College of Saint Mary Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Male students would not attend this school. People who want to be agriculturist, an enginer, mechanic...etc would not got here. The school is big in the nursing program and Ocupational therapy Program. It weak points include but are not limited too-the fields of study that the school is not known for (ie. biochemical, (human) biology).


A person who likes to hang out with guys.


The type of person that should attend this college is one who is very serious about there studies. A person who likes small classes and much attention from the professors. This person should also be a female since this college is an all girls college. She should be religious, love diversity because we have much of it, and expect to be treated with respect and dignity. She should like to express her feelings and thoughts without fear. She should like to study long and hard in a group or by her self. She should also always have an open mind.


The kind of person that should not attend this school are those of different backgrounds from the Caucasion Anglo Saxon perspective, those who will not fight for change and those ho are not tough skinned or strong willed. Being a person who looks over alot I found that my degree should not have been education, but law. Here I have been faced with all kinds of segregation and racism. I have found that I had to stand for what I believed in and what was right, I could not wait on others to do it for me.


A Boy shouldnt go to this school. One his wouldnt get accepted because this is a all girls school. Someone that isnt ready to move on with their life. College is there for people that really want to do something and not the ones that just want to sit around and do nothing


Someone looking for a large party school, or who does not have a clear goal of what they want to do after graduation.


Lazy partiers who just want a diploma. CSM is a very education-oriented school.