart of charleston, and the beach is close by.


That we have one of the hardest chemistry departments on the eastcoast.