College of DuPage Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


students are very friendly and trusting, even if you don't know them. It's nice because they're there for the same reason you are... because they want to be there.


My classmates are for the most part friendly and helpful.


My classmates are understanding and sympathetic because we are all in the same situation, wanting to eventually find our careers and start our lives.


I am a new students so I have not met my classmates.


A significant number of my fellow classmates all have one or two qualities in common. One, they live at home which provides them with the quality of determination in order to do well in their classes. This leads to the second quality, and that is most of my classmates will eventually transfer to a four year institution. This establishes the fact that most of my classmates, are interested in discovering and continuing their education at the most effective institution for their major/career.


My classmates at COD come from all walks of life: I have taken an experiential speech class 18-67 year olds, my music stand partner in band is married with kids, and I have sat around between classes playing drums with students from South Africa, Egypt, and Japan.


My classmates have actually varied in their general attitude depending on there major. I have noticed that students in the Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering curriculum have been more willing to cooperate and work together for a greater understanding on the subjects. In classes such as speech, English, economics, philosophy, etc. students simply wish to keep to themselves and don't bother tor reach to others to receive or give aid. i just find it surprising how different the attitudes of student differ from major to major.


My classmates are very diverse.


The College of DuPage students are either cost-conscious and intelligent, or burned out and unmotivated.

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