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There isn't anything unique about CLC other than the fact that there are many different kinds of people who attend. At Univerisities, there are mostly students in their late teens- early 20s, but at CLC there are people from there early teens to their late 60s. There is always something to learn from your peers about life, love and the world. That is why I love my school.


The College of Lake County is known for thier commitment to education and creating a comfortable learning environment. While CLC is a two-year community college, it provides excellent teachers who are always willing to help their students, and has affordable tuition costs.


It is a community college, so it has course schedules that do not impinge on my word schedule or my study time. It is expectionary cheap in comparison to four-year schools, meaning that I save thousands of dollars. And it has Associates Degree programs and counselors to help aid students with transferring to a four-year school, which for me would be either Taylor University in Upland, Indiana or Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL.


College of Lake County is an affordable college that I can pay for myself without taking on student loans.

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