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What is your overall opinion of this school?


The College of Charleston is a prestigious learning community based on academic excellence. My school is a in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. It is a medium-sized school, with 10,000 undergraduates. The size enables my learning style to prosper and allow personal growth as well. I love the look on people's face when I tell them I'm a student at the College of Charleston. There eyes light up and usually ends with a promise to visit. However, the College could use improvements. The school does not have a football team and the campus housing is extremely overpriced.


CofC is not generally known for its academics, so when I tell people I go there, they usually don't give much of a response; they mostly think I went there to party and have a good time (which is not the case). Even though I am in the honors college, I still do not feel like I am getting a very good education. When it comes to pride on campus, there is very little of it. There is a basketball team, which gets people to rally together, but other than that, VERY little pride.


At first I was a little skeptical about the College but now I absolutely love it here in Charleston! The best thing about my school would have to be the history and the wonderful city that comes along with the school! One thing that I'd change would be to encourage more students to visit the College and really get a true feel of it here. I think the size of my school is just right, not too big or too small. The location of the school is definitely a plus because it's right in the middle of the wonderful Charleston. I usually get both good and bad reactions when I tell people that I attend the College. Most people know that the College is a very highly recommended college and very prestigious. I usually spend most of my time hanging out and enjoying the beautiful scenery in one of our beautiful yards or gardens. They're great for studying, having an occasional picnic, and even sun-bathing! The College's administration is great. They're always on the top of their game and all teachers, staff, and advisers are always there for you when you need anything. The biggest complaint on campus would definitely be about parking, but the great thing is that there's no real need to drive because the college is located so close to everything you need! There hasn't been many on-campus controversies recently. The biggest would probably be concerns with problems that are off-campus. There's a ton of school pride and it's awesome! Where ever you go, you'll see a cougar in maroon! One of my most memorable experiences would definitely have to be being initiated into the Student Alumni Associates(SAA). SAA is a very prestigious organization here on campus that works closely with alumni and students. I love being a part of SAA because it's like a family away from home and I can count on everyone in the organization to always be there for me!


The best thing about this school is the culture of the area. The history of the city is incredible and the city is absolutely beautiful. You can just walk around and go from having a bad morning to a great day just from the weather and sights. Also the people are just so nice here, every one from the locals to just another peer, only smiles and kind hearts can be found. I went to school at South Carolina before I came here, and the school here is the perfect size for me, there was much to large. You never saw your friends without purposely making the effort to, here you run into almost all your friends on a daily basis but it's big enough to were you can not see the people you don't care to see as well. I wouldn't change much about the school but if I could I would make the basketball program much more competitive to bring more recognition to our school in the public's eye and create a better sense of school pride. Everyone that I tell I go to school here, ranging from my grandfather, to my pastor, to my best friends else where, people always say they are jealous and tell of stories they have from past experiences in Charleston and only have good things to say. I spend most of my time on campus in the library, food area's, the Cistern, the Stern Gardens, and in the New Science building all of which have a nice setting with views around them. I think it is the perfect mix of College Town and city where you can go be in the city if you want to and it is only a couple blocks away or you can stay in campus all day if you want. The School's administration is very relaxed and works well with students idea's. Colbert and Anderson came this past semester and filmed on campus and many other concerts have been hosted by the school. The biggest controversy recently was the President saying abnormal things on Twitter about other students' for which he resigned. The most frequent complaints is how nice the weather is and how much people want to be out on the beach not doing school work, but this just gives more fuel to the passion to study so you can get finished and go enjoy yourself like no one at any other college is able to. I will always remember the time when I visited here the first weekend from USC, all the people here, from the adults you'd pass on the road, the workers in the dorm, and students every single person was very nice and polite. They all would introduce themselves, ask how I was doing and if I needed anything. This immediately brought the me the feeling of comfort and a feeling of "homeyness" like you felt in high school and at home. Where people actually recognized you as another person and that you existed and they cared how you were doing, instead of being so overwhelmed with themselves they didn't have time for you. This will always be my one experience I remember in Charleston, I feel like I'm at "home".


