College of Lake County Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The affordability is has to offer in-state students.


I brag about how nice the people can be and all the resources abvailable there is.


online classes


all of the different classes they offer.


I love the smaller class sizes. You really get to know your professor and they personally give you advice rather than having to talk to a TA. I can also reach my professors practically whenever I want. They are open and readily available to talk or make a meeting to further explain things that you are unsure of or offer you assistance for studying or editing papers. I also love that they really seem to care about my success and that I have financial constraints when it comes to school so the texts they choose aren't incredibly expensive.


I'm not a "bragger" as a person, however, I do share my pride of being in Phi Theta Kappa. Phi Theta Kappa is the honor's society for community colleges! Being apart of that gives you bragging right for sure!


I tell my friends how I'm glad to started off at a community college then going into a university right away. Beginning at a community college gave me a good insight on what my interests were and dislikes. In addition with the help of counselors and the professors I'm able to come to an decision to where to transfer next after the college of lake county.


When I am talking to my friends about my school, I tell them that College of Lake County has wonderful teachers. I tell them this because every instructor I have had at CLC has wanted to help me on a one- on- one basis. The instructors know how to reach each student with any of their problems or concerns they have. When you are in an instructor's class, you get to know your instructor in a personal, professional way. College of Lake County does not only have wonderful instructors, but they are a wonderful school for everyone!

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