College of Saint Elizabeth Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The College of Saint Elizabeth is a small school that provides an environment of support and encouragement that cretes a very positive learning environment!


The best thing about my current college institution is the fact that it is small in size. The campus is located in a suburban area and all classes and buildings are within walking distance. This makes it easy to commute to class and ensures that classes cannot be missed on account of weather or failed transportation. It allows students to become completely responsible for coming and going to classes, and forces them to manage their time effectively when traveling throughout the campus.


The classrooms weren't jammed pack. You were able to actually speak with the professor and they would know you by name. Also, the environment was beautiful. It was a change of scenery.


The best thing about my college is that there are so many great students here. They are all willing to help each other and are not competitive. The campus is very quiet on the weekends because most people go home or work on the weekends. This allows fewer distractions academically. Another good thing is that every student gets a scholarship when they attend CSE.


The absolute best thing about my school is the sense of belonging, as soon as you arrive, from day one, you already feel like a part of the CSE family. It is amazing how everyone gets along, and even those who dont are for the most part respectful of eachother and supportive.


Ha...Since my head is always in my books, I would say that the best thing about CSE is the academics, the professors, and you in general and how you react to wanting to succeed of not. The courses are diverse, though I wish they would offer courses like Sign Language and Chinese and have them count. Good class size, professors are there to help, for the most part. The information that you can get your hands on, is excellent. I love a challenge and here, I somewhat get it.