The campus is beautiful and there are a nice variety of courses offered. As with any school, I have had some very good professors and some VERY bad ones as well. The town does not lend itself to a very strong nightlife but for college kids that is a blessing in disguise. Its not dullsville like Clemson either so it seems to be a good balance. The class size is great and you are able to get individualized experiences as your professors will actually know who you are if you make an effort. Overall the school provides a great balance. Not too much pressure either way, so if you are dedicated to the learning experience, the resources are there. If you decide to squander your time, well those opportunities are there too.


The College of Charleston administration regularly puts the bottom line over its students, such as admitting more freshman than they have accommodations for. The College literally blends into the city of Charleston, that's part of why I came here. The academics are great in some majors, the others have to settle for just plain old good.


The best thing about this school is the small classroom settings and the small professor to student rato. The school sits on a small area, all classes are a walk away. Close to downtown Charleston and the historical King St. Where the shopping is dangerous for incoming Freshman.its definately a college town, having some of the best night life in the south. A very big basketball and baseball school.


Best thing about it is definetly the city and convience, also the girls are pretty good too. I would change the parking situation is bad. On campus most of the time in Business center or library. NO college town at all. CofC adminstration is joke especially the dean of students. School pride is totally absent.


College of Charleston is a semi-rigorous Liberal Arts University located in a quaint southern town. There is no shortage of things to do in Charleston and no shortage of things to do on campus. The city is a destination for all walks of life. We have had movies filmed here more than twice, on campus, in the last year or so. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Bob Barr, John Edwards, Rudy Guiliani, Ron Paul, and John Kerry have all either come to campus or near to campus for meet and greets or speeches. The college is a historic, serene, and inspiring place. It gives you the feel of a liberal arts institution - with a world of opportunities. I won a competitive internship through the Honors program here to spend the Spring 2009 semester in Washington DC just recently. Without CofC and without the Honors College, this opporunity may never have presented itself. I will also have the opportunity to study abroad - in almost any country that I choose, Fall 2009. The city makes you fall in love, the academics make you think and grow, and the people keep you company along the way.


CofC is a wonderful school to attend. Most people do not take the first step to talk to you, often times you must talk to them first; but once you do, they open up quite a bit. Most of the professors have a tough exterior but they were there once too, so when there is an issue if you tell them about it, it helps.


The best thing about cofc is the location, right in the downtown of a pretty cool city, walking distance from good nightlife, and 15 minutes drive from the beach. Its not your typical college experience, and I mean that in a good and bad ways. For one thing we dont have a football team, and so maybe concordantly theres almost no school spirit. So, if you really want that classic experience, than this isnt for you. But, at the same time, since everybody lives off-campus and has jobs and theres a really healthy twenty-something scene in charleston, it makes you definitely feel like you're off living life on your own and not just going to high school without your parents around. Ill never forget my first two weeks of freshman year


The best thing about CofC is even though we have 10,000 undergraduate students our classes are small and the professors and administrators know who you are and pay attention to the students and what is going on around campus. I see our VP of student Affairs in the Cafeteria all the time eating lunch with the students and talking to them about whats going on around campus. You are WAY more then a number here.


The college of Charleston is perfect size, so that you always meet new people but you also always see a friendly face and usually have a few people you know in each class. Campus is small so its so easy to get to class. Marion square is a great outdoor hangout where students layout and tan, play frisbee or ball, and meet new people. Then downtown is a short walk away. Students frequently go out to eat, go to bars around town, and run along the battery. Spring break cruise ships come right up to Charleston harbor, the sun is frequently out and promotting students to explore the town and stay outside. Its a BEAUTIFUL area and it would be difficult to be bored.


