College of Our Lady of the Elms Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Although the choice to attend Elms College is much more affordable than any of my other options, I still have to come up with tuition on my own to achieve my goal to become a social worker. Unfortunately I do not have the help of family or a benefactor to support my schooling, and my minimum wage retail position just barely funds the roof over my head. It is extremely important these days to continue your learning past high school to qualify for more than an entry level position. That is why I am asking for help anywhere I can


Living on campus. The campus itself is small and a community, but the dorms are not in great condition and the cafeteria doesn't have many choices and is barely open on the weekends. For people who stay on campus for the weekends, it's boring.


Is the thing that happens at most,if not all schools...there are clicks, as in groups. But everyone hangs out with everyone.


As a commuter you don't have as mich interaction as the others who live on campus.


Elms is a little too small for me. I haven't made a huge group of friends since I've been there.


The worst thing about Elms College is that the majority of the student body does not have pride in being an Elms College student. I personally think Elms is a fantastic school to receive your education, but many students come to college to drink and party every day. Because of Elms' small size, many of these students are disappointed. I party just like any other college student, but I am responsible enough to do all of my school work and excel inside and outside of the classroom. Since there is little school pride, we have weak alumni support.


The living quarters. It is a catholic school so boys and girls cannot room on the same floor and boys cannot sleep over girls dorms.


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is some of the cafeteria food. For the most part the food is pretty good but I have occasionally got sick from it and there are not many choices there either for food.