College of Our Lady of the Elms Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Being a student at Elms College allowed me to participate more readily than in a larger college due to the smaller class sizes. Even elective courses had a maximum of maybe twenty-five people unlike the standard college having eighty to one hundred students. Much less intimidating. Core courses where even smaller and the ability to partipate in laboratory experiments felt more involved and invidualized. It was also very easy to get know fellow students and become friendly and be each others "study buddies."


The over all enviornment and the staff is wonderful.


I think the best thing about Elms is the student teacher relationships. Elms is a small school where pretty much everyone knows each other. The teachers know you on a personal level. Some of my professors come to my volleyball matches. They are very involved with the students and the campus life. The professors are on campus and make themselves available for extra help. The class sizes are also a plus. My biggest class this year had 28 students in it. I believe it is a much easier environment to learn in. I am glad I choose to attend Elms.


Tutors because they help us with our homework, quizes and tests. English is my second language and they help me a lot to study for a test. Tutors help me to translate my papers to write essays.


It has a great social work program and the class sizes are perfect. I also love my teachers and how you build great relationships with you.