I am in love with not only C of C, but Charleston as well. C of C has the perfect amount of students per year and makes sure to keep the class sizes small enough to get individual attention( which is hard to find at around 2000 kids per year). When I tell people I go to C of C they usually ask where it is and seem to not know much about it. During my spare time, I wander around Charleston or go work out in the campus gym. Many people have said that Charleston is " a place unlike any other" and I completely agree. Never have I been more fascinated by the beauty or history of any place before. Unlike many other colleges, C of C is perfectly situated so that you do not need a car to get around unless you need to go to Target or the beach. I rarely use transportation I use the bus to get to the nearby mall which is payed for by the college if you show a student ID. I love how Charleston is structured in a way to promote walking instead of driving. The college is also really organized from easy scheduling to easy move-in times. The one complaint I have is the amount of smokers that walk the streets on campus.


C of C is great because it is spread through a quaint and beautiful city that puts most everything in walking distance (unless you're wearing heals?) but the lack of a truly central location or a truly inclusive activity--such as a sports team with the ability to win--leads to a lack of community & school spirit. There are different groups that stick together which is not odd in a sense. You'll always have your sports teams, greek life, honors students/student government, arts kids, and hippies. The fact is that in C of C you might not get stuck in whichever group you find yourself in without the opportunity to mingle much.


The best possible answer ( to the best thing about C of C) would be that its in a relatively decent location; however the parking permit charges associated with the College of Charleston and the City of Charleston are a complete joke--for a similar parking location at the University of South Carolina, would have cost me literally 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}-90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} less. C of C is an OK school for people looking for a decently mid-sized school but I personally, knowing what I now know, would have chosen a larger university for a multitude of reasons. Given my first-hand experience with the college, I would have to conclude that there is little to moderate school pride, at least not in the context that I have since from larger universities. I will admit that I have made friends here that I would have never imagined I would made else where.


The class size at C of C is perfect, you can get as much attention as you want, but you can also slink into the background. All classes are taught by professors and once you are in your major classes you will see a lot of the same people in class with you. Charleston is beautiful, has a beach, and an excellent bar scene.


Class sizes are small and the professors actually care, and have time for us. There is lots of traffic, parking is a hassle, and there is so much construction.


The thing I love about CofC and Charleston is that it is a pretty good size school in a pretty good size city. However, I am always finding crazy connections between the groups of people I know and am always running into friends on the street. Charleston feels like a big place with a lot of opportunities, but at the same time the neighborhoods make you feel like you have a place you can call home.


just the right size, great location


Our school is just the right size and in the best location you could possibly hope in a college town. Charleston is the most beautiful city in the south, and you are ten minutes from a beach in any direction. It isnt like some schools where if you are not involved in Greek life, then you have no friends and nothing to do. People at the College are open minded and ready to have a good time. This shared interest in making the best of our four undergrad years brings people together.


The town is great. Most classes are small. A great school if you want a challenging academic career.


Cofc is awesome. I love going there. The old buildings and the beautiful historic downtown just makes you feel like your special because you get to go there. Although it gets kind of frusterating when you keep triping over all the bricks. You will trip on the bricks. Their is also an overload of people in the morning so if you are tring to get anywhere fast it is really hard to do when you are floating in the huge mass of people on the tiny sidewalks. But overall Cofc is the best school I've seen. The staff is excellent and very experienced. If you try as a student they try very hard as a teacher to help you to your best ability. The counclers are the best. CofC makes sure that you have a councler as an incoming freshman that helps picks your classes for the entire year. My councler was really nice and new all her students by first name and always took an interest in you and what your interests were. My councler would bend over backwards to help me if I got stuck in a rut. They make sure you are taken care of. The library is awesome although I wish it was open later all year long. It is open until two every night but once you get to college you'll be wishing you could study later.


