College of Charleston Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the freedom. the freedom to do whatever best interests my education and the freedom that multiple areas of courses can provide. The fact that the school is in the middle of Downtown Charleston is also a certain freedom that lets us experience college and a little bit of the real world. This school allows me to be who I am and learn as much as I can. The freedom to be who I want to be is the best thing about this school.


I think the best thing about College of Charleston is the Honor's program they have to offer. It gives students the chance to challenge themselves and gives them an opportunity to stand out. The city also adds to the wonderful experience. There is always a cultural event going on, which broadens the students' horizons.


The desire of professors to help students to furthur their education.


The best thing about the College of Charleston is the excitement of the city. There are so many things to do and see like improv theaters, concerts of all different genres, festivals, and beautiful buildings and areas to enjoy. You aren't confined to studying in your room or the library. You can go study on the coast or in the park. There are always people to talk to. Discussion is always highly encouraged, which is always good for helping people of all different backgrounds and ways of thinking learn about and reach an understanding with each other.


The small class sizes, and the professors will know your name by the end of the semester. The city of Charleston is also beautiful and the school has a great chemistry program


I liked the small classes and how easy it was to get around campus. It took 15 minutes at max to get from one end of campus to the next. The largest class I had was a science class with 35 people. The small classes helped students to understand more of the material that was being taught.


The diversity. It truly is one of the most open-minded schools I have been to. I have made so many friends here. We are all so different but we get along fabulously.


The best thing about my school would be the people here are so friendly and the location of the school. The environment is just wonderful!


The professors at my school are dedicated to helping each student succeed. I've never been more motivated to do work and I've never learned as much as I have here because of them. I feel that some of them are more than qualified at their profession.


It is a part of the community. Charleston and the College of Charleston couldn't exist without one another.


I love the student body. There is a lot of diversity and opportunities to make life long friends. Charleston, being a port city, gets a TON of different people, food, and in general, culture.


The best thing is that it's not in a "college town". Charleston is a fun bustling city in itself and the college just adds to the experience of being in such a fun coastal place!


The campus is beautiful and it is only 15 miles from the beach! Most of my professors were amazing!


The best thing about the College of Charleston is definitely the location. However, it is also one of the worst things. The city is so beautiful, and the beach is only minutes away. I dont know why anyone would not want to come to school here. There is history EVERYWHERE you look and the people are so friendly. It is sometimes hard to concentrate on school with such wonderful people and such a beautiful place. It is important to make good friends with the same ambitions as you. Making those friends will help you stay focused.


The fact that the faculty, city, and surroundings cater to enabling one to explore who they are for themselves. The majority of the student body lives off campus, meaning they are "out on their own" for the first time and living life. It's these times where one grows up and examines who they are and what they want out of life.


The research opportunities available. The history students have hands on activities in the city itself with all the history and culture available. Also the psychology program is very strong with student-teacher research opportunities, which allows time to really know the material and learn from doctors who are very knowledgable on the subject.


The best thing about the College of Charleston is the location. Charleston is a beautiful city and it has a great atmosphere for young people. The school itself is very involved in social activities outside of the College and therefore Charleston provides just that.


Its location. The city is amazing and has a lot to offer as well as the beaches and businesses. There's a strong connect to the community and the people that live and work here.