College of Saint Elizabeth Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school in my eyes is best known for the supportive faculty memebers that work there. I say this because it's never a time where you in a classroom and you feel confused or lost. The class sizes aren't that big so sometimes the teacher will work with you one or one or even whenever you are free etc. So it's good to be at a school where your not just a number but actually a person.


My school is a very small (less than 2000 students) all-girls school. As far as its academics are concerned, it is known for its impressive education and nursing programs, along with about 30 other major and minor choices. Regarding campus life, it is know for having a very diverse campus community and being very involved in service work.


It's diversity and service work!


My school is best known for getting a great education and for biology and education majors.