The best thing about C of C is the city itself. It's amazing to live in a place that has history in every crack of every building. Not to mention an idyllic setting; warm weather, endless rows of palm trees, 15 minutes from the beach, it's like being on vacation every day. The size is perfect, there are about 10,000 undergrads but it doesn't feel that big. You can go to a party and run into the person you sit next to in Freshman Seminar, but you can also meet ten people you've never seen before, it's not too overwhelming, but not to closterphobic. Coming from the North, when I tell most people I'm going to C of C they ask, "Charleston, that's in North Carolina right?" Last year I was one of two people from my class of about 300 that went to C of C, but this past year about ten people applied to the school. It's becoming a hot school fast, and the college is hoping to be on par academically and popularity wise with Elon University in the next few years. Hopefully that means people in the North will become a little more familiar with Southern geography.


The best thing about C of C is that it is just the right size. There are not too many students or too little. When I tell people I go to C of C they are like, "wow, that is such a great school." The professors are great and the administration even better, they are always there to help you.


This school is the perfect size. its big without being overwellming. you will run into people you know on the streets, but you won't feel as though you are stuck in a tiny environment. When i tell people from up north that i go to cofc they ask me where it is because most people have never heard of it. I spend most of my time on campus in the education building as it is my major. Cofc is right in the city which is the perfect environment to go to college in. We're right by king st. the main shopping district and there is a huge bar life and the best part is you can walk everywhere. Cougar pride is growing at cofc. As a cofc athlete i have huge pride in our school and i attend as many sporting events as possible. An experience i will always remember is my two years living in College Lodge dorm.. i would tell everyone who is looking at dorms to live in lodge.


My two favorite aspects about the College are that it's twenty minutes from the beach and the campus is only about 2 blocks long. Although there about 10,000 kids at the College, the small campus makes it seem much smaller. It's so cool that the College is located in downtown Charleston because it feels like the whole downtown is our campus. There isn't very much school pride probably because we do not have a football team. Many students do get involved with the basketball teams though. As for the professors, of course there have been some that were mean and seemed unfair, most of my professors have been great. They're very intelligent, down to earth, and always willing to help. One unsual thing about the College is there are very strict rules while living in the dorms.


COFC is a nice size currently at approximately 10,000 students. The administration is always trying to expand the size of the school. I feel that they do not consider issues like parking and the constrains of space (parking is extremely difficult and expensive to pay for). I liked the College of Charleston because it felt like a quaint public school that wasn't too big or too small. I feel like now they are loosing their quaint feeling and buillding more dorms and more parking lots and increasing tuition. I like how the college and downtown Charleston are intertwined. It doesn't make you feel isolated at all. Charleston is a wonderful city that always has events going on. If you aren't interested in the college activities, the city of Charleston always has events. I do not feel like there is much school pride. For example, I was on the equestrian team. Many students did not know the school even had an equestrian team. No students ever came to support our home shows. It was a shame because we went to Nationals EVERY YEAR! I wish the school had an "Outing Club" that organized events like whitewater rafting, paintball, rockclimbing, canoeing and camping trips. I like to do outdoor activities, but they are expensive and without a car I was not able to do them. If many people were interested, they could get discount rates and we could all carpool. In addition, it would be a great social activity. Skidmore College had an outing club and I missed that the most when I transferred. There are many religious clubs but no outdoor clubs.


I love the College of Charleston!!! I'm from Denver so I'm clearly far from home but I don't feel far at all. I've met the most amazing people who have quickly become my new family and have made me feel so at home in the south. There is ALWAYS something to do in Charleston, from walking down King Street to the beach to boating to shopping to playing soccer in Marion Square there is always stuff to do. C of C is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. Greek life is a great way to meet people but is not as intense as greek like at other colleges and it is not as exclusive as other colleges. I have tons of friends who are greek and tons who are. The smaller class sizes are helpful because there is plenty of time to meet with teachers and they give you a lot of feedback on your work. There is great night life from house parties to bars you can go out every night if you want. All in all it's hard to beat Charleston and the College.


