College of Saint Elizabeth Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go untill you are done if all possible.


If i can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what i know now about college life and making the transition I can say that I would have given myself plenty of advice. For instance, college is way different you're not always going to have a teacher telling you what to do and when to turn assignments in because everything would be online in the syllabus. More over, in college you won't have your parents waking you up in the morning telling you to go to school, you will have to learn to be more independent and set your alarm clock in order to be on time for class. In addition, you must be prepared for the transition from being a child to turning into an adult. Your 2 page papers will turn into 10-15 when you enter your writing class so be ready for a change. Last but not least, i would give mysel advice on time management and how its not okay to wait until the last minute to start a research paper given to you a week in advance.


I would like to tell my old, young self that it is okay to make mistakes and not to worry so much about what other people think of you. I would encourage my young self to slow down and enjoy my youth, and also to think carefully about what I would want to do with my life. I would help me to love myself, and treat myself with respect and care since I did not come from a loving family, and that was what I was always seeking. Believe in myself, and not think negative thoughts about my future. I'd support my love of psychology, and not let myself doubt that I could be a doctor! I would teach myself to listen to my intuition,which was saying quietly This is Your Calling - You are Smart! I had many learning gaps due to living in an unstable, volatile home, I was hopitalized so I lost important academic lessons....which made me think I was stupid. I was never stupid, I did not learn some of the material..but I was excellent at psychology and should have embraced that talent then. I'm 42 now, and going for my dream!


If I could go back to 2004 and talk to myself, I’d probably slap myself. All too often high school students can’t wait to grow up and get out of mom and dad’s house, live life on their own, and do whatever they want. I similarly got to do this when my baby sister was in high school in 2009. She couldn’t wait to get out of the house! I tried to explain to her that real life isn’t easy. I would tell myself what the future holds so I can better prepare, without giving specifics. I would say, “Listen, when you turn 19, you will be taken advantage of and end up pregnant and living back with mom and dad. They will stop drinking after the child is born. Eventually you will find a wonderful man to marry and have another child. As time goes on, you try your hand at college a few times but never succeed.” There is no reason to change any of this, my life makes me who I am, and I am happy for that. We may be poor till I’m done with school, but we have love!


Do what you believe is best for you and don't let anyone influence your decisions about your future.


Brittinie Campbell, High school has been all but easy due to different challenges and life changing situations. You weathered the storm despite much negativity and adversity. Losing your father in 2006 should have been the death of you. In that year a large part of your soul was shaken. You encountered ups and downs that you continue to face day to day. Depression, missing classes, feeling as if there was no one in your corner, and wanting to be all alone were just a few of the milestones you conquered daily. Your senior year showed many challenges, and you almost did not suceed. With the strength of God, the guidence of your mother, and the sport of volleyball you learned and acquired the skills necessary to suceed in life. Remember that as the years have passed you have been to hell and back, but despite it all you always come out on top. Know that God will never put you through anything you cannot handle, and that your life runs this course for a reason. Embrace your past, and look forward to your future. Take it one step at a time, and failure will never become your reality.


If it were possible for me to go back in time having the knowledge that I have acquired I would prepare myself better for college life. I had only started looking at prospective schools during my senior year of high school. I was lucky enough to find a school that I not only loved, but that I could also afford. Knowing how hard it was to find my school I would have definitely started looking for schools earlier. I would also apply for more scholarships. I had no idea that the price of textbooks would be so high, it would have been so much easier to know that I had money available for books instead of scrounging for money.


There are three pieces of advice that I would give myself. The first would be to STAY ORGANIZED. It is easy to organize everything in the begining of the semester but once you start letting a little disprganization get in, it is a swift downhill path. Organization leads to a lot less stress later on and at the end of the semester. The other piece of advice would be not to procrastinate, especially on papers. Many professors assign big papers which may be as long as 15 pages! And quite often these papers are due all around the same time at the end of the semester. The reason they are assigned at the begining is so that you can plan it out and get them all done with less stress. If you wait until the last two weeks to do your papers, and you have four of them, they may get done but they will not get really good grades. And as a commuter, the last bit of advice is to get involved on campus. Don't just go to class and then go home. Make friends and join clubs. Become a part of the school community.


I would tell the students to pay close attention to the other students on campus. A school could have great teachers and classes and academic programs, but if a student feels like he or she does not fit in with the rest of those enrolled at the school, they will not be happy there. If they are not happy at the school they attend, they will not be able to experience all of the good things about it, no matter what is offered. To the parents, they should guide their child and listen to what they want, because in the end of the process, the decision should truly be the student's.


The most important part of my college career that I feel is completely necessary was the diverse student population. I went to a mainly white high school and, as a white student in such a diverse school, I felt more welcome there than I did at my high school.


I would definantly recommend for the campus to be far enough yet close enough from home. To pick a school that has the major or field of study they are looking for and to make sure it is in the environment they would feel comfortable in. The setting is what keeps one motivated to continue to further ones education. I am thankful to have had such an amazing college experience.


Visit the campus, there is nothing liking seeing what the dorm experience will be like, how many students there are really in a class room and the kind of environment it really is. Get real information on the courses offered and on the opportunities offered from internships, to scholarships, sports and activities!




Make sure that you estimate the cost because many students like me have almost one hundred thousand dollars in college loans, while others have almost none. At the end of the college journey, and especially in a recession, how much you owe will haunt you if you do not have a steady job.


Whether a parent or student, it is important to keep an open mind when searching for the right college. As a parent, you must be supportive of your childs choices for college even if its not your alma mater. You cannot live through your child, but must let them experience things for themselves. For students, it is necessary to research, research, RESEARCH. Know about the schools you are interested in and make sure to do one or more "overnight" programs they may offer. When you stay overnight on campus, it gives you an upclose and personal look at the college campus, students, faculty, classes, cafeteria and food (and yes, this is very important). To make the most out of your college experience, keep an open mind. Join the many activities offered on campus, like clubs and sports. At the end of the day, you will be proud you participated in something you may have never done before! College is an opprotunity to spread you wings, and find out your likes and dislikes. MAKE FRIENDS!!! being social is very important. A main focus, however, is academics. Homework, projects, and coursework comes first, nobody will hold your hand so work hard.


For parents, guide your son/daughter through the process but let them make their own decision and find their own schools. If you help them too much and give your take and how you feel on the school, it only presents a conflict and pressure to your son/daughter. If you do not watch your reactions to their choices, you may risk hurting (stressing) them. Plus, a big risk as well would be your son/daughter only picking the school because you were fully fascinated by it. Check their choices out and make sure safety wise, professors, whether or not the bathrooms are good, etc. are okay. Leave the rest to them (you can't keep protecting them, they have to fly away). This is THEIR time, THEIR choice. For students, make the choice because YOU want to be there and you can see yourself being their and accomplishing things that you want and things that you may have not imagined. Go with a school because you fell in love with it while watching a movie or visiting it. Do not ignore what your heart and your gut is telling you, otherwise you will regret it.


I would tell parents and students to visit the schools more than once and attend every open house. Find colleges that remind the student of home so it helps with adjusting. Find a college where the student can dorm to make the most of their college expirence and allows them to learn independence.


Make sure you visit before you enroll. Make sure you are certain that that is the college for you. And be very open minded about other students you will meet. Be very willing to socialize.


Go see every campus you're interested in. Factor in everything; parking, classroom size, majors, tutoring programs available, library size, off campus activities., on-campus housing, and on-campus food, percent of people that graduate. This is going to be a home away-from-home, even for commuters. Know what environment you want to live at for the next 4 years of your life.