College of Charleston Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Rich party animals, Emo's/Hippies, Slutty girls, and Lots of drugs


I have heard the following: everyone is needs to be in a frat/sorority to have fun everyone is country-club-like everyone is a laid-back, hippie surfer everyone drinks all the time everyone does not care about academics


CofC students are all one extreme or the other- either stuck up rich kids or hippie kids.


That everybody is either a preppy, fratty, popped-collars-and-pearls kinda person or a hippie


We are an All white campus. We are a Party school. C of C students are all from rich family's. We are so laid back if we were anymore laid back we would fall over. CofC has no school spirit.


That we like to party and drink a lot, we have little to no school spirit.


The most common stereotype is that all the students are huge partiers, we have a huge gay population, and that the school is easy.


The Southern frat boys who where pastel pants and look like they all went to the same barber and the Southern Sorority girls who are usually cute but love them frat boys too much. The overall middle-class white school kids, many from Ohio.


Upper Middle Class to Upper Class students (easy come, easy go) isn't at all what I thought it was going to be...ridiculously expensive. C of C is definitely a party school that has your typical "all-nighter types"


No school spirit. Like cliques.


People in and around the Charleston area know what to expect from C of C students. C of C upholds great education in a spectacular city. C of C is definitely a "frat" school. There are many ways to get involved in the school and community, great people, great places, great times.


All of the people who go here are girls who wear pearls. We go to the beach all the time.


Party people


The Princeton Review said that if CofC students were any more laid back, they would fall over. CofC is a liberal arts school that attracts an array of personalities. One of the biggest stereotypes of our school is that we are full of stoners, surfers, and sorority girls.


We party all the time


It is a party school Everyone smokes pot It has a high level of STDs


partiers. southern bells. preppy. laid back.


Hippie-ish kind of kids with a desperate need for boys


1. The girls are straight out of a Seventeen photo shoot: tall, thin, perfect, sorority blonds 2. Guys will be in college heaven because there are so many girls that they will be tripping over their Jack Rodgers to hook up with them. 3. C of C is a huge party school which requires no work. In fact the teachers have complete sympathy for students who are hung over, and give them an A just for getting out on the social scene.


That the College of Charleston is where the rich kids go to school.


Rich, skinny, stuck up southern girls with pearl necklaces Alcoholics The party school on the beach Beautiful people


One stereotype is that there is about a 4:1 ratio of girls to guys. Another is that most of the students at the College are somewhat wealthy. Another is that most of the students are white. And the last one is that the College is not academically challenging and all the students party at the beach all the time.


1. That there are very preppy girls/guys at COFC. 2. The student body is religious. 3. COFC students party hard. 4. COFC's student body is mostly female 5. COFC provides quality education for a public school


Really rich preppy kids, lots of hippies, really southern frat boys


The most known stereotype about C of C is that it is a "party school".


Some steroetypes I've heard are that a lot of the students are too artsy or hippy. There is a fair share of art students beacause we have such a great art program however, it is well balanced by the typical students you would see at any university. Also people complain about the female to male ratio. They say the ratio is way in favor for males by three to one. Spoiled rich southern kids is another steretype. Also lastly everyone from out of state is from up north.


CofC students are supposed to be wealthy southerners who are a bit more committed to their sororities and frats than they are to their majors (or anything else, for that matter). The average CofC girl is supposed to be the one who wears a flowery sun dress and heels to go to a house party or kegger on a Saturday night. The boys are "southern gents," but there are few of them as everyone knows (school is about {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}65 female now).


I think that one of the stereotypes about the college is its lack of diversity. Another is that its a women's college.


Stereotypes would be a Liberal School of course, hippies, etc....


We like to party


I'm not really sure, maybe being laid back or preppy?


Large female student population;student financial condition above student average.


most stereotypes are that all guys in fraternities wear pastels and short shorts


Party school / big greek social scene / beach bums


fratty rich guys and pretty rich girls.


C of C is as challenging or easy as you make it. There are a lot of drinkers and druggies.


Everyone says that it's a party school.


Surfer dudes and beach girls. All we do is party and go to the beach.


"Charleston students are party animals." "CofC students are big drinkers." "College of Charleston students are the saddest kids in the world."


some stereotypes are that cofc is a total party school and that all the student body does is drink and party. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! while we do love our party at CofC, it is not the primary activity in our lives. we work hard and have a REALLY impressive academic program at CofC. there is hardly a night when the beautiful addlestone library is not packed.


That it is a party school. That southerners are stupid and illiterate. That every student is part of a sorority or fraternity.


People say that CofC is filled with overdone southern belles, stoners, hippies, bohemian hipsters, spoiled rich out of state kids, and party kids. They also say that College of Charleston is the most liberal school in South Carolina


students are very into music and just having a good time, a relaxed setting to live and learn, bars are very popular for C of C students


Hippies Fratty Drugs Party School


that it is a party school, and that the girls are really hot


Many people think CofC is a party school. Maybe 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students fall into this category, and the rest are hard working, responsible people. The student body, like any school's, has certain cliques and groups that stay together socially. The greek organizations are very prominent on campus, but if you don't join, you aren't left out in the cold by any means.CofC is a very typical college campus in that you can find all kinds of groups of people to interact and learn with.


kaplan's college guide is my favorite: "if students at the college of charleston were any more laidback, they'd fall over." it's a beautiful school, with beautiful girls and beautiful boys too. there are more girls than boys but the ratio isn't really all that noticeable.


A lot of people think that it's all preppy kids down in the south or that everybody's really conservative. A lot of people think it's a huge party school and that everyone skips classes all the time to go to the beach.


Some people say that we are a major party school and that being located on the coast makes us even more of a party school.


It is believed that all C of C students know how to have a good time. The student body is very active in beach bumming, sun bathing in Marion Square, and supporting the local bar economy.