The best thing about CofC is its location. Walking through downtown historic charleston to class every day never seems to get old. CofC is about a 10 minute drive to several nice beaches. If I could change one thing about CofC, it would be the CougarTrail website. Because this is where everything gets done regarding your status at the school, it could function a little better than it currently does. I think CofC is the perfect size. It is a big school, but small classes and the not-so-big size of downtown charleston keep it in a continual balance. CofC's administration has always been friendly and helpful.


Our school size is PERFECT! Not 30,000 students but also not 1500. We're about 10,000 students so you're not just a number in the classroom. All of my professors knew me by name in and out of the classroom. When I tell people from home I go to C of C they immediately are suprised and a little jealous. I've heard from people that if the could change schools, they would attend cofc.


1. The most frequent student complaint: without a doubt, the food. It truly is terrible, with very little options, and this is coming from a person who thinks just about anything tastes good. The only decent place is a bagel shop, but if you're watching your calorie or sugar intake, forget it! 2. The best thing about the school: the location. Charleston is clean, gorgeous, convenient, endlessly fun, quaint, picturesque- the list goes on. It's not the safest city in the world, but just be smart about when and with whom you travel the streets and you'll be fine. Also, you're a ten minute ride from the beach and movie theater and a ten minute walk from almost ANYTHING else you can think of. I had friends at other colleges calling me saying, "I'm out of shampoo! This is awful! The nearest store is a 20 mintue ride and I can't find a ride...." I would just be like, "Really? I just get mine at the CVS down the block from my dorm." It's great. You truly never feel stranded. And since it's a city, there's always a cab around the corner you can call if you really need a ride. 3. What I would change: I would change a lot of things about CofC, but most preferably, the male-female ratio. It's getting close to the point where the school is {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}70 female, and that can definitely make anyone feel a little off. 4. The best spot to spend time on campus: definitely the cistern. It's the gorgeous centerpiece of the campus, an elevated grassy area overlooked by an old building with columns and enclosed by iron gates. Amazing place to study. Once in a while, it's fun to do the coffee-house thing too, and go study at a Starbucks table with your coffee before a test. There are 2 of them basically on campus, they are about 3 yards away from each other- haha. 5. School pride: there is a lot of it, but if you're not in a frat or sorority, word of the latest pep rally or game or whatever might not even reach you. I only know there's a lot of it because my roommate was in a sorority and I tagged along to events sometimes. 6. CofC administration: It's a mixed bag, and you either hit the jackpot- i'm talking strike absolute gold- or end up with a class taught by your average stereotypical college prof- a boring middle aged guy in suspenders rambling on about nothing and comprising your grade of a midterm exam and a final, with nothing else. I have had both, but I would give the faculty a high rating overall. I have met some amazingly brilliant and challenging professors at CofC who made me much smarter in one semester! 7. College town or not: I would say not, only because the bars in the city are pretty tough to get into without a fake ID. Or even if you have one (which I don't, so I'm not sure) they can be strict. Other than that, it's a great and fun little city.


I think that the best thing about C of C is its location. The campus is located in the heart of Charleston, one of the oldest and most preserved cities in the South. One thing that we definitely take for granted is the architecture of the college and of the city. When I first visited Charleston and the campus, I felt like I was in an old European city. There is a lot of history here. The city withstood both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. I think the size of the student body is right where it should be. The college limits the number of students to just under 10,000, because there simply is just not much more room to expand, although the college always finds another place to sneak in a building. There are three constructions going on right now, an expansion to the arts center, basketball arena, and a new science buildings.


Best thing is the city. Charleston and it's people are amazing. I think the school is the perfect size. The city is not so much a college town, its mixed with all types of people. Another great thing is its not your typical college. Its not a frat/sport charged school, everyone hangs out together, with all types of different personalities. I believe most students including myself are proud to have gone to the College.


