College of Charleston Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person with an open mind would be best to go here. One who accepts everyone for who and what they are and does not judge other because they are not societies idea of perfect. CofC is a diverse community and a person that can handle diversity is best to attend at College of Charleston.


Creative person. There is a lot of art in the surrounding area.


the kind of person that shold attend College of Charleston is someone who wants a well rounded education. Someone who wants to learn as much as they can in many different subjects while they are in school. Also the people who like that their college campus would be in the center of a southern, historical, but thriving city. Anyone who is alright with these things would love attending College of Charleston.


The kind of person that should attend College of Charleston should be determined and diligent. This college is located in a very busy and social city, so the student must be able to ignore tempations in order to succeed. By the same token, in order to take advantage of all that the city and college has to offer, the student must be adventurous and open-minded.


This school has a wide variety of programs and students. I think its suitable for any type of person.


The College of Charleston is a rather artsy school, ideal for those pursuing degrees in the liberal arts. On the other end of the spectrum, the college offers an extensive pre-med program designed to adequetely prepare students of the rigors of medical school. That is not to say that everyone in between is neglected, those two aspects simply stand out the most prominently.


Artistic, likes city life. Enjoys being around many restuarants and shops. Doesn't need a football team.


people who like a city but isn't too big with a small school that you can walk from one side to the other in 10 mins


Someone that cares about their education and is willing to put forth effot to get the grades with which they need to suceed. Someone that loves the sun and rain because we have alot of both! The beach is nearby so if they like to surf, that's a major plus! But overall, someone that loves the feel of a city, just not one that is overpowering.


College of Charston is a place where students of all walks of life are welcomed. You can be a hippie, punk, emo, or unique. The student body is laid-back and accepting of differences. The students are more unique than at other colleges in South Carolina. If a student is more of a hippie, hipster, punk, gothic, or emo, they will feel more comfortable attending College of Charleston.


I would think that loners would not be happy at this school. This city is full of parties and bars. People must be able to socialize.


A student who is willing to learn and accept new ideas and experiences. Someone who is open minded, willing to work for what they want, and focused. College of Charleston is a place for friendly, outgoing people who like to be involved in a variety of activities while also recieving a valuable education. Someone who enjoys smaller classes and working closely with teachers and advisors would fit in well at the college. Anyone who appreciates tradition will benefit from Charleston's strong culture and history.


Someone who is looking for a positive environment and a gateway to graduate studies. Adult students should also strongly consider attending. The school is reputable but not terribly difficult.


Students who love warm weather, hope to achieve high academic standards, who love a rather large historically rich city, and want to gain a wonderful education that will help them in their future careers.


Open-minded, willing and wanting to learn about different cultures and respect others' views and beliefs.


I could answer this in one word: anyone. This college has everything from some of the best shopping in the US to some of the best beaches. Not only does it offer all the regular sports but surfing and sailing as well. There is so much history in the town from fort sumter to the historical architecture that students can LIVE in. There is something for everyone to do in this town and college. Charleston offers a huge amount of activities for anyone and everyone.


Students looking for a mid-sized university where school will be important, be certaintly not the only focus. There is a lot to do here, however, it's not always easy to make friends. Most of the students here are white, upper-middle class. Many are from the south, though there is a fair number of out-of-staters from the central and north east.