College of Lake County Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone should consider going to this school if they wanted to continue their education. It's not a bad school and your getting your education from experts in the specific class fields like you would at Universities.


That's what is so excellent about the college of Lake county. So many differnt people of ages, race, and color come together in a single learning enviroment to have fun, and learn what they came to learn. My ELT151 class is the perfect example of a united group of poeple through a facination of computers.


The only people that should not attend this school are those not truly ready for the commitment required to obtain a college education. The College of Lake County welcomes people from all age ranges and nationalities.


A Person that shouldnt attend a college is someone who is not willing to study and suceed in life


There is no person that should not attend school. Each and every person should choose whether or not school is the path for them. Yes people tend to make more money in their lifetime if they attend school, but if a person feels school is just not for them, then they should not be pressured into doing something they do not want to do. Everyone should get the chance to do what they love, whether or not they go to school. School is for everyone, deciding what to do for the rest of your life is the hard part!


A person who has a bad work ethic should not attend this school. All the responsibility of your work and grades is on you going into any college or university. The teachers are going to care if you succeed in their class, but it all falls on you to take the initiative to get help if you don't understand the material. Having a good work ethi means just that, and mastering time management. Taking the time given to you to do the best work you are able to is key to having success.


People who don't want to learn shouldn't attend this school.


I don't think I could say there is a certain type of person that should not attend this school, or any school for that matter. Everyone should have an opportunity to acheive the education level they desire if they are persistent enough. If someone works hard, who am I to say they do not belong at my school?

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