College of Coastal Georgia Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


One of the popular groups was, till it went away was the Business society and it seemed to go away when the students that ran it graduated. The Business society group went on trips that incorporated the business world. Once they went to Disney in Florida and scheduled a behind the scenes tour. I am not really involved in a group right now but have been in the Business Society when it functioned, Phi Theta Kappa group and just some groups I'd sit with off and on. I'm married and have been for almost 30 years so the dating scene I'm not so sure about. I see guys trying to talk to girls but I feel they are still awkward in their approach. I hear about parties but not too sure about them. For off campus activities there is Jekyll Island which has Summer Waves water park and beaches. They are trying to do some concerts there and graduation is held on the Island at their convention center.