College of Saint Elizabeth Top Questions

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Something that's unique about my school is the fact they have opportunities/ activities available for everyone no mattr where you come from. Also the fact that my school has a group called campus ministry for those who take religion serious despite your beliefs etc.


if you have low SAT and nowhere to go, not want to go to county college, and still want a degree with high GPA, this is the school for you, but if you end up having a sexual relationship with a professor, the college will never protect you, they will kick you out so fast, and keep the professor since this college offer low salary, and is hard to find qualify people to work for them.


My school is unique because it was started by the Sisters of Charity and is still run with the same morals and values in mind. This way of running the campus is comforting and adds to the feeling of community. By accepting students who believe in these values as well, it also keeps the student body full of inherently good people, willing to learn and willing to help others.


Well I never considered this school until it was my last choice. And the only reason why I considered it, was because of that and maybe that it wouldn't be that bad as I thought. It's pretty bad, I regret my past choices, but I'm just trying to keep my head together and make the best of a bad situation. I can't say what's unique, because I really don't know; it seems all too familiar. But I have found that there are many ignorant and small-minded people, not open to other opinions.