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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self during my senior year I would definetly tell him to try much harder than I did, I didnt try my best at all. I would also warn myself that college is nothing like high school, you have much more responsibilities, i would tell him to always study don't go and do anything stupid with the guys. I would have him prepare himself for what the real world is actually about.


As a senior at Brunswick High, do the accel program. That is a great way to gain some college experience before going off to college. You'll love the transition from high school to college and enjoy it a whole bunch more than high school. You have lots more freeedom as a college student, which is great; but it also means more responsibility. Class is faster pased so pay attention, take quick notes, write fast, abbbreviate; do what you've got to do. Professors don't stay on your case and nag you about homework or studying for tests/quizzes, so it's completely up to you to remember when things are due. Also, college is expensive. REALLY expensive. Don't waste your money on petty things. Get a meal plan so you don't blow all your money on food. Be sure to fill out your FASFA forms and lots of scholarships. That is EXTREMELY important. Textbooks are ridiculously expensive, so wait to see if you absolutely need it for the class before buying it, or share one with a friend or classmate. I know this may seem overwhelming, but you'll love college. You've got this girl!


If I were to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell my self many things. First, I would tell myself to put God first. When God is first in my life everything else works out. I would also tell myself to learn time management and discipline. I work better when I plan out my homework time and my social life and my job schdule. I believe time management is the hardest thing to do in college. Dicipline is also one of the things I had to learn. Discipline in doing my homework, and getting done what I need to get done, is very important. I would have told myself to be flexible with my life plans. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do in my life. I have to trust God to guide me on my path in life, and it's not a cut dry formula. Life is hard and things change ; as I get older I learn new things and I begin to see God's plan for me, and my life plans begin to change.Lastly, enjoy the ride, life is an adventure.


Aimee, you should make more time for things that you like to do, instead of things that "should be done". You have developed a good work ethic, but you aren't having any fun, and this is your last year of high school. You shouldn't worry about college being too difficult, you have developed the tools to successfully handle anything that may come your way. I know you wan't to do big things with your life, but you don't have to do them all in the next three years. I know the year started off pretty rough, but just because your friends can't be with you to celebrate your senior year doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. Don't just zero-in on your grades, make this year count. It's what your friends would have wanted you to do.


Become a person your childhood self would be proud of! Don't chase a career for the money. Do something that makes you proud to wake up every morning. Just think, after you finish and start your career, would the child you were be proud?


I would remind myself to have a simple eye and not to waste. I started out wanting more but realized this school gives me what i need and i should appreciate it. I noticed i wasted my first financial aid money and lots of time not doing work. I need to get the most out of my college days so I can move on with my life and be sucessful. I would tell myself that, when i get to college, active learning is absolutly necessary because its not like in high school when a teacher was looking to help you succeed by any means necessary. Now our teachers care but they let us know that it is the educatuon that we are paying for and should take it seriously on our own.


Continue your education now! Do not take time off, your life will take over. You will continue to say I always have time later to complete college. Once you have a family it is so much more difficult. Your children need you to be a parent, but they also need you to take care of them financially. You need to be an example for those children and show them how important an education is. In today's world you need an education to make it. Things are not cheap and will only continue to grow in price. Take advantage of your youth and vibrance and make something of your life. College is not as difficult as you think, but with added stresses of a family it can seem overwhelming. Don't wait do it now. Don't let "life" get in the way of what you can accomplish, the person you can become, or the example you can be.


Quit focusing on your career and focus more on school work. If you get your GPA up you could get a free ride with the HOPE Scholarship.


Eric, go ahead and take a language your first year, that way you can get you Associate's before going to another university. Also, be careful when picking your science courses, and do not take physics, you'll regret it. And when it comes to online assignments, do them immediately and get them out of the way. Most importantly, keep your mind on your school work only, if you give anything else attention, you'll regret as well.


If i could go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior i would let myself know that i need to push myself more to make it somewhere in life. In high school i just did enough to make it by i didnt mind getting a c every once in awhile but now i see that wasnt good enough especially since i have big dreams and i plan to have accomplish all if them in the next five to eight years.


I would advise myself to quickly learn how to save money. College turned out to be quite expensive with having to drive from Kingsland, GA to Brunswick every day. Considering that the classes are split up between campuses, it becomes inevitable that one would have to drive between both campuses. I would also tell myself that I should sign up for classes as soon as possible, seeing that some are only offered during the fall session, and others during the spring session. I'd probably tell myself to do some more research and talk to my advisor on a better basis instead of doing everything on my own.


