College of Lake County Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Since I am in the honors scholar program at the school, my fellow classmates and I are considered the elite students at the college. They are very intelligent and ambitious students that deserve every bit of the full ride scholarships that they are recieving. They are very involved at the college and are doing their very best to met the potential that this college as well as they themselves have.


It is a hit or miss but most people are pretty nice but im good at talking to people; some arent focused at all and some are. Some have a future and some are there because their paents would kick them out otherwise.


Diverisity at its best. Everyone has a different story, different path, same goal to move foward.


My classmates range in their ability, but it normally appears that those dedicated to finish the class and learn the most are at each class day-to-day unless ill.


My classmates are people who don't have enough money to afford to go to a big college, so they are starting off at a community college.


I think the community college is more personalized than a big university. It is easier to get to know fellow classmates. Of course, not everyone gets along, but I like the fact that it is easy to learn about each other. There is a huge variety of students, from young to old and all different decents. For the most part, the majority of students I have met are easy-going people looking to further their education.


There is a wide range of classmates at CLC. Some are just there to go to school, some are they and do not even try or engage in class because their parents are paying, and others like me are struggling to afford school yet love being there and put fourth great effort to get good grades and engage in the class discussions.

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