College of DuPage Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


One or two of the teachers that I have had have been unwilling to help students. I would suggest using rate my professor or getting reccomendations from other students before scheduling a class.


I think that the worst part about College of Dupage is the students that do not take class seriously. Although it is a community college, students need to take school seriously. They do not come to class, they come to class 30 minutes late, interrupt the class for no reason, and are very rude and disrupt everyone else who is trying to learn.


People kind of seem to stick with people from their old schools, but its not all that bad.


Overall I am very pleased with College of Dupage, however if I had to choose the worst thing it would be commuting. When you have the opportunity to live on campus I believe you are more immersed in campus life. Also, it is less taxing to go to classes when you dont have to make a 30 minute drive each day.


Parking can be difficult - get a priority pass


The worst thing about College of DuPage is the lack of experience you can gain from going away to another college. Since it is a commuter school you do not get a chance to learn the independence you would from going away to school. It is very much like the high school environment since most of the classes are very short and the teachers mainly lenient on grading. It is also very much like high school since many of the peers from high school also attend, so it is like going to high school for a 5th and 6th year.


In all honesty there isn't too much to complain about College of Dupage. They offer alot of academics and are really great with advising. The only problem I have ever faced is that although they have increased the number of buildings they have, they have never increased parking which makes it difficult for many students. You have to sometimes make sure you get to school forty-five minutes before class starts to get any parking space, even the last one on the lot. If you are coming from work this can be a major problem.


The lack of faculty. Registering for my classes i had a real struggle because most of the classes in the morning time through noon were full. There is only one cause of this shortage, which is evident. College of Dupage does not have sufficient amount of classes or sizes. Also the lines for registering took 3-4 hours that shouldnt be exeptable, maybe part time employment would fix this problem.


Like many colleges or universities, schools have pros and cons. Currently, The College of DuPage is undergoing a construction and renovation project. Campus construction provides limited parking, reduced pedestrian routes, and loud noises during classes. I had a class moved across campus because the noise levels were too loud in my other home room. The construction will provide a better place to learn, but it must be done over holiday breaks. I now have trouble parking and must take into account traffic delays, so I won't be late for classes. Lastly, building closings cause congested hallways.


I feel that because it is a junior college, that no one is assigned a counselor, therefore you constantly must talk with someone that is not familarized with your situation. Also the financial aid office is run by young adults, or the students that are there as well which is frustrating because they only read what they know from a computer or packet; which in the long run does not help me out that much.


There is no feeling of community.


Because it is a commuter 2-year school you dont really make many friends. You don't get the typical college experience here. Most students seem to just come for classes and then go home. There are clubs and organizations but the times conflict with class times or are not convenient for when you are in school.

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