When I was a high school senior, I was really burnt out on school in general. I had always made excellent grades without trying too hard, and I thought that I could slack off more because I wasn't taking as many classes. Unfortunately my slacking caused me to fail the 12th grade and miss graduating with my friends. I decided that I should take some time off school to discover myself. If I could have talked to myself, I would have told myself to try hard to finish high school the way I started it. I would have told myself to be strong and keep up with my plans to go on to college after high school as well. Now I am a 28 year old college student and it is really hard! I have student loans, and I still have to deal with real life when school is finished! It is all very difficult, and it would have been a lot easier when I had the trust and support of my family. I wish that I could tell every senior in the country my story! I think it's an important lesson for anyone to learn.


I would tell myself : Erika, you are going to college to live your life the way that you want to and learn while doing it. Know that you need to devote a certain amount of time a day per class to receive the grades you want and learn that subject to its fullest capacity. Involve yourself in various things that interest you and know how much time to spend with each extracurricular activity. Know your limit when you feel overloaded with academics, sports, and leadership positions. Know that you need time for yourself to just relax, clear your head, and be refreshed to start the day ready and focused. Organize your time wisely with your friends and boyfriend; they are there for you and you do need to enjoy yourself, but you are here to learn, whether that be about politics, social issues, leadership, or yourself. Know that your family is there to support you and make sure they are informed about all the great things you will be doing! Know that you need to challenge yourself, limit yourself, and love yourself.


Communication with your roommates is key to make sure you don't have multiple items that you could easily share, like kitchen items. I would also not worry that much about about college. There are other classmates who are in the same position as you, so just have fun and get involved to meet more people and friends. Planners and sticking with a schedule does help and it makes it a lot less stressful if you stick with your schedule and get your homework done on time. Academics should come number one compared to having fun because you are paying so much for going to college and you should just focus on education, so you can graduate faster.


Hey past me! I'm future me -- you, as a college student. There's a few things you should know about college life, and guess what, I've traveled back to tell you what you need to know. Here I go: College is NOT like high school. You must study at least 2 hours outside of class for every hour you are in class. And you must do every assignment. Don't procrastinate! If you ever have free time -- utilize it and get ahead. If you miss a day of class, please notify your professor. It is your responsibility to take care of missed assignments and missed notes. Don't every miss a test day because most professors do not allow make-up tests. Being in college is a privilege, it is not a right! If you misbehave or disrupt a classroom, the instructor has the right to ask you to leave and not come back. If you need help with anything, always get help. Your grades are permanent. F's are like true love -- they stay with you forever (don't ever get one!). Good luck past me! I just happen to know that you will make it.


Before saying anything I would definitivly raise my left fist and punch my self in the gut over and over. After I recover I would go on to say to myself, that was for skipping most of your senior year and an analogy for what life will be like if you continue this pattern.


I would tell myself to fill out all the scholarships you can find. Money is going to be one of your biggest issues, mostly because you won?t have enough of it. To top all of that; in a year from now, no dad isn?t going to find a job so enjoy him while you have him because he will soon be trying to make it driving a truck and failing at it. Gas and food isn?t free, dad can?t afford his, and you won?t have time to work and go to school at the same time. I know the essays are lame, but hey, when you get into English 1101 you will write so much, you will enjoy writing. It?s not as difficult as sounds, you will get used to essays one day. But anyways, make sure to do what you know is right and not what seems like will be ok. You don?t understand how easy it is to mess up all that you have.


After looking back on the past semester, I've realized that I've learned several things about both myself and my life as a college student. When I graduated, I had plans to attend Armstrong Atlantic State University. However, my parents decided over the summer that it would be better for me to stay local and attend the College of Coastal Georgia while living at home. Now that I've spent a semester there, and am planning on transferring to the University of Georgia, I would have told myself not to let my parents make that decision for me. Looking back, I would have made sure to check UGA?s class transfer equivalencies so I wouldn?t have to worry about whether some of my classes would not be accepted as transfer credit. I would tell myself not to stress out about school so much because I know I have good study habits, and that with the proper discipline I would be able to make the 4.0 that I worked really hard for. I wouldn?t spend all my time studying, and I would join a club and be more active in the extracurricular activities offered at school.


I would tell myself to check into everything, like applications for scholarships and admissions and things of that sort, because even though a college may tell you that they have everything on record and the paperwork went through there is a good chance it didn't. I listened to the administrative office and let them handle the filing for my applications. After school had started, I was threatened with being kicked out because I could not pay for the classes. That was when i found out the administrative office did not do as they had said. They told me there was no record of me filling out an application for the HOPE Scholarship and they had no confirmation saying it was approved. They did not bother to tell me this over the summer, I had to go to them after i had gotten a call saying that I owed money. Thankfully one administrator got it straightened out for me, but I will not let the college handle anything and I will not take their word for it. That is the advice I would give myself, keep checking the status of all paperwork.