Smaller classes, new business center is beautiful an has a great deal to offer, Charleston is just a great city overall in regards to daytime and nighttime activities


The location is amazing. The weather is great and the beaches are close. The nightlife is really fun, there are many places to go and familiar people. THe school is 10,000 but it doesn't feel that large because the campus is pretty small. It is a beautiful city and a beautiful campus that is easy to navigate and easy to feel familiar and comfortable with. I think it is just the right size, always new people to meet but many people familar faces around campus. It is definetly a college town but there is so much to it, however I think to the students we feel like we run the city! The administration is great, I feel I can develop relationships with any teachers I choose. They are very understanding and many times I find the teachers are willing to work with the students and offer a lot of help and out of class time, all teachers have required office hours each week. There isn't alot of school pride, we all loe Charleston and that is what we are proud of but none of our sports are that big, though are basketball team is ok. You can find school spirit but you would have to want to find it. C of C is unusual because the location is so great it has eerything you could want from a college town, the beach, bars, houses, history, shopping.


Liberal Arts College with very academic approach. Lots of term papers and lots of books for each course


CofC is a great size college in a perfect city. There is no football team, but it really doesn't affect the college experience. Greek life is a small percent of the on-campus population, but within Greek life it is possible to become really invovled and devote a lot of time to a sorority/fraternity. I have never really heard anyone complain about CofC, and it has been the best years of my life.


It's a great size. You have about 10,000 undergraduate students, then an even smaller community of students within your major. But you have the whole city of Charleston, too. So you can have the big-city feel but a tight-knit, intimate social scene, too.


I would like CofC to be a little bigger, but I am comfortable with the size. People think that the parites must be great, and that we spend all of our time on the beach. There is a college community definitely in Charleston around campus, but it stays within a mile of campus because the whole city of Charleston is not devoted to the College. There is not that much school pride, but there is a basic sense of pride and an obsession with merchandise for CofC, or the Charleston area in general.


The administration needs to admit more men and less women. I think the ratio of 70/30 causes many women to feel less confident in themselves because there are so many women at the school and so few men. Our school spirit is also awful. I have yet to meet someone who would not want a football team at our school. I think a football team would encourage classes to connect and interact with each other. Finally, the dorms are very nice, but very closed doors. I think the incoming freshman really miss out on meeting a lot of people because the dorms are so restricting. The location, size, and education at the College of Charleston is very nice.


I love the way that the campus is spread out in the middle of downtown Charleston, and that a lot of the old buildings are still being used. I like to hang out in the Simons Center (it's where all the theater kids tend to be) and in the Cistern.


charleston is not your typical college town and that's one of the things I love about it. It's got an old charm to it but filled with new life year round. This place works for people who are easy going but have a good head on their shoulders at the same time. there are a few traps and shady people that can get you into a lot of trouble, but you just have to learn what to say, where to go, and who to trust.


I love CofC. Plain and simple. The professors are wonderful people who are dedicated to their students and genuinely want to see them succeed. There are opportunities for almost anything--volunteer work, internships, study abroad, clubs, sports, you name it. I think one of the reasons I like the college so much is that it's fairly small. classes are no more than five minutes from anywhere else on campus walking. Everyone has a lot of school pride--especially in the basketball team. If there is anything unusual about CofC it would be the lack of a football team. But that's wonderful. The Basketball teams awesome. If I have a complaint, it would be the city and the smoking. Though I love the college, I hate the city. It's really bad for flooding. We're downtown, so all the water comes down our way. Classes rarely cancel for things like this. I'm a small-town country girl and the city just isn't my mug of root beer. This is rarely a problem for anyone else, though. Indeed, the lion's share of the students fall in love with the city... I'm just not one of them. I love the college itself so much though, that I'll live in the city to attend here. About the smoking-- I hate smoking. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, and I respect that right. However, most of the kids do smoke. It gets really annoying when someone lights up in front of you and then blows their smoke in your face. You can't "go somewhere else" because there IS nowhere else to GO. But these are only my complaints.


the best thing about cofc is definitely that is in the middle of downtown charleston. you couldn't a more convenient or a more beautiful place to go to college. i don't know of anything i would change... i think it's pretty perfect as is. in my opinion cofc is just the right size. in some classes you'll have 11 and in others you'll be one of 50. i spend most of my time walking around campus. i'm in the library alot because it is gorgeous and massive. there are lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in and work. charleston is DEFINITELY a college town, there is not doubt about it. when school is in session, you don't see anyone around but college students. there's a lot of diversity at cofc. if you can't find something you like and something to get involved in, then you're trying not to fit in. whether it's a greek organization or an animal rights group, every walk of life is represented at cofc.


