College of Saint Elizabeth Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


My school is a women's Catholic college. While you don't have to be Catholic, the school is centered around faith and community service. You really should be a woman who is strong in her beliefs and extremely dedicated to helping others. Also, one of the values of the school is tolerance and acceptance. There are girls of varying race, religion, sexuality, and color at CSE so a person going here would really have to be able to not only tolerate differences but embrace them as well. Our differences and our dedication to helping others makes CSE really incredible.


Someone who enjoys peaceful environments and small communities and isn't too introverted. A person (woman, all women's college) who isn't seaking a social life such as drinking and sororities as it is not very common, but we are not a dry campus. Someone who is open-minded, we are a very diverse campus.


Anyone who can get along in a friendly environment surrounded by diversity.


One who doesn't mind attending an all girls campus. Someone who values a small, personal classroom, and wants to have a good academic relationshiop with teachers and advisors.