College of Saint Mary Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That an all girls school is not fun.


I think I would have liked to know more about the campus life. I love College of Saint Mary and find it a great fit for me, but overall there are not many activities planned on the weekend. This greatly effects the social aspect that I was planning on and expecting throughout college. I also believe that this affects the total atmosphere of the school, mostly with school spirit for support of athletic teams.




I wish I knew about the racist environment and the knowledge of how some of the instructors think. Sometimes it is best to be seen and not heard at this campus and not to give your opinion or be liberal.


Nothing that I can think of, there were no big surprises or disappointments.


I wish I would have known more specifically about my class plan or four year plan. My double major fell through all because someone told me something that wasn't going to work for the major. If I would have known this sooner, I don't believe I would be attending this school.