C of C as a whole is a great school, it's a beautiful campus set in the heart of downtown Charleston. Students attend classes in buildings nestled in between historic houses. C of C is also a really safe campus, true, you have to be really careful when crossing the streets of Charleston because people don't seem to understand pedestrian crossing signs, but we have a great group of security officers who constantly patrol the campus and surrounding areas to help keep the students safe. Because it is centered in downtown Charleston, there is always something new to see, bands to hear, food to try.... No one is truly alone in Charleston because of it's constant life - day or night. I have attended another school and I have to say that transferring to the College of Charleston was one of the best decisions of my life. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to further their academic life and also enjoy a lot of history and fun.


The school is in the middle of the charleston downtown area but the campus becomes more like the country because of the gorgeous drapping spanish moss that hangs from the many trees that surround the campus. The school is just the right size, the class sizes are perfect for getting to know your teacher and students and allow you to learn more about the subject. Most of the time I am around campus either working out at the local gyms or appreciated the gorgeous city of charleston.


CofC is about 10,000 students which for me was perfect because its not too big where your classes all have hundreds of students, my largest class freshman year was about 80-90 and on average around 30-40. its always good weather and everyone is very relaxed down there and their isnt a very large amount of outside class work for the most part. there is always something to do in charleston. The City itself is what makes the college soo enjoyable, whether its the beach, bars, parks, or house parties you can always find something to occupy your time. during freshman year there was never a time where my appreciation for charleston peaked.


The best thing about CofC is the location. The Charleston area is one of the most scenic areas of the country with includes historic architecture, beaches, plantations and growing towns (Mt. Pleasant, for example). The one thing I would change about the College is the help with job placement after graduation. As a recent graduate, I have not gotten the help I needed from the Career Center. People generally are excited to hear about my experience at the College, which was overall an excellent experience. I graduated six months ago and miss the school every day! When o campus, I spent the most time in the Addlestone Library, a huge building located in the center of campus that has hundreds of computers and very helpful staff. Charleston is a college town, but is also it's own destination by itself, which is good. The school blends in well and people are very friendly and welcoming to students, but once you graduate you can still find reasons to stay in Charleston. There is definitely a great deal of school pride at CofC. As you drive around downtown, almost every other car has a CofC sticker on it, which just shows the amount of support. Students and staff respect each other and the campus and alumni have positive relations with the school long after graduating. The only drawbacks I experienced during school were the construction and lack of parking. Living downtown is fairly expenisve and you can expect to pay a significant amount more for parking downtown. The other major drawback at CofC was the lack of help with job placement after graduation. The Career Center is accessible and well-organized, but not very concerned with you once you've graduated.


the college of charleston isn't big by any mean. it is small enough to function like a community, you'll start to recognize people, mostly because they'll say hi as they begin to recognize you. everyone is very friendly. among the college of charleston students exist a fabulous commraderie. sports aren't a huge deal to everyone but they're always a good time. and the students have a particular affection for bobby cremins. he is always warm towards students and very visible in the community. the same can be said of the professors. the commraderie charleston's students share extends into the professors. charleston boasts a number of hugely influential, and truly just cool, professors. they'll be found on benches around campus on sunny days, strolling through the city and even out at folly. most professors strive for accesibility, handing their home phone numbers out with the syllabus and i've never seen an office door closed. the only advice i can give, is don't come to charleston if you aren't trying to stay in school for more than four years. it is possible, but undesirable. i'd gladly be a c of c student for the rest of my life.