College of Charleston Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


College of Charleston is very close to King Street which houses an abundance of the bars in the city. The bars and clubs all throughout the city make for some pretty loud nights with unrestricted drunk college students walking around. The location of the university is also its worst aspect because there isn't too much for a person to do socially unless he/she is 21 years old or has money. A lot of things in Charleston are quite expensive on top of school.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. The cost is the worst thing, because it makes me stressfull when I still need more scholarships to pay for the first year. I have about $9,000 in scholarships and a grant, but I still need more to make sure I am able to afford this school and not put any burden on to my family memebers. I do not think possible working as a tutor is going to pay the interest on the loans. I just want to reduce them, so I can have fun learning at CofC!


The worst thing I would say about College of Charleston is the students' socio-economic status. I say this because as you walk around campus, you will see the "frat-boys" and the "barbie-girls". The ones that have money and know they can afford anything they want. I feel like they parade their money around but not all of them are like that. Future students need to be open to meeting other people outstide of their socio-economic class.


The worst thing about my school would probably be dining services. They have changed a lot since my freshman year. We used to have a cafeteria and a cafe where you could get food to go-- then then changed the cafe into another "mini" cafeteria. They also took Einstein's Bagels, a great place for breakfast, off of the meal plan. I think that they could stand to have some more variety when it comes to on-campus dining services.


The only bad thing about College of Charleston is that we have no resturants that stay open late. I love my college and the city but they didn't plan very well for college students who get hungry at 2 a.m. when they're pulling all nighters. Microwaved food just doesn't cut it sometimes and even then the chioces available aren't that great.


During rush, sororities are very prominent throughout the entire school.


Move in day for fall semester. It is August in South Carolina, is incredibly hot, and is HORRIBLE. The college calls it organized chaos.


The worst aspect about the College of Charleston for me is finding parking. I do not live on campus and have to commute to and from class. Parking in Charleston is difficult to find most of the time anyway let alone during classes when everything is taken.


The sidewalks are a little tricky, but they add character to the school and that's the only negative I can think of.


The worst thing about CofC is that we do not have enough school spirit when it comes to sports. I was a cheerleader in high school and sports were what we lived for so it really bothers me that every basketball game the seats are not packed with raging CofC students with painted bodies and noise makers.


It is not a completely dry campus.


After having attended the college for a semester now, I would evaluate and conclude that the worst thing about my college would be the temptation to spend money within the downtown area. The city of Charleston has very attracting, retail stores as well as delicious restaurants that are tempting to spend money. This hasn't given me too much trouble, but it has been hard to resist. Nonetheless, I love the city and love the ability to walk to many places within the local area.


The worst thing about the College of Charleston is it's expense for living on campus. Charleston, being a tourist city, can be a major weight on the cost of living. The school is located right downtown, in the middle of the city, therefore the rates of Room and Board are slightly more expensive than more rural areas.


A healthy, or perhaps unhealthy, majority of the student body has taken up smoking for reasons entirely beyond my comprehension. As such, it is difficult to walk to class without having to smell one of those thrice accursed beasts.


The worst thing about my school would be the student's negativity towards campus living. I have yet to meet a student who wants to live on campus for any of their remainding years at College of Charleston, which I think is sad. The campus life is not bad at all, and the dorms or appartments CofC has to offer are all very liveable. This causes the school to give off a "small" school feel, when in actuality, we have 11,000 students..but where are they?!


The worst thing about my school coincides with the best thing about my school; the location. It is a lovely place to live but at the same time it gets very congested and busy during certain times, days, and seasons, so it can get quite frustrating being in the middle of all of it.


The worst thing about my school is that they do not offer too many scholarships to students who are of the middle class and have to take out so many loans to cover the tuition here. Most scholarships are only available to those who are first entering the college as freshmen.


There are not any "get to know" other students activities at the beginning of the year. If you do not know any/many people, it is up to you to make new friends, and it mostly depends on your roommates. If you don't like your roommate, then its not very great. My friends at other schools have many activities to meet people and they have a lot more friends.


Either though College of Charleston has a lot of charm, there are some things at the school that are problematic. The worst thing about College of Charleston is the parking situation. I had visited Charleston and College of Charleston. There are no huge number of parking due to the College being in the middle of downtown. Many students complain about the parking situation and that needs improvement.


I think the worst thing about my school would be not enough parking spaces.


I honestly don't like how our school is known for being a "party school." I understand that the bars and clubs are nearby, but we do have a challenging course load that requires effort than most schools. In addition, the school's student population of colored students are slowly increasing every year, but its not enough for a minority student to be convinced in enrolling into CofC.


The worst thing about College of Charleston is also one of the best things. There are so many activities such as: greek life, volunteering, clubs, theater, student government, sports, ect. that students may get caught up in their social life and forget about school work. It is difficult to find a balance between work and play when first arrriving at college. The near-by beach and multiple parks do not help students stay focused on work. The extracurricular opportunities at College of Charleston are vast, but students must be sure to create a balanced lifestyle when attending the school.


Out of State tuition is expensive. While I feel that I learn a lot every semester, I don't know how well this college will set me up to get a job out of college. In other words, I don't think this is a very prestigious college.


very liberal and 'openminded' - but it seems to be only open minded towards liberal ideas.


The and baseball are our biggest sports but we dont have much team spirit.


This is a big city school, so you get all the city life that goes with it. Since the campus is so close to high class stores, I sometimes feel looked down upon wearing just a t-shirt and jeans to class. Also a couple major fire stations are located close to campus and the sirens are disruptive during class.


There is no football team, and the school overall does not get into the whole 'school spirit' thing.


The tourism. It gets kind of crowded downtown charleston which causes it to take longer to get from class to class.