College of Our Lady of the Elms Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The college of Our Lady of the Elms is and wonderful, small, closely knit private Catholic college set on beautiful grounds. It's close to the center of Chicopee and Springfield, MA as well as other quaint towns including Northampton, South Hadley and Amherst. One must be willing to put forth committment to their studies and great rewards will come. Research opportunites, internships, international opportunities and graduate education are all possible at the Elms. If your looking for a smaller college that aids in easier communication, more individualized attention and a family atmosphere - Elms is your College.


The type of people who should attend Elms should want to better their lives academically as well as spiritually. Elms is a small community so if one does not enjoy a small community atmosphere they should not attend Elms. Elms is challenging in a spritual aspect and in furthuring your education.


any person should, it is a great small school for a person that doesn't like big crowds.